Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners Jeep - undirbúningur fyrir endurnýjun hreyfilsins, gírkassa og annarra tækja

Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners Jeep

Jeep Cherokee 2.8 CRD

Year of Build: 2004
Engine size: 2800
Mileage: 115 thousand km

Preparing the car for holiday trips in the Carpathians, I undertook multidirectional actions to increase safety and technical efficiency. In addition to the production and assembly of aluminum plates protecting the chassis components (engine, gearbox, fuel tank), I also replaced all oils and filters.
I also considered it justified that, due to the possibility of moving the vehicle at high tilts and the resulting real deterioration in lubrication efficiency, a preparation should be used to reduce the coefficient of friction between the engine and transmission components. In the message I used MILITEC and .. did not hurt (this feature is very important, and does not always occur in relation to many of the preparations available on the market – there are widely known cases of “clogging” lubrication / cooling channels by preparations containing solid particles) I decided to look for something new and … Proven.
During conversations with friends, a colleague from the technical school told me about how he “silenced” the pusher in the Mitsubishi V6 by adding CERAMIZER to the engine oil. Later there was an analysis of opinions on the net. Since the theoretical basis of the drug seemed to be right, I decided to check how it would behave in practice. The decision to buy and then things were going very quickly: purchase, application to hot oil and 4 hours at idle speed …
Unfortunately, no measurements of the engine operating parameters were made before application, so the measurement of anything after application is pointless – no reference point. As a car driver by profession and passion, however, I feel obliged to share with all interested people what I noticed:
– decrease in fuel consumption – it was about 15 l / 100 km; is about 12-13; of course, with the same conditions and driving style, always included 4×4 fuul time and air conditioning; I reckoned with the increase in fuel consumption due to the installation of a large expedition roof rack), subsequent refueling and calculations carried out on their basis confirmed the durability of the obtained effect, the decrease in fuel consumption is also indicated by the on-board computer
– engine silence – clear difference, the engine works more flexibly and softer
– very low engine oil consumption – the engine currently has 122 thousand km traveled; the oil level decreased approx. 3-4 mm (over a distance of 7,000 km, of which 3,000 in difficult mountain terrain – including driving with a reducer attached, 2,000 expressways and highways – speeds of about 110-140 km / h, the rest of the city and its surroundings with very short routes and thus frequent engine starts)
– freer starting and engine operation

As a result of the above experience, I decided to apply the preparation in my other cars (Honda HRV and Suzuki Vitara, and in the future – after the renovation – probably also GAZ 67B Czapajew; the use of CERAMIZER in this case should be mandatory due to the bucket lubrication of connecting rod shells).
Greeting – I invite everyone interested in the obtained effects to ask questions and exchange experiences
Ph.D. Piotr Lubinski
Tel. 790570500
Date of review: 11.08.2010

Jeep Cherokee 2.5 TD

Hello to all motorists. Ceramizer for the engine was recommended to me by my colleague, who takes care of my vehicles. He said pour in and you will see that everything will return to normal. I approached it quite skeptically because how can such a small syringe of some substance heal the 2.5 l TD engine in the Jeep Grand Cheroki??? However, I did not think for a long time because as the mechanic says that you have to and there is nothing to wonder. I bought, poured and drove the recommended distance as it should. To this day, i.e. 15.07.2010, I drove about 500 km and returned to the company in order to purchase one more but this time a full set for the engine, transmission and fuel. But to the point because the most important thing in all this is the opinion. After driving 200 km, it turned out. that the engine stopped smoking, began to work evenly and as if quieter. In addition, previously I had small oil leaks on the front and rear sealant, but after using ceramizer all leaks disappeared. The instruction admittedly said that this magical substance of leaks will not stop but as you can see in the mim case it also worked on this front. I do not know yet exactly how it will be with fuel consumption because I have not measured it yet but I can already say that since it does not kick, works evenly, and the temperature is stabilized is probably all on the right way to capture at least a letter for 100 km :)) Today I made another male decision and from a very nice lady I bought another set for the second car.
I recommend to all motorists the use of ceramizer as well as a visit to Czerniakowska Street 58 :))!!
S. Skirzyńki