Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners Suzuki - undirbúningur fyrir endurnýjun hreyfilsins, gírkassa og annarra tækja

Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners Suzuki

Suzuki Maruti

Ceramizer is a sensational product. In my wife’s Suzuki Maruti, the engine kicked, fuel consumption was on the order of 10-11 liters / 100 km of urban driving. After replacing the ceramizer (in the effectiveness of which, to be honest, I did not believe very much), he stopped digging. Consumption dropped to 7.5-8l/100 km around the city. Vibrations have also decreased – the engine works much quieter. The power of the engine has also improved. It seemed that the engine would be to be overhauled or replaced. Meanwhile, after applying the ceramizer, the motor walks, stopped consuming oil and everything is OK. I really didn’t believe it at first, but for some reason it works and that’s the most important thing. I am not a specialist in motorization but with the naked eye I can see its effectiveness.
I recommend it to everyone.

Suzuki Vitara

I am very pleased with the ceramizer that I poured into the Suzuki Vitara off-road car began to take less oil, it is more dynamic and more will show on the odometer about 5km per hour so all this in one word improved what you describe. At the beginning I approached ceramizer with a distance but now I do not regret, I have in the service a second car (engine overhaul) Opel Frontere 2.8tdi and also pour it, I think that it is a product Polish, if so I am very pleased that the Poles can also and not only the west. The person who invented it should be proud of himself (there are no side effects after ceramizer) should give this engineer a Nobel Prize, and the preparation patent the idea that I will make a larger expense and apply ceramizer in all vans. I will add that people are afraid of novelty but please look at the comments from allegro speaks for itself.
greetings D.D.

Suzuki Grand Vitara

Engine capacity:2.0 hdi

Opinion: after applying unsuitable oil to the booster system (probably), the booster pump stopped working almost completely. browsing online auctions in search of a new pump, I came across ceramizer. Having read what miracles it works, I simply did not believe it and let go of my memory, but unfortunately not for long, especially due to problems with finding a new pump and decided to go back to the previously found auction and buy ceramizer, the more that the cost was small. After applying the ceramizer and performing the actions in the instructions and after driving 300 km I was very pleasantly surprised, the support began to return to normal. Now I have driven 600 km after using ceramizer and the support is 100% efficient which I am incredibly happy with, the more that I have never believed in this type of means. It’s just a miracle of the middle and at the moment I’m going to protect the whole car with ceramizers available on the market. I recommend it even to the biggest doubters, even like me – believe it really works.
Miroslaw Ziolkowski
Date of review: 9.03.2010

SUZUKI LIANA 1.6 106 HP ;petrol + LPG

Engine size: 1.6 L
Mileage:190000 km

I bought Ceramizer for the engine – 4g and applied according to the instructions. After 15 minutes of engine operation, there was a slight muting. After 200 km of driving with breaks, I sensed an improvement in engine operation, better acceleration – dynamics at lower revs as before. Now I have over 570 km driven and I still have the impression of improving the engine, at the start – cold oil. I used from the beginning of the purchase of a new car 2 magnetizers, fuel and air. I am not surprised by the novelties in this Ceramizer and he tests such novelties on his own car. I did not take pressure measurements, because Japanese SUZUKI engines do not take oil between changes (and I already had 3 SWIFTY after 232000 km) I also did not do tests on the dynamometer. I know exactly my car because I service it myself, I have the appropriate diagnostic equipment for this purpose. I RECOMMEND YOU THIS REMEDY.
Mark Pentek
Opinion sent on 27/10/2013

Suzuki Swift

Year of Build: 2008
Engine size: 1.3
Mileage: 85000km

Definitely noticeable quieter and more even engine operation. The engine works lighter, accelerates more briskly, fires more easily and burns less (I also used Ceramizer for fuel). Before that, it happened from time to time that in the morning I had problems with firing. Now there is no problem with this:) I also applied Ceramizer to the gearbox, which worked hard and “hummed” – a definite improvement after driving approx. 2.000km on Ceramizer.
Richard Golla
Opinion sent on 25/11/2013

Suzuki Vitara 2.0 TDI

Year of Build: 1998
Engine size: 2.0
Mileage: 274 thousand km

The first time I used ceramizer for the engine for Vitara 2.0tdi 98rok . The reason for this was the vibration of the gear shift lever at idle. It was 4 years ago, I have ridden 80 tkm since then. The lever stopped shaking after about 2 weeks and does not twitch until now. In addition, I have the impression that the engine also works more at higher revs (I did not take pressure measurements), and that it sweats less behind the turbine. Before that, I added from replacement to change less than a liter of oil. Now I do not add, I ride all the time on the same semi-synthetic. During this period, 2 times I gave an additive to the fuel, and 1 time a preparation for gearboxes, because “grinded” me 5. Since then, the five have been working quietly. The current mileage is 274 tkm. RECOMMEND. Ceramizer I also applied to a colleague’s Passat, he was so pleased that he asked for two more doses to the engine, to the Pugeot 206 2.0D (uneven work and took oil) and Mazda 626 2.0D (high mileage). In these cases, there were also positive effects, 206 came to life, the work leveled out and does not take oil, 626 similarly, inside you can hear a nice purr. Last year I used CERAMIZER for power steering. (MASTER 2003) After replacing the booster pump, vibrations during twisting were felt, which disappeared within 7 days of using the preparation. The steering wheel spins like in a new one! In December last year, I used CERAMIZER for the SCENICA 1.6B engine (107 hp 2000r. 200tkm). I had the opportunity to ride this car in January (2000 km after using ceramizer) and here the effect is very positive; the engine is quieter and more agile.
Leszek Szczepanik
Opinion sent on 17/01/2012