Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners Polonez - undirbúningur fyrir endurnýjun hreyfilsins, gírkassa og annarra tækja

Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners Polonez


I wore with the purchase of ceramizer for quite a long time, but I do not regret the purchase!
I am the owner of Polonez and as you know, the engines in our Polish cars are not very viable. I’m a student and I can’t afford another car! So I take care of my own, at the moment already 12 years old polonaise as much as I can. I decided to use ceramizer to extend the life of the engine. However, during the use of the car after using the ceramizer, I observed other effects of the agent! Unfortunately, I do not have any charts or measurements! I can only share the observations that a person who has some ideas about engines (especially polonaise!!) is able to observe. In the use of ceramizer, the engine had an odometer of 53000 kilometers of mileage (but to my eye there was a slightly changed odometer before sale so it could be somewhere 80000). At the moment there are already 93000 kilometers of mileage (which is probably 123000). In the meantime, the oil was changed 3 times (the first time before applying the agent and then every 150,000 kilometers). To the point, what I observed:
– Oil consumption has decreased (for 15000km, i.e. from replacement to replacement, I add 200 max 250 milliliters of oil)
– The engine runs more evenly (probably due to the equalization of pressure on the cylinders)
– It’s quieter
– As for the combustion I did not record any records because I drive quite fast but to drive up to 160km / h enough for me 13 liters / 100 kilometers (this is the norm for a polonaise).
If what has already happened in my engine comes to the fact that it still comes for a long time, I will be very pleased!!! Soon I plan to buy a second dose of ceramizer, and application after oil change!! So prophylactic! I greet and wish many satisfied, as I did, customers
Adrian Pawlicki

Polonaise 1.6 (1992)

I used ceramizer for the polonaise from 92. Engine 1.6 on the carburetor, original mileage 120,000. Pressure on individual cylinders 11,9,10,11, approximately. I don’t have charts in front of me at the moment. Immediately after firing, that is, as the car was cold cylinder did not walk. After changing the oil and using Ceramizer ju after driving 200 km, I noticed a significant difference. When working on gasoline, the engine does not go out at idle speed, it turns the starter much lighter, it works much quieter and, most importantly, immediately after firing it works on all cylinders. After driving 1500 km, I will take a measurement of the pressure in the cylinders and write something else. Kamil Gawronski

Polonaise (1994)

I bought poldka 94r howled my rear bridge at small and large speeds. I changed the oil to a denser one because I thought that something would help, but it did not help, after a long time while driving, while draining the gas the bridge began to have vibrations I thought that I had to do something about it. I went to the Internet and searched until I finally found your site ceramizer, really worth it after driving 200 km already slowly everything quieted down and after 1200 already at all do not hear anything


I am satisfied with the ceramizer that I applied to the rear bridge in my polonaise. I had to do the repair of the rear bridge, I can not hear the howl as loud as before using the preparation, and most importantly that I still drive without repairing the rear bridge.
Best regards, Bogusław Słowiok

Caro Polonaise 1.6

The use of ceramizer allowed me to avoid expensive engine repair in polonez Caro 1.600 cm.3. The use of this substance increased the oil pressure and caused a smoother entry of the engine to higher revolutions.
Regards Marek Mrowka / moris26

Caro Polonaise

I came across a product called CERAMIZER completely by accident – browsing websites about the automotive industry. At the beginning, I associated this product with other preparations that I once used in my first Fiat 126p car. These measures actually worked on the principle of an oil thickener, which caused an increase in compression pressure and a decrease in knocks in the engine.
After reading the description of the operation of CERAMIZER, I decided to buy – a product of this type was a novelty for me and a kind of curiosity, which I decided to check.
I used CERAMIZER in the Polonaise 1.6 Gli with a mileage of 91 000 km year prod. 2000. After driving approx. 800 km. I noticed that the engine starts easier to work evenly and quieter. Before using the ceramizer on a cold engine, tapping was heard – probably the camshaft. I am satisfied with the purchase of this product, I wonder what else CERAMIZER can do – after all, the ceramization process in my car has not yet come to an end.
Regards Jacek P.

Polonaise Caro 1.6 GLI (1994)

Welcome! I am the owner of polonaise Caro 1.6 GLE from 1994 with a mileage of approx. 140 000 km. I approached the ceramizer with reserve. But I found that if I have to do a small overhaul in the engine, nothing will spoil it worse. There were some problems with compression. After applying ceramizer according to the instructions, although I have only passed approx. 350km you can already see a definite improvement. Morning firing has also improved. The engine runs evenly and is quieter. I am very satisfied with the product and used it more prophylactically and I do not hide out of curiosity, but the effect surprised me. I am also going to buy a ceramizer for the gearbox, although I do not have any major problems with it. But prophylactic application will not hurt. I greet and wish you success in the industry.
Maximilian Jamka
Date of receipt of the opinion: 21.02.2008

Caro Polonaise

polonaise takes oil, bridge howls howls, gas combustion

Polonaise Caro 1.6 GLI

Hi, ceramizer used in the Polonez Caro 1.6 gli engine was already a little worn out so I decided to give him this now my observations:
-First of all, after driving the appropriate kilometers, the engine stopped so much chalasowac I noticed a definite improvement
– the engine began to work equally, better dynamics of the car
– and what definitely surprised me were small leaks from under the head and here suddenly the gasket stopped passing and in this way I saved about 500zl and this is the biggest plus after using your ceramizer.
Best regards

Polonaise 1.6 Gli (1995)

I recently bought the No. 1 set, I would like to share my experience with your specifics.
I am the manager of the Polonaise 1.6 GLI injection Abimex from 1995, mileage of nearly 100,000 km. A unique copy, really. The condition can be said great. I added the agent to the engine prophylactically, preventively, to the rear bridge to get rid of the annoying ailment in this copy in the form of the famous howling bridge. I drove about 800 km, of which 600 on the road, 200 as part of economical driving after flooding with the middle, and about 2 hours at idle. What effects?
1. ENGINE After the engine I did not expect any revelations, because this copy showed no signs of wear, practically did not take oil, walked quietly, combustion on the road came out at speeds of about 100 – 110 km / h in the range of 8 – 8.5 l LPG / 100 km. Surprisingly, lower speeds increased combustion, larger ones increased. After adding the agent, I was surprised after this preparation period that the engine began to walk even quieter, and the combustion on the road dropped !!! In one direction of the route the length of 300 km was 7.75 l LPG / 100 km and back 7.2 l LPG / 100 km. I did not change my driving style, on good sections I cut 110 – 120 km / h. So you can risk saying that the engine treatment was good, combustion decreased by about 1 liter of LPG / 100 km on the road. Strange. In my life I would not have thought that combustion could still fall on the road. I also examined the combustion in the city, driving 100% of the city, over fairly short distances of several kilometers (the engine reaches a temperature of 90 degrees when you have to finish driving). Expectations half-hearted experiences with the route were not hidden great. And I was not disappointed. Combustion amounted to 11.5 l LPG / 100, i.e. it decreased by about 1.5 l LPG / 100 km. Nothing but to enjoy. Another sign that something in the engine seemed to be that the flexibility has increased (noticeably), so that after pressing the gas in V gear at 90 km / h literally in a few seconds I already have 120 km / h on the odometer. Previously, it did not accelerate so dynamically. Great fun to drive away in a poldolot as if under the hood sat a different engine than usual. Note: after driving another 400 kilometers of the engine at idle in the middle you can not hear at all, just the tachometer informs that it is spinning. A strange feeling for a man raised on poldolot. And the valves stopped smacking, something amazing. It is a pity that I did not carry out some volume measurements before / after flooding the middle. By ear, the difference is really huge, I invite the representative of the polonaise manufacturer to find out live. Such a quietly working poldolot probably the factory did not foresee.

2. REAR BRIDGE Unfortunately, I have not observed such spectacular effects here. The howl that comes out of the bridge many times exceeds the mental endurance of an ordinary person. The worst thing is that this howl is variable at speed. We move: it does not howl, at 50 km / h it howls, it still does not howl, it starts again at 90 km / h, stops at 100 and the state of silence is maintained until 150 km / h, I did not go faster. The worst is the howl at 90 km/h. After applying the drug, the howl decreased slightly, but not radically. I’ll think about it, maybe I’ll add a second portion. Note: another 400 km have passed since what I wrote a moment ago. The rear bridge is getting quieter. Hip hip hurrah. So in the end, I find that the howl of the rear bridge has fallen. There are reasons to be proud, as it was once said about poldolot.

3. FUEL I added, refueled gasoline to full, and drove several dozen kilometers on gasoline. Prophylactically, because the injection in my invention works correctly and even in the worst frosts calmly burned from the first time. So I can not factually describe any unwykne symptoms after applying additives.

Summary. I wanted to silence the rear bridge, and inadvertently healed the engine and dramatically reduced the combustion. I greet and recommend to everyone the preparation especially for the engine.
All non-believers should take a trip of several hundred kilometers and discover that they will burn X fuel in one direction and X-0.5 l back. Simply, the longer the engine runs in the presence of a ceramizer, the better for it. Such a test shows it as if on the palm of your hand.
Tomek from Lublin.

Polonaise Atu (1998)

Maybe at the beginning I will describe what prompted me to use your preparations. I am the owner of a Car Polonez Atu Plus GSI from 1998 after driving about 120 thousand km began problems with the rear bridge “howl” was very loud, and the repair at the Daewoo service station priced at approx. 800 zł. !!! of course, I gave up on repairing. Another fault was the difficulty of turning on the 1st and 2nd gear at minus temperatures practically until the oil in the box warmed up, I had to “jerk” the gear levers. Despite these “ailments”, the car was still operated until the gasket under the head was damaged, a friendly mechanic reviewed the engine and found that in addition to the camshaft and hydraulic valve tappets, and camshaft shells were eligible for replacement, which would cost a nice sum in total. Once reading on the Internet about ceramizers I decided to replace only the gasket in the engine and due to the lack of funds for renovation and a little out of curiosity I decided to subject my Poldas to a comprehensive treatment with Ceramizers. I changed the oils and applied the preparation to the rear bridge, gearbox, engine and fuel, I used the preparation in July 2005 before going on vacation, which made it easier for me to observe the effects of the preparations. Ceramizer for fuel I used prophylactically to lubricate the fuel injectors so it is difficult for me to assess the operation but I think that it also has a positive effect on extending the life of the injections, while a noticeable increase in engine power I found after driving about 500 km after another 500 km the car got a “shoe” and the engine began to work evenly at slow speed, even a friend mechanic admitted right, that he expected my quick visit to the workshop for replacing hydrocoppers and camshaft and here the engine drove on Ceramizer 15 thousand, and at the current mileage of 165 thousand. km performs great. Also winter problems with changing gears no longer occurred even at a temperature of -30 I had no problems, the gears enter without resistance. In the case of the rear bridge, the preparation also met my expectations after driving 1500km practically the noise disappeared the rear bridge was muted. After my positive experiences with Ceramizer, I have prepared another dispenser for use in the engine. I recommended the preparations to my buddies one used prophylactically an additive to the fuel and engine of the old Mazda with a diesel engine because he drives experimentally on “ecological” fuels the other applied to a 5-year-old seat to improve compression in the engine in both cases found a positive effect of Ceramizers fuel consumption decreased by about 10% Many people before buying on Allegro asked me questions about the effectiveness of the preparation of course I confirmed the effectiveness Of I recommend Ceramizer in the case of my Polonaise has proven itself 100% in all respects.
Regards, Jaroslaw Typek

Polonaise 1.6 (1995)

Noticed after the use of ceramizer in the engine and gearbox of the car POLONEZ 1.6 1995
Engine: before flooding, there was no prognosis for a cure except for the main repair (blows from the cob box to the air filter were so large that the filter flowed in the oil, after removing the oil scoop you had to show great reflexes so as not to be spat on and a slight knock of the main shells). The compression pressure was not measured. After flooding and after driving about 1000 km, the spraying from the oil scoop stopped (only slight smoke remained), the air filter was only slightly greasy. The tapping of the pans has quieted down a little.
Gearbox: quieter operation and easier shifting. You can see that in this particular case ceramizer worked, Polonez changed its owner and from what I know it still drives. All this was done about a year ago (May-June 2005) Regards A.Szulc


I drive a Polonez car with gas. At the moment, this is not a car from the first shelf. I used ceramizer for the engine at 150,000 km. driven over, because the engine began to “take oil”. This means not only increased costs of engine oil consumption but in the near future serious costs with engine repair / whether grinding or replacement / The use of ceramizer has slowly reduced oil consumption to normal amounts. At the moment, however, / after severe frosts this winter and probably my mistake of using too light oil so-called for gas engines / I found again increased oil consumption. It is after about 40 thousand km./ and 1.5 years of time /. I intend to repeat the “ceramizer treatment” which will allow me to extend the life of the car to about 250 / and about 1.0 to 1.5 years /
To sum up:
The use of 2 ceramizers will allow to extend the life of my car by about 100 / 3 years / And at the same time the replacement with a new one will take place in other economic conditions / much lower prices /. This allows us to say that in financial terms the use of ceramizers will bring me savings from 3 to 10 thousand pln. / the lower limit is the additional cost of oil and engine overhaul, and the upper limit is the difference in the decrease in the price of cars /.
P.S. I did not carry out technical measurements, hence I do not know the difference in compression pressure, as well as in fuel consumption / because I drive around Łódź, and standing constantly at the traffic lights it is difficult to compare /, but I can say that there was a change in engine operation: quieter and more evenly walks and with a cold engine, especially in winter, there is no effect of “dry friction” at start-up. I am satisfied. Ceramizer is a great Christmas gift for the driver! At my urging, a friend gave her husband a ceramizer as a gift. Greetings
Jacek Grodziński


I have been using ceramizers for several years. I poured them into the polonaise, samara, seata cordoba, nubira, opel vektra. Ford Fiesta. The effects are stunning each of these cars reacted the same, that is, after pouring ceramizer, the engine begins to work quieter (no need to wait 200 km), the work is even, the engine consumes less fuel, is more dynamic. I also used ceramizers for gearbox and power steering, the gears enter smoother and the transmission is quieter, as for the support I can not write anything because I poured once prophylactically into a new cordoba. I never took measurements because the effects are immediately felt so there was no point. As for the fuel additive I use it for the second time in the fiesta I trust the manufacturer that it works. I buy Ceramizers in Warsaw from the manufacturer on Czerniakowska Street or grochowska Street GREETINGS!
Darius Fiet
Opinion sent on 10.11.2008.


Hello, my polonaise is on the clock 375000 km. I just poured the preparation is as if faster easier accelerates the engine quieter works.
Best regards
Piotr Wiechetek

Polonaise Truck

Make and model of vehicle: Polonez Truck
Year of Build: 1995
Engine size: 1.9d

Ceramizer was recommended to me by a friend. I poured it into a heavily strained engine in my car. Mileage 320 thousand. The engine did not want to burn, it worked unevenly. Already after the first few hundred kilometers, I noticed a significant improvement, i.e. despite even low temperatures, the engine ignites without any problems and works much more evenly. Fuel consumption also decreased, and to my surprise he stopped taking oil. Sensational product. I recommend it to all skeptical owners of all cars.
Regards Lukasz Opinion sent on 26.11.2008r.