Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners Iveco - undirbúningur fyrir endurnýjun hreyfilsins, gírkassa og annarra tækja

Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners Iveco

Iveco 2.8 TDI (1999)

I bought this model in May this year 375000 mileage. At the time of purchase, I knew about its “a few shortcomings”, but whatever, the price was quite attractive. The work of the gearbox was annoying – the transition to the four was always associated with the effect of grinding and driving the reverse is already sports acrobatics. I read a little about ceramizers and other such magical inventions – I decided to buy a set offered by 4kół 2x box, 1x fuel, 1x engine.
According to the instructions, I gave the whole thing according to the intended purpose and and I made carp! After driving literally a few kilometers, I noticed that it works!
Now, after driving almost 5,000 kilometers, the gears enter lightly and without problems, the whole transmission is certainly quieter.
Engine – I did not take measurements before flooding, but certainly works more calmly, or smokes less probably not – 11 l / 100.
I liked it so much that I decided to buy a set for the back bridge – as well as there will be some miracles I will certainly know.
Opinion sent on 12.10.2008.