Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners KIA - undirbúningur fyrir endurnýjun hreyfilsins, gírkassa og annarra tækja

Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners KIA

Kia Carnival

Year of Build: 2000
Engine capacity: 2900 diesel

Opinion:I used Ceramizer prophylactically at the urging of friends. The amazing effect was noticed by me shortly after application. The engine began to work very evenly, it became very emphasize very flexible. After starting the cold engine, you could no longer hear “dryness” Fuel consumption also decreased slightly. I bought a second dose for use in an Iveco Eurocargo truck. After application, I will share my impressions.
Marek Sienkiewicz
Opinion sent on 30.12.2008.

Kia Carnival

Year of Build: 2002
Engine size: 2.9 CRDI

My Carnival with a mileage of 190 thousand. after applying the ceramizer to the fuel system and the engine, the expensive cr injection system stopped lighting up the check engine after driving 600 km. This can only mean that the injectors have been purged as is the case in an ultrasonic injection washing machine. When it comes to the engine, it works quieter and evener. I did not measure the combustion but the tip does not fall somehow particularly. I’m really happy with ceramizers and I’ve been buying them one time already. In any case, it has been using them since 2007. in different cars and I am very satisfied. I sincerely recommend!
Cezary Kawecki
Opinion sent on 03.02.2010.

Kia Ceed 2.0 Crdi

Year of Build: 2009
Engine size: 2.0
Mileage: 80 000 km

Opinion: Ceramizer for the engine applied “preventively”, did not change anything in the operation of the engine because the engine was completely operational. I found out about the effectiveness of ceramizers by using them 3 years earlier for the Mazda 323f 1.8l engine with a mileage of 250 thousand km which burned approx. 0.5l of oil per 1000km. After the procedure, the oil burning decreased to 0.5l per 15k km. Between oil changes (15k km) the condition dropped from 2/3 max to 1/3, so like in a new car. Ceramizer for the gearbox also worked-falling “five” ceased to be a problem without disassembling the gearbox. Since then, I have also been using ceramizers for engines in fully functional cars to prevent natural engine wear.
Waldemar Gaj
Opinion submitted on: 2012-06-11

Kia Shuma

Here are my observations from the use of ceramizers. I bought a used Kia Shuma with a mileage of 95thousand. Miles. She rode on an unknown oil. Combustion was approx. 7.5 l/100km. Engine operation at pow. 3500 rpm it was loud. When changing the oil, I used a ceramizer bought on allegro. After its application, the engine operation on all rev ranges was clearly silenced and fuel consumption decreased by approx. 0,5l/100km. Morning start is also easier – previously the engine as if choking, now it lights up as if it was hot. Unfortunately, I did not make other measurements. The effects encouraged me to buy a ceramizer for the gearbox. So far, her work has been loud, and this was manifested by whistles at certain gears and speeds. Despite the fact that I drove the right number of kilometers after adding with a certain delay, the effect was still clear – the whistles disappeared almost completely. In addition, earlier in previous cars I used means based on Teflon, or motor – life. There is no comparison – ceramizers are effective for a long time. Since then, I’ve driven approx. 15 thousand. Miles. and the effect is still palpable.