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Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners Ford

Related to Ford Escort 1.4:

I have a 14 year old Ford Escort 1.4 with a gas installation. A few months ago, trouble began. The engine ignited only after a long spin of the starter, worked unevenly, became muddy, weak and smoked. The mechanic suggested overhauling the engine or replacing it. A little because of the cost of this operation I procrastinated. I accidentally came across information about ceramizers on the Internet. I did not really believe in all this what was written about them, you know advertising, etc. I thought, at most, I will not lose much and bought. I changed the oil and filters, applied 1 dose of ceramizer to the engine. Out of pessimism, I did not take pressure measurements. However, to my surprise after driving approx. 300 km the engine stopped smoking, worked more evenly and started without problems. At the moment I drove about 1200 km. The engine has rejuvenated, become dynamic, has good acceleration and works like a watch. Smokes less by approx. 1 l/100 km of gas. My old man is out of years, I think he will ride some more. I will apply him 1 more dose of ceramizer to the gearbox – it works not the worst yet – but it is so prophylactic. I’ve found that ceramizers are a fantastic thing.

Ford Escort 1.4 (1991)

After reading a few opinions of the so-called “automotive specialists”, I would like to speak about my experience with the use of Ceramizer preparations.
First of all:
You can’t talk about the effectiveness of something that you didn’t use.
Such a hopeless case without the support of facts should be forgiven, and in relation to this product in particular. I will give three facts that will convince perhaps doubters:

1)My CC704 drove 160 thousand. km and the engine and gearbox work flawlessly, which in this brand is rather unusual (twice processing of the engine after 70 thousand and 140 thousand. km, and one-time processing with 2 doses, box at 80 thousand. km) oil from replacement to replacement, without refills, compression pressure reference, on inspections trouble-free when it comes to emissions of pollutants and all this without dismantling and expensive repairs.
2)Fiat 126p year pr. 1984! Before processing, pressure on Icyl.-0.1MPa on IIcyl.-0.07MPa, symptomatic “taking” of oil about 1l/1000km (a lot). After applying 1 dose of Ceramizer, the pressure in both cylinders increased to 0.11MPa and the engine oil consumption dropped to about 0.6l /1000km which is almost normal. I believe that due to the centrifugal oil filter, the dose should have been doubled and the effect in oil life would be more beneficial,
3)Ford ESCORT1.4 year pr. 1991 traveled about 250thousand. km and maybe much more. Before machining, compression pressure:
Icyl. – 0.09MPa
IIcyl. – 0.07Mpa
IIIcyl. – 0.08MPa
IVcyl. – 0.1MPa,
problems with starting, visible smoke and oil intake. After using Ceramizer in the amount of 2 doses and driving over 3 thousand. km began to appear visible effects in the form of:
– increase power,
– easier start-up,
– smoke has disappeared,
– engine oil combustion has decreased significantly,
– the culture of the engine has increased (quieter operation),
– increased and equalized the compression pressure to 0.12MPa in each cylinder.
To sum up, I sincerely recommend the product and it is not yet one of the inventions of rapid enrichment. ADAMUS

Ford Escort 1.4 (1991)

I have a Ford Escort 1.4″ 91r. Ceramizer poured a few months ago and after driving about 2 thousand. km I felt a clear improvement in engine performance >>fired better, worked a bit quieter, and the whole car became lighter during acceleration >>Now, after driving 6500km since using the ceramizer, I find that my vehicle seems to have returned to its former state. >> the car has 180 thousand. course and it goes that hoho >> At the same time, I emphasize that I successively replace damaged parts on an ongoing basis as well as 15W40 oil. I can’t say anything about combustion, because I just pour fuel and I never think how much it burns only or goes forward. So, in the end, I can safely say that this preparation IS EFFECTIVE and will definitely apply it to my Mazda 626, which already has 244000 run over and begins to ailing sometimes >>CERAMIZER CERTAINLY WON’T HURT HER>>

Ford Escort 1.4 (1991)

Dear Sirs, Ceramizer I used behind the car Ford Escort 1.4 XLS year ’91 with gas installation.
So far I have driven about 1000km. I did not test the compression pressure in the pistons before using the agent and currently I do not have measurement data. I’m only going now on the “second refueling” and I’m just measuring what the fuel consumption will be now (approximately it was about 10l/ 100km so far, but it was winter). If I have more information, I will write about it to you.
I will describe to you my feelings:
– equalization of engine operation,
– quieter operation,
– jerks disappeared when adding gas while driving on gasoline,
– the impression of greater power (as I wrote – I have no support in “evidence”),
– starting in 90% after the first turning of the ignition – previously it was different.
That is, the same positives !!!
I am very satisfied and probably at the next change of oil I will use ceramizer again.
Regards, Paweł Kuczewski

Ford Escort 1.5 (1992)

Fast shipping. I tested a little and it actually works, 1.5l LPG less per 100km. I did not check the pressure although I felt a stronger Escort 92r 1300. Sylwek_cz

Ford Escort 1.6 EFI

I am amazed by the incredible effectiveness of ceramizers. From the moment of applying the preparation, I noticed a gradual clear increase in power. It is harder for me to assess the combustion because I poured the preparation in winter and the decrease in combustion may result from lower resistance associated with the change in temperature. The engine of my car (Ford Escort 1600 EFI) works great especially in the mid and high rev range with a slight glow, almost like the engine of a fast motorcycle. Performance is clearly better. I can easily overtake cars with larger engines. And the factory 10 seconds to a hundred is now no problem, despite its 15-year service life.
Best regards. Lech Łaguna.

Ford Escort 1.8 Diesel (1989)

Traveled 5300 km. For the first 2000 cars unrecognizable, later you could feel that the old engine needs renovation. In general, the impressions of the ceramizer are very positive, so I recommend buying this, as if it were not, miracles. Ford Escort 1.8D,89r. 300.000km. consul26

Ford Escort 1.8 D (1992)

One day I went to the mechanic to unravel the mystery of what was going on, that the car had poor performance. We measured the compression ratio in all cylinders was lower by about 6 bar compared to the values for a new engine of this type. The compression ratio values were different for different cylinders difference of about 2 bar.

I was ordered to repair the engine but the car had 150 thousand. km so I assessed – it is too early for renovation. Then I started looking for a way to repair the engine. On the Internet I found your product Ceramizer. I bought a repair kit: for the engine, gearbox and fuel refiner. After applying the preparation, the engine began to work better, already after driving 250 km I noticed differences in its work, it was getting quieter, it did not have such a hard metallic sound tiring while driving. After driving about 2500km, big changes were already felt, the engine was very quiet, accelerated better, it was sensitive to the position of the gas pedal, it was enough to slightly press the pedal and the engine quickly increased the revs. A big difference was also in the work at idle speed the engine worked evenly, it was possible to reduce the value of free revolutions. Fuel consumption has been reduced.

After applying the preparation in the gearbox and driving a similar distance, the gears began to turn on slightly, the gearbox was quiet, especially at high speeds. Before the application of the preparation, noise, rumbling of the gearbox was heard, especially at higher speeds. After applying the preparation, starting the engine became easier, especially in winter. The starter starts the engine more easily, and when the engine is warm it does it instantly. Before the application of the preparation, there were big problems with starting the engine even in the autumn period.

The operation of Ceramizers is guaranteed to significantly improve the performance of the car and driving comfort. The effects of machining will certainly be noticeable, but remember to replace filters, fluids, control the operation of the brakes / whether they do not block the wheels / etc. I highly recommend the use of Ceramizers. I have successfully used Ceramizers already in two passenger cars.
Regards, Mariusz J.
Opinion sent on 27.05.2009

Ford Escort 1.9 Diesel (1991)

Some time ago I bought a ceramizer for the engine. I used it in one of my cars, namely it is a Ford Escort year of production 1991 with a 1.9 Diesel engine. Previously, the engine kicked terribly and I had problems with firing it in the morning (even in summer). After applying the ceramizer, gradually the engine stopped kicking, and also fires in the morning faster. The action of the ceramizer surprised me to such an extent that I decided to take further action to start selling ceramizers, and I decided to glue my car and it will be a driving advertisement.
Best regards

Ford Escort 1.6 (1994)

Mileage: 217 000 km

I bought this golden remedy because the neighbor tells miracles about it … 🙂 So I decided to try namely after flooding ceramizera and under the tips from the leaflet after about 300km the car actually became different, ie there are no more vibrations at idle speed 🙂 I noticed a decrease in appetite for gasoline by about 1 liter which makes me very happy and in the morning the car fires up much faster.. I AM VERY SATISFIED AND RECOMMEND THIS REMEDY TO EVERYONE!! it really works.
Best regards
Anna Pamula
Date of review: 13-04-2010
Ford Escort gasoline consumption, oil taking, oil burning Ford Escort

Ford Explorer (1996)

Ford Fiesta 1.0 (1992)

I bought a fiesta with a mileage of 123,000 km. It was driven on gas (driven, i.e. fired despite the fact that you should not start a cold engine on gas and non-stop driven practically without gasoline). It turned out after a short time that the oil is running and a little in a significant amount (about 0.25l / 1000km). After applying ceramizer (I poured it in March), taking oil decreased to about 50g / 1000km, i.e. decreased about 5 times. A cold engine fires up much better. I am very pleasantly surprised, especially since I was very skeptical about it. Since the use of ceramizer I have traveled about 6000km

Compression measurement results:
1- 1.01 mPa
2- 1.10 MPa
3- 1.12 mPa
4- 1.06 MPa

In general, the mechanic told me that with such a bite of oil it is already the corpse of the engine, but when the taking decreased I decided on “refills”.
Daniel Pietr
Opinion sent on 07.06.2009

Fiesta 1.1

I must admit that I was skeptical about your center, not fully believing in its miraculous effects, as in most similar specifics that I have previously tested in my other cars. I assumed that your product will not deteriorate the technical condition of the engine and it is worth the risk. I invoiced Ceramizer a few months ago to my wife’s old car: a Ford Fiesta, 1.1 with a carburetor engine, after the mechanic told me to consider a proposal for a major overhaul or engine replacement. It came to the point that I did not have to periodically change the oil in the engine because I “refreshed” it on a regular basis with frequent refills. The first effects immediately after a few minutes of engine operation are an increase in idle speed, which at least surprised me, indicating less frictional resistance of the mechanical elements of the engine. So you didn’t have to wait long for the first effects. The next effects after a small mileage are quieter, calmer and more even operation of the motor, without previous jerks, easier starting of the cold engine in the greatest frosts. After the vigorous addition of gas, I observed that the exhaust gases are more “transparent”. After the process of regenerating the engine with ceramizer, oil consumption was reduced by at least 50%. Amazing is the measure. Now that I’ve tried it on my wife’s already worn-out engine and found the invaluable benefits with a clear conscience, she will pour it into my car without the slightest risk, even if I don’t have clear needs. I know I’ll only help him. I will also use your other means. The price for ceramizer is incomparably low in relation to its advantages. To anyone who will ask me about your remedy, I will highly recommend it. I wish you a quick conquest of the market with your product because it actually deserves it. Thank you for your wife’s faster return from work 🙂 Best regards. Daniel.

Ford Fiesta 1.1 (1991)

Unfortunately, I am not able to confirm my opinions with any graph, however, after using ceramizer in a fairly short time I observed a significant improvement in the engine working culture, i.e. equalization of work and less noise, there was also a decrease in fuel consumption in the limit of 0.7 L in the urban cycle. As for the power, there was a slight increase in the range of 3-4% . I didn’t notice any changes while changing gears. The car in which I used ceramizer is a Ford Fiesta from 1991 with a 1.1 engine. Sincerely Kwiatkowski Mateusz.

Fiesta Ford Fiesta 1.1

I poured one dose of ceramizer into my Fiesta 1.1 with a mileage of 300thousand. km, I ride on gas. Unfortunately, it takes oil although it is difficult to say whether the same amounts as before, I should probably immediately pour a double dose, but I wanted to try one first, but there is also a positive effect. At the moment, even in fifth gear at a minimum speed of about 20km / h when adding gas, it does not jerk, does not choke but slowly accelerates. Before pouring ceramizer, he would have been shooting, jerking and probably going out a long time ago. I think the next time you change the oil, it will pour in a double dose.
Regards, Piotr

Ford Fiesta 1.1 (1996)

Fast and efficient. I waited a long time with a comment, because I wanted to write something more about ceramizer, ford fiesta 1.1 from 96r. on gas. After pouring into the engine, it is hard to drive these 200 km 60 / h, but then it turned out that the engine revived. RECOMMEND

Ford Fiesta 1.3 EFi (1996)

I used ceramizer for the engine in my car. I have a Ford Fiesta 1.3 EFI car year of production 1996 with a mileage of 140,000 km, so the mileage is no longer small. I approached the subject of ceramizers quite skeptically, because in our automotive market there are a lot of “miraculous means” that renew the engine, unearthly increase power and other such miracles. However, my friend with whom we have known each other since childhood (when it was :D), used ceramizer in his car and was terribly happy with it. So I listened to the hymns of praise to these ceramizers at each of our meetings, and of course I was strongly encouraged to use this drug in my car. Just in January, I had to operate and change the oil in the engine, and to finally have peace of mind from a friend, I bought a ceramizer for the engine and applied it. Since then, I have already driven about 5,000 km and you can believe me that there is something in it. I did not take any measurements or other miracles, but without it I sense that the engine of my car works much better. The car is more dynamic, the engine works quieter. So now every time I meet my buddy, I listen to “and what was I right?” 🙂 Best regards.

Ford Fiesta 1.8 Diesel (1996)

After applying ceramizer to the engine, the engine work improved the car became more dynamic agile, improved compression, started to fire better and became quieter. In addition, we used ceramizer for fuel after its application I have the impression that the pump was cleaned the opinion of the mechanic was that the jerk is caused by contamination of the pump, of course, it would be best if we gave it to purge the cost of such fun is a minimum of PLN 500 after application and driving about 500 km jerking stopped. I recommend these two products now I want to buy a ceramizer for the steering system.
Sandra Skórzewska
Opinion sent on 11.07.2008

Ford Fiesta

Year of Build: 1989
Engine size: 1.3
Mileage: 230 000 km

Opinion: Thank you very much to your company for creating this sensational product which is CERAMIZER for the engine. I write this because I experienced firsthand how it improves the work of the main element of the vehicle, which is the engine in the car. I am the proud owner of a Ford Fiesta from 89r, poj 1.3; before that, my grandmother drove it and then two older sisters. As you can see, the car is old (sheets are ok) but the engine could not cope. The car has traveled over 230000 km I drive it a lot around the city, to the family and boyfriend Karol, who lives in the countryside more than 150 km away from me. Before using C E R A M I Z E R A D O S I L NI K A the car burned like the proverbial Wawel dragon (about 8 liters of gasoline per 100 km), oil was also burned, which also leaked down, the engine generally walked unevenly humming and growling like an old dad’s tractor, there were problems with starting. After using CERAMIZER, the combustion noticeably decreased by about 0.7 liters per 100km. Problems with starting have subsided, the engine walks more stably and does not growl. The leaks and burning of the oil are gone. The car also got a larger Kopa so that I can more boldly overtake other vehicles. I really recommend this remedy it is worth using it and see for yourself. I sincerely recommend it.

Ford fiesta, engine regeneration, opinion, ceramizer
Agnieszka Klapsa
Opinion sent on 06.09.2012

Ford Focus MK2 (2005)

Ford Focus 1.8 tdi (2001)

Hello, I personally applied ceramizer to the gearbox because they started to get into gears harder and the srzynia began to be slightly audible. After a dose of ceramizer and making a ride in accordance with the instructions, I noticed that the box stopped humming but the gears entered the same. but it is known that you have to drive a little to assess the effect and in fact after driving about 1500km I started to notice a significant improvement when changing gears, and after 2000km I was sure that this is the advantage of ceramizer. And to sum up I am very satisfied with this product and recommend buying on
Tadeusz Wojciechowski
Opinion sent on: 23.02.2010

Ford Focus

Year of Build: 1999
Engine size: 1.8 TDCI
Mileage: 249 500 km

I bought Ceramizer once again. Why do I use? My car has its years, sometimes there were problems with starting the cold engine. After applying Ceramizer, the problem disappeared. In addition, the quieter operation of the engine is clearly felt. I do not pay attention to fuel consumption, whether the car actually burns less, I do not know. I use Ceramizer after each oil change and I am very satisfied with its operation. RECOMMEND
Martin Obara
Opinion sent on 2014-01-13

Ford Galaxy

Year of Build: 1996
Engine capacity: 2.0 DOHC
Mileage: 220 000+ km
Petrol + LPG

So the engine took a lot of oil, fired hard and had no power and sometimes shot in the silencer while driving on LPG. After applying Ceramizer, after about 200 km, the “shots” completely disappeared (there were no other modifications only changing the oil and adding ceramizer). After about 500 km I noticed as if the increase in power may not be much but it’s something and the engine responds better to the gas pedal. During periodic oil checking, i.e. 1000 km… to my surprise I had to add 50% less than usual… As for firing also I see an improvement but the real test will be in the winter … 😉 Unfortunately, I did not measure the pressure but the engine works more evenly so I assume that it has improved and not on the contrary ;)Generally recommend.
Wojciech Dzienisz
Opinion sent on 2013-08-22

Ford Focus MK1

Year of Build: 2001
Engine size: 1.6
Mileage: 280 000 km

My opinion preparation class. I used Ceramizer again a second time. Easier starting of the engine quieter and even operation and what is invaluable face mechanic who after replacing the timing checked the compression. He said that in the new engine he did not see a better one and if he had not seen the engine with his own eyes he would not have believed that the engine was not undergoing renovation. Unfortunately, I can not show any comparative printouts from the diagnostics because it was not done before the use of Ceramizer. If I was not sure that Ceramizer works, I would not recommend it to my two friends, one of whom is very satisfied and the other is in progress just after application.
Piotr Starużyk
Opinion sent on 6/25/2013

Ka Ford 1.3

At the beginning of October 2007 I wrote to you asking for help. The reason was the rapid use of the glass and cams on the fight of the timing in the Endura 1.3 engine (Ford Ka, mileage 136 thousand. km). I bought CERAMIZER for engines and according to the manual poured into the engine 1 doze, as advised by Mr. Dariusz Kosiorek. Since then, I’ve driven approx. 700 km and I find that the process of using the above-mentioned engine components has stopped. I am really impressed by the effectiveness of this drug. I would like to mention that before that the clearance on the valve increased rapidly already after driving 150 km by 0.5 mm and the valve loudly knocked. Regulation was useless. Now the engine runs quietly, nothing knocks, and you do not want to believe! You should get the Nobel Prize for such an invention!!!

Ford Mondeo 1.8 (1996)

Really great product. Most often I drive at night, so the roads are empty and you can drive at a constant speed without accelerating and decelerating every now and then, and that’s why I immediately felt the differences. On the same gas, the minimum pressing in 5th gear normally drove approx. 120 km / h now I have to look at the odometer because 160 km / h is not known when. The engine works quieter and as you can express it, more pleasant to the ear, much more pleasant, soft and super accelerates, the reaction to the gas is immediate, I do not know how it works and for how long, but the effects are quickly visible. Every day I drive at night 25 km in one direction, the same in the other direction at equal speeds you can really see the effect almost immediately. I bought such a set for a van and a brother for asters and we all praise. I drive a Ford Mondeo 1.8 16v petrol/gas 1996r mileage 190000. Highly recommended.
greetings STIIGG

Ford Mondeo

Year of Build: 1996
Engine: 1.8 16v + LPG

Ford Mondeo power steering problem, Ford Mondeo grinding gears

Fault concerning: assistance system
When one day I took a test drive of a new car with electric assistance, I felt a colossal difference in comparison with my car with a pump-assist system on the belt, unfortunately to the disadvantage of my car. Then I started to wonder how I could improve the steering even though it works properly. Out of curiosity, I looked at the website and fortunately for me, a remedy for this type of system was recently introduced. Many times I used ceramizers for engines with a positive result, so I had no hesitation to try this time with the assistance system. It was a hit – the support is much easier and the maglownica stopped “sweating”! I did not even expect such effects, but I am most satisfied with them. Therefore, I recommend using ceramizer for hydraulic power steering systems, which brings sensational results paid for at a very low price!

Fault concerning: gearbox
On 03.11.2010 I bought a ceramizer for gearboxes. Problems solved by the use of the preparation:
– slight noise in third gear – at the moment there is absolute silence
– resistance when reducing gear from 4 to 3 – currently the gears can be switched smoothly
– grinding when throwing twos and threes on a cold chest – now the phenomenon has stopped.

The effects were visible after a dozen or so kilometers traveled. Since the application, the car has covered over 2000km (route / city), the effect persists and I have the impression that it will remain so for a long time. I can recommend ceramizer for gearboxes as much as possible, because any imperfections in the work of the mechanism have been removed. The cost of PLN 55 does not exceed a few percent of the price of removing defects in the workshop! I feel 100% convinced of ceramizer technology and I intend to apply it to the engine in the current car in a short time.
Best regards
Patrick Szpak
Opinion sent on 26.11.2010

Ford Mondeo 1.8 (1994)

I was quite skeptical about this type of preparation; the purchased Ceramizer for engines lay a little on a shelf in the garage before I used it. Tempted by the manufacturer’s assurances as well as user opinions about the amazing effect of the preparation, I decided to apply the purchased dose of the preparation. So, the brand of the car Ford Mondeo 1.8 1994, date of application 15.10.2005r. engine mileage 229 374km, provided oil change 235 000. The engine before the application of the preparation had the following. cylinder pressure:
Ok. 12
Ok. 12.5
Ok. 12.5
Ok. 12
The preparation was flooded, no initial effects, the engine worked evenly, in a word, nothing happened – the test began…. After driving approx. 250 km I noticed a slight improvement in the engine working culture, especially in the morning when firing (outside temperature about 3-5C) is a good sign that something is happening in the engine. After driving approx. 650 km I found that the car behaves as if more dynamically at the moment of acceleration and what surprised me even more the engine calmed down, by no means these were my feelings. With the mileage of the engine 231,783 on 29.11.2005r I decided to carry out another check of the compression pressure in the cylinders, the result of the measurements was really positive:
Cyl. Ok. 12.5
cyl approx. 13.2
cyl approx. 13.2
cyl approx. 12.4
Whether to believe it or not, the results speak for themselves, the compression in the engine has improved, the driving culture of the engine has improved in my opinion, it has calmed down.
Jacek Dolega

Ford Mondeo I

Year of Build: 1996
Engine size: 1.9TD
Mileage: 220 000 km

Engine Notes:

  1. flexibility has increased, especially in fifth gear, the car can be driven at a speed of 70 km / h, which was impossible earlier;
  2. the engine power has increased significantly, it drives uphill more briskly and has better parameters when accelerating and overtaking vehicles;
  3. fuel consumption decreased to 5.7 – 5.5 l (by approx. 0.5 – 0.7 l) on the road;
  4. the culture of the engine has increased, it works much quieter than before;
  5. the catwalk of the vehicle has increased when driving in high gear, i.e., after removing the leg from the gas pedal, the car is still driving at an even speed, does not slow down as before;
  6. the pleasure of driving and driving a worn-out car has definitely increased.

Notes on the gearbox:

  1. after applying the ceramizer to the gearbox, there was a lightness of changed gears, and less resistance and friction in the gearbox mechanism affected the advantages, as described above;
  2. quieter operation of the gearbox.

Notes on the fuel refiner:

  1. also the fuel refiner improved the quality and uniformity of the injection pump and made it easier to fire in winter.


  1. the use of ceramizers resulted in a cheap renovation, or rather regeneration of a worn-out vehicle, without the need to give the car to the workshop and use a replacement vehicle at that time;
  2. I was looking for a car change because of its age (15 years), but I received a gift and I can wait up to several years with it; the vehicle has become better than it was before and it is brilliant, the same benefits, and economical, as well as satisfaction and mental peace.

Sincerely, Bogusław Winiarski
Opinion sent on 6.07.2011

Ford Mondeo 1.8

I would like to share the results of measurements made in the car Ford Mondeo 1.8 gasoline 16V, mileage before applying the preparation 151440 km, (it is difficult to say whether this is the original mileage). After passing the recommended approx. 1500 km at 153030 km the results of measurements on the same instrument were:


Meter status Distance from application time Cyl 1 Cyl 2 Cyl 3 Cyl 4
151440 km 0 km 11 bar 7 bar 10 bar 11.5 bar
153030 km 1590 km 14.1 bar 15.3 bar 14.6 bar 14.5 bar

For me this is a revelation, Ceramizer not only raised the compression pressure on all cylinders, but on the second cylinder it raised by more than 100%. A mechanic friend who did this couldn’t believe it. It seems to me that such compression pressures have nominal engines. The results of measurements after 1590 km from the application of the preparation are presented in the photo:
Ford Mondeo, compression pressure, engine 1.8

Best regards
Miroslaw Andrzejak
72-001 Kołbaskowo 91/4
Date of receipt of the opinion – 04.05.2005
Further feedback: After pouring the agent on the first ride, you could hear the quieter operation of the engine. After driving the first time approx. 130 km at a standstill the engine was audible almost like a fan, it really worked very quietly and evenly. I thought then that there must be something in it and I was looking forward to the final measurement after these 1500 km. Later, with the passage of kilometers, it seemed to me as if the car was more agile while driving, and I think it remained so. And I am most pleased with the fact that the preparation compensated me for this weak compression pressure on the 2nd cylinder.
Regards, satisfied, Mirosław Andrzejak
Date of receipt of the opinion – 11.05.2005

Ford Mondeo 2.0 (1998)

First, I will determine to which car I applied Ceramizer. Ford Mondeo from 1998 with a Zetec 2.0 liter station wagon engine with a mileage of 25.650 km. powered by LPG. I used Ceramizer in the car along with the installation of fuel and air magnetizers. Currently, I have driven over 2500 km since the application of the preparation and my observations are as follows:
– the number of kilometers traveled between refueling the gas tank is gradually increasing / before using 310 km / tank, currently 340 km / tank, I will add that I refuel mostly at the same station, currently I mostly drive pulling a trailer with a tarpaulin /,
– about the consumption of gasoline unfortunately I can not comment /mainly I try to use LPG power and Pb supplement successively/,
– certainly a better engine culture and thus is much quieter,
– dynamics when driving on gasoline rather unchanged,
– dynamics when driving on LPG much better. Before using the preparation, the difference between the amount of gas in the cylinder was visible, now the engine works the same regardless of whether the cylinder is full or almost empty,
– unfortunately, I can not say anything about the final pressure of the compression moment, I regret that I did not do it myself.
Regards Krzysztof Morawski

1994 Ford Mondeo

Hello, I decided to apply ceramizer to engine oil in my 12-year-old Ford mondeo. After driving on it for 3 I find a slightly quieter operation of the engine, especially it is audible at idle, besides, the combustion of approx. 0.5l per 100 km. Therefore, I am trying to use your ceramizer in the gearbox, because I think that in this case there will be a positive effect of its operation. Thank you very much for the successful product and best regards.
Sincerely, Jaroslaw Mudry

Ford Mondeo

Year of Build: 1998
Engine size: 1800
Mileage: 222 000 km

Really a product worthy of attention. I ride a lot and that’s why I felt the differences very quickly. At a speed of about 100km / h when I press the gas I do not see that it kicked and collects much faster. The engine works quieter and, as it were, knocks better, just like a diesel, much more pleasant, soft and super accelerates, the reaction to gas is immediate, I have never used it before but I hope that it will be a lasting effect, because the effects are quickly visible and satisfactory. Every day I do about 100 kilometers and so far I can definitely recommend this product. I drive a Ford Mondeo 1.8 TD 1998r mileage 221 000. Highly recommended.
Krystian Muszyński
Opinion sent on 30.11.2011


Year of Build: 2002
Engine size: 2.0
Mileage: 120 000 km

The car has the original low mileage for age, there have never been any major problems with the engine itself. The reason for the use – more as a prophylaxis than an attempt to fix anything but the effect is the most positive. Observations – the engine works quieter and evenly, (the car has been in my hands since the novelty -10 years) I know them “inside out”. Starting much easier and as if the dynamics have increased. (A similar effect was felt after refueling behind our western border) In general, I feel the differences.I think that when changing the car into the next one also “apply” set. Unfortunately, I did not take measurements (I regret a little). But all the more my opinion will be reliable
Best regards
Opinion sent on 24/2012/03/2012

Ford Mondeo

Engine capacity:2.5 t
Mileage:150 000 km

I have the impression that the engine works quieter has such an velvety sound, I feel more dynamics when accelerating and as for combustion, I estimate savings between 0.5-1.0l. Since I used Ceramizer for the chest and columns, I can also feel the smoother work of these teams.
Tadeusz Nadrowski
Opinion sent on 8/14/2013

Ford Mondeo

Year of Build: 2002
Engine size: 2.0 tdci
Mileage: 183 500 km

Hello. I used Ceramizer for the gearbox in my car as an attempt to alternative to replacing the gearbox because the gears entered poorly – one and two. After using Ceramizer, the gears start much better, so I do not have to bear the cost of repairing the box, for which I would like to thank you very much. I was skeptical about the matter but now I am a strong supporter and I intend to recommend among friends.
Wieslaw Kolosowski
Opinion sent on 2013-10-09

Ford Scorpio 2.0 EFI

I bought a ceramizer for the engine a few months ago. I have a Scorpio with a 2.0 ohc efi engine and I use Elf Sporti 15/40 oil. My approach to this preparation was skeptical. It was recommended to me by a friend of mine. After flooding this preparation, I observed a quieter operation of the engine (as you know, these engine models work a little loudly). A very important advantage, especially in winter in severe frosts, turned out to be the fact that the engine in winter spins without any problems and with what lightness. This is very important to me due to the fact that in winter it is very difficult to spin the engine on mineral oil. So far, I have driven about 6000 km and the engine is working properly. I did not check the pressure so I can not say anything about it. In my case, this measure turned out to be a revelation, thank you, I recommend.

Ford Scorpio MK1

Year of Build: 1990
Engine size: 2000
Mileage: 320 000 km

In addition to the standard symptoms after the application such as an increase in power, increase in car dynamics, decrease in fuel consumption and increase in work culture, I had an interesting adventure in this car. After an emergency oil leak from the engine, I drove the Scorupka 200 km back home, and during a visit to the diagnostic station it turned out that no more than 0.5 liters of oil remained in the engine. After sealing the engine and adding oil, the car still worked without reservations – now, unfortunately, it is in the hands of another owner – the engine is still mechanically flawless … 😉
Marcin Guziuk
Opinion sent on 16.10.2011

Ford Sierra

Ceramizer works great. After driving 1500 km from its use, the compression ratio in my Ford Sierra returned to its initial value, as if I had not driven 140,000 km on it. Bravo!!! RECOMMEND!!!

Ford Sierra 2.0 EFI (1988)

I would like to express my opinion on Ceramizer for four-stroke engines. The reason for using the ceramizer was the low pressure of the compression end (as the mechanic explained) in the Ford Sierra. 2.0 EFI OHC gasoline from 1988 Typical symptoms: power drop, oil combustion (1l/600-700km) and thus incorrect exhaust gas composition (exceeded standards) which could not be adjusted. The noisy operation of the engine was also annoying. I noticed ceramizers on Allegro, but I decided to order from The pressure on one cylinder (4th) was about 1 bar lower than on the others: 9.5 – 9.3 – 9.3 – 8.2. I bought a ceramizer for engines, changed all the oil by pouring the engine to the max indicator on the bayonet (to extend the effect of the preparation with such a significant loss). According to the instructions, I applied the preparation and for safety I drove at revolutions not exceeding 2700 rpm approx. 500 km. Later, the engine was operated normally. The first, albeit subjective feeling from the use of the preparation was the increase in power (after about 3000 km) found by me and confirmed by my wife who drove sporadically (who had a comparison before and after the 3000 km period). You could also feel the quieter operation of the engine. After about 5000 km I went to the exhaust gas regulation, which could be improved to within the norm. From the compression pressure measurement came out 10.3-10.2-10.2-10. Thanks to the preparation, it was possible to equalize the pressure on the last cylinder and generally improve the pressure on the others by more than half a bar. Unfortunately, the measurements before and after using ceramizer were lost to me due to the rather distant time when I purchased and applied the preparation. In general, I am satisfied with the effect of the preparation, I will certainly want to persuade my dad to use it in his Fiat 125p from 83r. where it also has a problem with compression and a large blow to the oil pan, which in the case of a large fiat results in the notorious pouring of oil into the air filter. Generally speaking, the preparation for the engine works well in worn out engines and I will recommend it.
I greet and wish you good luck in your sale.
Nicholas Murat

Ford Sierra

Year of Build: 1992
Engine size: 2000
Mileage: 350 000 km

Opinion: Hi I’m a pensioner and an old man who does not tower in miracles, about Ceramizer I learned from my son that it is a miracle and that the engine goes after the new – I thought what I will try there my Sierka liked to kick in the morning and about burning fortunately gas I will not even write because he smoked cit less than the tank I bought Ceramizer for oil and flooded it with new oil I waited as they wrote and started normally exploit the car, the first signs that something is happening appeared after about 1000 km because suddenly stopped kicking the engine in the morning suddenly as if it calmed down it began to walk evenly, after the next 1000 km I suddenly noticed that on the same amount of gas I do more kilometers, the engine got a kick as you look and in old age I believed in miracles. I recommend this product to everyone and especially owners of old engines really does wonders with the engine.
Regards Janusz Dańczak
Opinion sent on 04.03.2013

Ford Taurus 3.0 (1997)

Hello, I am the owner of a Ford Taurus 3.0 12 V6 year 97 ” 150 HP, torque 315 Nm with a gas mixer installation, so no longer a young car but with a lot of potential, the engine does not take a gram of oil. I used the preparation for the course of about 125,000 km currently is about 147,000 km, which is a lot of accumulated. My observation that became noticeable the fastest is the decrease in the amount of revolutions after switching on the gear (automatic transmission) normally it was from 890 to 930 revolutions / min, currently it is equal to 850 revolutions / min, which means that the rest of the gears are achievable from lower revolutions – in my humble opinion the maximum torque is achievable at lower revolutions, and this, as we know, gives us lower combustion. I know that it sounds like butter butter but after traveling about 1500 km it gave us a noticeable progress in combustion now it is 1 liter less per 100 / km of gas but NOTE 1.5 to 2 liters less when it comes to gasoline !!! The engine even at high revs (it will not write about the speed because it is not allowed) maintains the temperature – which unfortunately looked different before (fluctuation of the temperature sensor indicator), the engine itself works quieter, I really hear how it sucks air through the conical filter – it turns me terribly, especially at the aforementioned “high speeds”. I do not regret the money spent, every liter of savings is a smile on my face.
greetings Artur Jasion

Ford Transit

I have already used ceramizers several times. Injects into every newly purchased car along with the 1st oil change. So far, these have been two Ford Transits and Opel Astra and soon Fiat Ducato. He no longer has compression pressure diagrams from the first Transit because I only did the test to him, but I can give objective observations that confirmed my belief to continue using them. The first in the case of Transit is very important is the easier start of the engine during severe frosts, the engine “spins” much better and after starting it has a better sound, which suggests much less friction resistance. The second is a slight repetitive decrease in fuel consumption approx. 0.5l/100km engine more briskly enters the revs, under the same hills I enter without reduction where earlier sometimes it was necessary to reduce the gear, and the engine oil as it did not take so does not take. I do not count on miracles but it fulfills its task as it should. I used 1 time for the gearbox, only that there were rather no reasons just to protect and possibly reduce friction, the gears entered and entered well. Once I also used to clean the knuckles. Injection. Here I can say that it has also improved. I had some problems, I replaced the fuel filter, it did not help, they stopped after driving a longer route with added preparation to the fuel. In general, I am satisfied and I think that these preparations can really complement the friction sites a little as well as reduce the coefficient of friction, which probably has a significant impact on slowing down engine wear.
Best regards

Ford Transit 2.5 Diesel (1997)


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Driven on Ford Transit 2.0 gasoline over 700km. Noticeable less appetite for engine oil. Before applying the preparation 1,5l/1000km; currently, after driving 700km, there are no refills, and the oil has been lost about 100ml. Positive.