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Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners Toyota

Related to Toyota Avensis 2.0:

Ceramizer for the engine I used in the car Toyota Avensis T22 from 2001 with the engine 1AZ-FSE (gasoline 2.0 150 hp) with a mileage of 140 thousand. Miles.
The reason was a decrease in the performance of the car, the reason for which, as it later turned out, was a significant decrease in compression in the cylinders. I ride very dynamically and I race a lot, so the state of affairs did not surprise me, but it was very worried.

The mechanic, who usually deals with my car, stated that in this case it remains either renovation (very expensive) or changing the oil to a denser one (which in this case is unfortunately only a half-measure and was not an option).

I had read about various “additions” before, but I was very skeptical about them. However, I thought that the expense is small and probably worth a try. The measurement before (and after) the use of Ceramizer was made at the Toyota ASO in Olsztyn where I service the car. The result visible on the left chart turned out to be not very optimistic. The level of compression pressure seems to be normal, but unfortunately at the lower limit, which for this engine is 10 bar.

I applied Ceramizer according to the instructions and after driving about 4 thousand. km I went for another measurement. To my surprise, there has been a significant improvement!

Toyota Avensis compression, oil taking, engine wear

You can see on the right graph (measurement made in reverse order of cylinders) that the compression pressure increased on each cylinder by approx. 1 bar or about 10%. In my opinion, this is a very good result. I consider the money spent on Ceramizer to be well invested and with a clear conscience I can recommend this preparation to everyone.

Toyota Camry 2.0

The adventure with your product already has its history and free advertising provided by my person wherever I see the rightness of using ceramizers. I myself seriously considered the propagation of this brilliant product. Because I am professionally involved in marketing and I have a mechanical education so there was such an idea but due to lack of time it went to the past.

Now some facts:
For some reason, I trusted you when in the maze of various offers I found your products when there was no store yet, only sales through an online auction. The reason for my search was the need for temporary resuscitation of what seemed to me at the time worn out Ascona with a 1.6D engine with a mileage of 360,000 km. Anyone who knows these engines knows that this is the limit of their service life without renovation. And for some reason I had to drive this car for some time. This is how the engine was lit after heating the candles two or three times and it required a lot of talent because it fired only one cylinder. Turning the starter all the time after about 10-15 seconds surprised the second but you could not stop the starter support because the whole operation would be for nothing. But after about 30 seconds in the yard shrouded in thick smoke reminiscent of the time of the Polish People’s Republic Mermaid only with a different smell note, the motor was already clattering bravely on three games to be ready to ride after the next minute.

Performance was excellent in 4th gear reached up to 80km/ h. Further acceleration always ended with a cloud of smoke so it did not make sense. After applying the product, what has changed? Nothing absolutely until I drove about 300km.Coś as if less clattered in the engine, every day I drove about 75km. and clattered less. But it lit the same until I drove over 1000 km. I could proudly say that the product works accelerated to 120 without problems and almost did not kick and climbed without any problems. Further, as if I changed nothing after driving the recommended distance oil and now when nothing should happen anymore because I broke it completely happened the most interesting things. Every day it lit better and better at once on two cylinders and the fourth after a max.10 sec. I handed over the car with great amazement to a colleague from W-wy, who drove 30,000 still praising the car or rather the engine.

Following the blow, I decided to experiment further for this purpose almost simultaneously I bought two cars with engines for overhaul. The first is Nissan Sentra 1.6 and the second Toyota Camry 2.0 16V. The first engine worn out with 560,000 km. fired without a problem but only on one cylinder drove only in the first gear on the second already extinguished. Dragging plumes of smoke with him, threatening to take away the registration certificate immediately. The second car, however, was a bigger challenge, but more on that in a moment. I eagerly set about preparing. New filters, candles, liquids, wires and nissan just before the test fires on three candles accelerates to even 60 km / h heats up again kopci after a while becomes. But the engine warmed up to the right temperature to apply the preparations. He worked a total of 12 hours on the loose because it was impossible to ride. After this time, I drove the car alone on the road, driving as if on arrival. Slowly the mound disappeared and the engine worked better. After driving 1500 km. the car for further use was given to my second friend and he is satisfied. In the worst frosts, he fired to the touch. Toyota Camry after overheating and rubbing. Mileage 260,000 miles!!! Cracked sump. I’m going to get a car by train from Gdańsk to Karków. The mechanic patches just like a bowl and here it is a pity that I did not realize. (he was probably convinced that I would stand after a few kilometers anyway). I pour oil I light the car and I got scared after 15-20 seconds. the clatter is so great that I have concerns about the sense of the experiment. A little after a while it subsided but I was already left alone, the gentlemen selling quickly washed away. I warm up the car and here the fuel runs out so I decide to go to the nearest station, scaring all passers-by with a big thud. After refueling a full tank, I flood the car with preparations, start it and have time for dinner. And here an interesting fact already at the end of 20 minutes of work clatter changes tones to such a blunted. I sit down and go and I still have time for surprises. Driving I pay attention to the fact that the speed is 85km. allows for the quietest operation of the engine and so I overcome 100km. during this time, tapping becomes less and less audible. Almost in the range of 90-100km it does not occur at all if it does not operate violently with gas. The idyll continues until the departure from Łódź. Here I come across a large traffic jam for a few kilometers and a shuttle movement. The car starts to heat up and when I started there is a change of lights A little towed with gas and about 200m behind the lights for a moment something stopped the engine (probably the pan stuck) and let go but the clatter became unbearable. At first I wanted to leave the car in the first parking lot and go home but fortunately for the test it was a deaf night and not even knowing where exactly I was I decided to go as far as possible. We managed to get to Gdańsk and then to the mechanic, who did not find traces of the shell on the second connecting rod. He didn’t believe I would come like that. And I still ask you to prepare the car for testing. We put a nominal pan on an almost square connecting rod and I move the car before it stood did even 2700km.ale I exceeded over 100km / h.

I’m looking for the next car to test and I find almost the same set of two cars as before. The first is Nissan Sunny 1.7D and the second is Toyota Camry 2.2 16V. Nissan is used by another friend of mine and in the 29 degree frost it ignited as the only diesel in the area!!! Stunned users of other cars. So there is nothing to write here is great. And Toyota with similar damage as the one above. But because of my negligence and the brilliant action of the ceramizer, the test failed. Why did this happen? After applying the preparation and using the gas tank by the car working at ease. Symptoms of damage became hardly audible that the owner of the Toyota forgot about the test (as he later admitted). He packed up his family and hit the road. After about 50km. normal operation was heated by the engine and the car returned to the tow truck for safety. However, what is most interesting, an interesting phenomenon appeared on the damaged crankshaft. there was no burning as it would usually be only an effect similar to surfacing. So the operation of your remedy has been confirmed again.

I would be happy to protest something again but temporary financial restrictions do not allow it, although I have already purchased a suitable car -))) Greetings to all associated with the production of Ceramizers, wishing you the successes that you rightly deserve with appreciation.
P. Kukliński

Toyota Camry 2.5

I am a vw transporter 2.5l user. and Toyota Camry 2.5 original version of Japan.
I observed:
1.Works much quieter.
2.Fuel consumption on the route Warsaw-Moscow by 1/3 less.
3.It is easier to ignite the engine, especially in winter conditions.
Both cars have a mileage of ~ 150 thousand. Miles.
Grzegorz Głownk
Toyota Camry

Toyota Carine E

Engine capacity:2.0 Gli
Mileage:250 000

Opinion: I had a problem with the 3rd gear synchronizer. At the time of reduction from 4 to 3 gear there was not a very nice sound – a crunch. It also happened when it was thrown from 2 to 3 gear – but not always. When I bought a car: mileage 240,000 knowing about this fault, I was going home 500 km, it began to irritate me at first, especially when overtaking. After driving about 200 km, the fault seemed to disappear – I was happy, at first I thought that everything was ok, but not for long. The next day when I was driving to work, the grind returned. I got upset and decided to buy Ceramzier. The car after applying the ceramizer according to the manufacturer’s instructions changed its face. The gears began to enter slightly and the problem disappeared. Carina as of today has a mileage of 250,000 and everything is in the best order. I recommend this remedy is really great.
Marek Klimek
Opinion sent on 12.10.2013

Toyota Celica

Toyota Celica year 1992 STi 1.6 mileage 245 000 km.
In the car, the gears did not enter very cleanly. I took a chance and used ceramizer for the transmission, at the beginning nothing changed, but after a mileage of about 4000 km the changes were noticeable, the box began to walk smoothly, stopped hooking 2 and 3, as the mileage increased, the box walked better and better. Since pouring I drove about 20 000 and after selling it still works nicely (a colleague drives it). Currently, I have acquired another Toyota, only that off-road, here also the box does not work perfectly and you can hear the rear differ. So I ordered ceramizer.
Tomasz Czarkowski

Toyota Corolla 1.6 (1993)

I bought ceramizers. The first time I bought the one for the engine. I applied. Then in a short time I bought a whole set of 3 pcs. because I also wanted to apply to the gearbox and the one that cleans the injections. It was on sale so I bought the whole thing. I admit that using this one for the engine I did not measure the compression before, but it did not matter to me because I knew what I was doing when buying the preparation. The opinions of the users who used it spoke for themselves, so I tell myself I’m going all the way. I measured the compression after applying and driving according to the instructions for the required kilometers. My colleague – mechanic
Robert Stepien Garage
42-530 Dąbrowa Górnicza ul. Majewskiego 202
he could not believe it, although he was familiar with such means. The copression on each cylinder was almost equally 13 and in the catalog 13.2 so we were delighted with the performance that the preparation gave in my Toyota Corolla vintage 1993 Liftback 16V 1.6 114HP, which has already driven 310,000, well then it had less than 300,000. I myself noticed that the engine works differently quieter, evener and better “collects”, more dynamically, has a greater moment. I was and I am satisfied I will definitely recommend the preparation. To tell the truth, I recommended it to my friends and they are happy. I did the same with the gearbox by pouring the preparation. The gearbox “immediately” began to work better, I was delighted, the gears entered lightly and more accurately. This is still the case today. I immediately poured the preparation into the fuel tank. Well, here I did not notice changes, but I understand that cleaning injections, which apparently were not clogged, will not give noticeable effects. Summing up and answering the question whether ceramizers are effective, I will answer as a car user who used them that YES, they really give results and I am satisfied. For little money, I improved the performance of my car. In the near future I will buy preparations again! I cordially greet and wish you success in the development and sale of preparations.
Jacek Gorka

Toyota Corolla 1.8 Diesel (1989)

I used ceramizers for fuel, engine and gearbox in a car with a mileage of 410 thousand. Miles.
– After 400km of mileage there was a clear increase in torque, the gearbox so far “buzzing” muted;
– The engine burns to the touch both cold and heat, so far it had to be a little heated up, i.e. it helped the injection pump;
– Unfortunately, I did not take measurements before using ceramizers, but the effects exceeded my expectations;
– One more note – a car that generally smokes little will start to burn even less judging by the fuel indicator in my opinion about 0.5l / 100km – I recommended to friends and everyone who used ceramizers give positive opinions, one sentence without oil I did not try to drive but with oil there was a clear improvement in the performance and working culture of components in which I used ceramizers.
Carstar Automotive Shop
Opinion sent on 16.04.2008

Toyota Corolla 2.0 Diesel (1994)

I will say this, toyota corolla 2l diesel 1994r and it goes better, acceleration certainly better, combustion the same, and quieter chodzi.pozdrawiam

Toyota Previa 2.4

Car year of manufacture 1992 – 23 years 🙂
mileage 320 thousand km
Data from the paper catalog from 1992, not from the Internet, because there are often stupidities and errors: 2.438 dm3 engine powered by gasoline (quantity in grease 5.8 dm3), MPI, two camshafts, 16V, low-pressure 135KM /5000; 210Nm/4000 (unfortunately I was not on the dynamometer, because it is an automatic and the measurement may not be reliable, there is also a risk of damage …) engine located centrally, lies 🙂
Automatic transmission with 4 ratios, Vmax according to the catalogue 175 km/h
Curb weight 1730kg

The car was ceramicized 1.5 years ago. Two doses at instructional intervals were added to the engine, 1 dose to the tank and 1 to the tank. dose. I did not add to the box, because it is an automatic 🙂
After ceramicizing, I did acceleration tests with a professional G-Tech. Summer tires in the summer. 0-60 mph in 11.5 seconds! On 28.01.2015 I added another third dose (after changing the oil) and one more dose to the tank (fuel 98 oct).

A brand new car (after arrival) according to the manufacturer burns an average of 14.1 dm3 of gasoline – so far the actual combustion is over 15 dm3 / 100km.
After adding Ceramizers, accurate measurements on the route Warsaw – Zakopane – Warsaw, 5 people plus goods one way (200kg), winter tires – the average for 100km came out 12 dm3 / 100km !!!
Combustion has even decreased compared to factory data by a dozen or so%.
Despite the old battery (8 years?) it still fires without outside help.

Thank you for the preparation 🙂 Have a good day!
Best regards
Marcin Królak

Toyota Yaris

Year of Build: 2001
Engine size: 1.0
Mileage: 109 000
Video Opinion Jerzy Kostowski

Toyota Yaris

Year of Build: 2001
Engine size: 1.5
Mileage: 160 000

I bought a ceramizer for the gearbox and for the engine. The box before pouring the ceramizer grinded and did not work smoothly, you could see a slight leak from it, after pouring the ceramizer and driving about 20 km, the grinds stopped, it now works smoother and more stable, I no longer have a problem with switching on the reverse gear, leaks have also disappeared.

Toyota Yaris, Toyota Yaris gearbox repair

Before pouring, on the cold engine was felt the opur of the box in the first kilometers (especially now in early December) – after pouring immediately on the cold engine and gearbox, the gears enter without problem. I also poured ceramizer into the engine, it began to walk quieter and more stable, less braids and there is no such strong shock ratio to the frame, it burns half a liter less gas, and the disturbing leaks at the bottom of the engine disappeared. I recommended it to my friend and she is happy – the chest got wings. The gearbox “immediately” began to work better, she was delighted, the gears entered lightly and more accurately. I recommend ceramizer – do not regret the money. P. S. I also poured this one into the fuel system – a mechanic from Toyota recommended me, this is especially important in cars with gas, when the fuel pump does not have stable lubrication.
Anna Dec aka Kozlowska
Opinion sent on 01.12.2011

Toyota Yaris

Year of Build: 2001
Engine size: 1.5
Mileage: 210 000
  Toyota Yaris
My Toyota Yaris (year of production 2001, capacity 1.5, odometer value 210 000 km) I have for 3 years. I did over 20,000 km with it, often going to my family in Łódź and to work. After some time, there was a problem that the car began to drink oil. I was thinking about doing an expensive engine overhaul, which would cost about 2000 PLN. During a conversation with a friend of my friend Basia I learned about C E R A M I Z E R Z E for engines. So I went to the website and ordered two CERAMIZER packages for four-stroke internal combustion engines (gasoline, diesel, LPG).
After applying the above-mentioned product, after about a week I noticed a clear improvement. Namely, the engine started to work much more stable (especially when it works on the gas that I have mounted). Fuel consumption decreased by about 0.5l, start-up problems subsided. The sum of the summarum spending on two Ceramizers about 130 zł I saved about 2000 zł and for over a year since the use of Ceramizerów I have no problems with the vehicle. I sincerely recommend everyone to use this magical liquid, i.e. CERAMIZERA.
Rajmudn Konrad
Opinion sent on 6/2/2013/02