Reviews on Ceramizer® motorcycle owners - undirbúningur fyrir endurnýjun hreyfilsins, gírkassa og annarra tækja

Reviews on Ceramizer® motorcycle owners

Honda CBF 1000 used Tractor


Opinion sent on 12.01.2020


BMW K-75

I don’t believe in miracles, but what I experienced surprised me completely. I have a BMW K-75 motorcycle from 1996, purchased really with unknown mileage in 2007. There were problems with lighting up when it was cold and with keeping the revs as hot. Compression pressure uneven in cylinders. I was faced with the prospect of overhauling the engine. On Friday 19.03.2010 I used ceramizer for motorcycle engines. I am surprised by the result. I drove it about 250 km and you can already see the fundamental changes. As it is warm, it ignites from touching the starter.
Certainly, the engine still needs mechanical pampering, i.e. the valve reg timing, etc. but after the winter as a result of the use of ceramizer I can drive more confidently and not be afraid that, for example, it will go out at the intersection (the motor weighs 260kg). I’m going to describe all this on the site, I have taken pictures of the compression pressure measurement for individual cylinders, I’m waiting for the course of about 1000 km. I am in the process of purchasing your preparation for the gearbox and rear bridge reducer (motor for cardan shaft).


I applied ceramizer to a veteran. This is a 1942 Harley-Davidson WLA. I arrived it after a major renovation and after about 3200 km I added your product to fresh oil. The effects are surprising! When starting the engine, you could hear a clear hissing on the glasses (unfortunately such a design) now the hissing stopped and you can feel a clear resistance to digging. Feel the GMP (upper blind spot) clearly. The engine is softer than ever. I’ve had a few, so I can say something about it. As for me, a revelation. I still have Zundapp so I’ll add to it. Now I will add Harysia to the chest and share my insights.
Regards, Krzysztof.
Opinion sent on 27.02.2009.

Honda XBR 500

Yamaha YZF R125

A single-cylinder motorcycle with a capacity of 125cm served me to move around the city for half of what the large R1 burned. Since there was a strange sound coming from the box, a slight howl, I decided to add Ceramizer CB to the oil. Of course, I did it according to the instruction manual that I received with the preparation. After driving about 50 km, the sound did not stop, but it seemed to me that the motorcycle accelerates better. I thought it was an illusion. The next day I drove about 70 km mainly around the city and during this time I was sure that this better gathering of the motorcycle is not an illusion but a fact. The sound of the box, however, did not stop. After driving a total of about 400 km, I was already 100% sure that the Yamaha gained in performance. Certainly on acceleration. Probably the compression increased, so the preparation worked a little differently than I wanted. The motorcycle regained its former dynamics, but the sound of the box remained at the same level as before the addition of this measure. Despite this, I am very satisfied with the results. And I admit that so far I have been very skeptical about this type of preparations.
Miroslaw Mastalerz
Opinion sent on 28.05.2015

Kawasaki ZX 12R used Tractor

Kawasaki ZX 12 R, Kawasaki ZX 12R ceramizerKawasaki ZX 12R at the start of the test had a mileage of 78220 km, the motorcycle is from 2002. My earlier bikes didn’t have more than the 35000, so I was a little afraid of this mileage before buying. The motorcycle did not raise any objections from the mechanical side. The engine worked in the full range of revolutions evenly and efficiently. The clutch was replaced with a new one in 2010 along with oil service and valve adjustment. The gearbox also met the expectations placed in it, except for one. Although the gears always entered confidently and did not fall out, in the speed range of 60-100, starting from throwing the second gear, there was a muffled sound of “howling”. It wasn’t unusually loud, but it was. The previous owner did not recognize him, but I (perhaps out of exaggerated foresight) could not leave it alone. As it seems to me, this sound is the sound of long-used gearbox bearings. That’s why I decided to counteract this. A few weeks after the purchase, the constant anxiety caused by this strange sound, my thoughts were increasingly revolving around the Ceramizers.

Previously, I applied this preparation to a car engine. Due to my brother’s oversight of the oil level, a pan on the 1st cylinder began to be heard on the cold engine (The car is a BMW E32 M30). In the car, the preparation did its job – the car has been driving so far.

Having experience with the car after two weeks of buying, I decided to use Ceramizer this time, focusing on eliminating the audible sound. In general, this was the only reason why I was thinking about this product. After a conversation with Mr. Artur Kilianski, I went a little further and we decided to conduct a complete test of Ceramizers. We have also attached a fuel preparation to the engine preparation.

Kawasaki ZX 12 R, Kawasaki ZX 12R ceramizerBefore the use of Ceramizers, the motorcycle had a mileage of 78,220 kilometers. Due to the mileage and guidelines from the instructions for use for testing, two portions of Ceramizer for motorcycle engines and one Ceramizer for the fuel system were used.

The motorcycle was subjected to two sets of measurements: before using Ceramizers and after driving 1890km with the preparation.

The tests consisted of measuring the power on the dynamometer, measuring the compression pressure and vacuum on the cylinders.

The dynamometer showed that it has a power of 135.8 KW engine. The power in the registration certificate is 135 KW. To clarify: from the information I have obtained, it appears that the manufacturer gives the lowest power for a given model that the engine meets – that is, as if the condition for releasing a given power unit on the market. Often engines exceed their catalog power.
Kawasaki ZX 12 R, Kawasaki ZX 12R ceramizer

The compression pressure was: 1: 11.5, 2: 11.5, 3: 11, 4: 11.5 bar. Synchronized vacuum: 5 PP.

[Kawasaki ZX 12 R, Kawasaki ZX 12R ceramizer Kawasaki ZX 12 R, Kawasaki ZX 12R ceramizer

After the first measurements, one portion of Ceramizer was poured into the engine and half a portion (due to the capacity of the fuel tank) of Ceramizer into the fuel system. I used another dose of the fuel preparation when refueling, when I left approx. 80% of the fuel tank. The second dose of Ceramizer into the engine was poured approx. 3 weeks later after driving 500 km from the moment of flooding the first one. Then the motorcycle was used for short distances for a month and a half, after which there was a trip covering 1200 km.

Kawasaki ZX 12 R, Kawasaki ZX 12R ceramizer

After reaching a mileage of 80110km and three months after using the preparation, the motorcycle returned for testing. Power braking in a motorcycle consists in accelerating the motorcycle to the maximum speed in the last gear and disengaging. The clutch is pressed until the motorcycle loses the entire speed on the dynamometer (from 300km/h to 20km/h).

The data from the dynamometer itself surprised very positively. Power increased by 3.6KW.
Kawasaki ZX 12 R, Kawasaki ZX 12R ceramizer

As you can see, there is a difference especially in the average turnover range, where the torque has also increased significantly compared to the previous one.

Kawasaki ZX 12 R, Kawasaki ZX 12R ceramizer

The compression pressure equalized to 11.7 bar on all four cylinders.

Vacuum unchanged – at the level of 5 PP.

The motorcycle was tested because of the sounds from the gearbox. It was not my priority to increase the power, improve the technical parameters. What I got gave different results as I expected, but no less positive.

In the motorcycle, the sounds (as I suspect) of the bearings have not been eliminated, maybe they have muted. However, I noticed a difference in plus when changing gears (now they do it even smoother) and this after using the first dose of Ceramizer.

The motorcycle lights up both on a cold engine and heated in an easier and faster way as it did before using the preparation (previously I did not think that it does it incorrectly, but now it is faster). Evidently, the fuel demand decreased from 8/100 km to 7.4 l / 100 km on average (I obtained repetitive results even 7.1l.100km). The power also increased by a whole 3.6 KW! It was completely surprising. The measurements were taken at the same temperature. Air, in almost identical atmospheric conditions.

The compression pressure has improved slightly. The vacuum showed no change. Which in my opinion confirms that the engine was not / is not damaged or worn.

Irenaeus Marmol
Technical data according to the test in the MOTOCYKL monthly:
Kawasaki ZX 12 R, Kawasaki ZX 12R ceramizer

Kawasaki ZX 600 D

I used ceramizer for the Kawasaki ZX 600 D motorcycle and what effects? After 2 hours of idling, a significant improvement, changing for the better during observation in engine operation. In one sentence, a sensational invention and 10,000% effective, where my engine began to walk much quieter and stable revs and after 1 hour of work I tried to ride, it has already started to collect better by about 35%, now at the beginning and let alone after 2000 km it will be like a new !!! I ordered again, this time to the car.

Kawasaki ER 6n

Year of Build: 2006
Mileage: 10 000 km

I bought a 2006 Kawasaki ER 6n motorcycle. with a mileage of 10000km. After driving 2thousand. km I used ceramizer for oil with wet gear and for gasoline. Before use, the motorcycle smoked slightly even after warming up it had a problem with injections. The fuel consumption was over 5l/100km and never went below. After driving another 2,000 km – already on ceramizerze – gradually you could see the differences. Now when I have driven 14960km motorcycle stopped completely smoking, combustion from several refueling is about 4.3l / km (I will add that I have not changed the style of driving). I am very satisfied with this product and I can confidently recommend it to all those interested.
Best regards

Lukasz Wlodarski


Year of Build: 2001
Engine size: 250ccm
Mileage: 47910 km

Opinion: I successfully use ceramizer for my Rover 827, I also decided to buy it for a newly purchased scooter. I did not want to fool myself and buy a 10-year-old scooter from Italy with a mileage of 15000km, I decided on a domestic, but with a large and what is important real mileage. What I wanted the most was that the motor would come for a long time. After warming up the engine, I added ceramizer. The engine worked for another 15 minutes and then I put it in the garage. After driving over 100km, I clearly felt the more even work of the engine. Combustion, although it was small (3.5l / 100km), decreased even more by about 0.5 liters per 100km which is a really satisfying result!!! I’m really positively surprised! The cold motor lights up like new, one turn of the starter and everything is nice “cyka”. With a clear conscience, I can recommend to all those who still have any concerns as a great means of protecting the engine and improving the work culture.
Regards Kamil Ciołkiewicz
Date of review: 20.05.2010

Scooter fuel consumption, scooter fuel burning, scooter engine repair Scooter fuel consumption, scooter fuel burning, scooter engine repair

Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa

The motorcycle is used for everyday movement, weekend trips out of town and long-distance travel around Europe, amounting to over 10,000. Miles. During the expedition in the 2009 season, together with my girlfriend Ania, I visited 14 countries of south-eastern and eastern Europe, beating 9.5 thousand. Miles. in 28 days. Such projects require good condition of the motorcycle, especially as every year in subsequent journeys we use the same vehicle. After 3 years of operation, I have reached 35 countries with it, and the odometer is approaching 100,000. Miles.

suzuki hayabusa test, long-distance test, ceramizer

In order to enjoy the full efficiency of the power unit longer, the oil is changed more often than the manufacturer recommends and at the end of the 2009 season I used Ceramizer dedicated to motorcycle engines and a preparation for fuel. Ceramizers are preparations for regeneration and protection against wear of engines, gearboxes, and other devices in which metal friction with metal occurs.

suzuki hayabusa test, long-distance test, ceramizer

My observations after using Ceramizer are only 2,000 km., during which I noticed the more pleasant to the ear work of the engine of my Suzuki Hayabusa. Experts on the subject know that Suzuki has a specific, rough job. Fuel consumption has slightly decreased, these are the values read from the motorcycle computer and range from 3-5%, the gearbox works a little more precisely, in the work of the clutch I did not notice any changes.

However, I am most interested in extending the life of the engine, because we intend to reach all European countries. In the 2010 season we set off beyond the Arctic Circle, to the northernmost cape of Europe, Nordkapp located in Norway (71°10′21″N25°47′40″E) Until the journey, as well as after, we will scrupulously share insights from the use of Ceramizer.

We invite you to our travel website, where we conduct a long-distance test of our motorcycle and the Ceramizer test.
Dariusz Birecki.

Suzuki GSF

Engine size: 1.8
Mileage: 40 000 km.

Hello, I bought and tested 2 pieces of ceramizers for motorcycle engines and one for a gasoline-powered car engine. Ceramizer I used for such vehicles as: Motorcycle Suzuki gsf 600 – 40 thousand km of mileage – 2 doses of the preparation, and car golf 2 with a mileage of 220 thousand km. I made the measurements myself – that is, without the mediation of any workshop, using the basic Yato pressure gauge. I have the results of the measurements written on paper (also with an oil test for a motorcycle) and rewritten to a computer for Excel and in this program I made a bar chart. I also have the results of measurements after driving about 4,000 km – a motorcycle and 3,200 km – a car. The tests were positive for both the motorcycle and the car. Unfortunately, I do not have the results of measurements from the dynamometer – in the province where I live, access to such machines is very difficult. In connection with the above, I would like to know if this form of measurement does not disqualify me from the possibility of obtaining a free product of your company in exchange for writing an opinion? If I add two separate reviews – i.e. for a motorcycle and a car (of course, if they are approved by you in advance), will I be able to apply for two free products of your company?
Best regards.

Suzuki GS500

Year of Build: 2004
Engine size: 500ccm
Mileage: 56000

Suzuki GS500 motorcycles are known for the fact that they like oil. This is my wife’s motorcycle, so the performance of the machine is satisfactory, but the appetite for oil unfortunately is not, practically every few days a refill was necessary. After using Ceramizer, the first changes were visible very quickly, a slightly discharged battery did not have the strength to spin the motorcycle with the suction pulled out (only letting go of the suction halfway allowed to start) Could the engine gain so much compression? After a few weeks, another confirmation came. After two weeks of driving, oil consumption is practically not visible (about 1000km, formerly it was possible to add about 500-700ml of oil), fuel consumption has also dropped significantly, about 1 liter per 100km. The work of the gearbox has also become much more cultural. I also poured Ceramizer into my Suzuki DL-650 motorcycle, as a prophylaxis because the oil consumption was imperceptible. In this case, the improvement in the work of the gearbox is also impossible not to notice. The preparation is really worth recommending!
Piotr Szczepańczyk
Opinion sent on: 2012-05-28


I found out about ceramizer by accident, during a conversation with my friend. Well, I have a 4T scooter, which is already getting weaker, and more and more fuel burns. And I talked to him about it and he told me that there is supposedly some kind of preparation that regenerates the friction surfaces in internal combustion engines. At first, I was not convinced. So I went to the nearest store on 3 maja Street in Sędziszów to “JarCar” and asked if they had such a measure and actually what action it had. NO and I will say that after what the seller told me, I was very surprised, because he mentioned a lot of things that “he” can do. But since I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on my moto yet (you know you would have to buy a piston, rings and make a cut), so I bought a ceramizer. At the beginning I did not notice any changes, but after about 8 months I noticed something interesting. in the past, the fuel consumption was about 5.5 liters / 100 km! It was quite a lot for such a baby, but thanks to this wonderful drug, it now fluctuates within 4 liters, that is, combustion has decreased by as much as 1.5 liters! He was very pleasantly surprised by this result. And it wasn’t until that moment that I believed it really worked 🙂

After removing the engine from the frame and checking the condition of the cylinder and rings, I was even more amazed. In some places on the smooth there were such as spots in a slightly darker shade than the rest of the cylinder, it seems to me that this is the coating that the ceramizer created in more worn places. I have already used many different specifics with a similar effect as ceramizer, but only this one turned out to be adequate in action to how it is written about it. I am really very satisfied with your product and thank you very much for it 😉 Above I described to you briefly how it was with ceramizer in my case.
Regards Kamil Filipek

Zundapp K500Zundapp k500 overhaul engine regeneration

Year of Build: 1936
Engine size: ~498
Mileage: 4000 (freshly renovated)

I have already applied Ceramizer to my Harysia WLA from the 40s. Now it’s time for the Zundapp k500. He just drove about 4000 km after the renovation and I applied this specificity to him. I added it because of the rather delicate bearing of the connecting rods – they liked to fall apart. So far, I have driven after applying about 1000 km and the engine goes much softer and for my taste less trembles. I look forward to further positive effects. I recommend veteran users!
Krzysztof Bierła
Opinion sent on 29.09.2011

Gilera Nexus

Year of Build: 2004
Engine size: 500
Mileage: 34 000 km

The engine swelled at some point because it was rubbing on the back. After adding Ceramizer and following the manufacturer’s instructions, the engine began to work evenly, the problems with mashing disappeared, it fires without problems, oil consumption as well as engine noise decreased. I am most satisfied. I tell all the doubters about my motorcycle, with which I had a problem before I bought Ceramizer. As further proof, I also added Ceramizer to my Alfa Romeo 156 2.4 JTD, in which I had problems with firing and high oil consumption on the turbine shells, as well as great noise from them. After using Ceramizer, the compression pressure in the cylinders increased, which made the engine start firing without problems. The turbine began to work exemplary, and the oil consumption was reduced to the maximum, to the level specified by the manufacturer. I am fully satisfied, because I saved a lot of money, which I would have spent on repairs (in the case of a motorcycle 2.5 thousand, in the case of a car 4 thousand). I highly recommend the use of this remedy to everyone.
Best regards
Slawomir Kaczmarek
Opinion sent on 2013-05-22


We used Ceramizer in the Suzuki GSXR600 motorcycle from 1999. This took place 2 years ago after service and measurement of compression, where on one cylinder the value was clearly lower. So, when changing the oil, we gave the dose to the engine and fuel tank. After a year of use and about 4 thousand. km at the next service we measured the compression again, which increased slightly and was almost equal on each cylinder. During the period of use of Ceramizer, we noticed a slight alignment of the engine. The owner enjoys a trouble-free ride to this day.


Opinion sent on: 2016-07-07