Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners Fiat - undirbúningur fyrir endurnýjun hreyfilsins, gírkassa og annarra tækja

Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners Fiat

Fiat 125p

Fiat 126p

Very fast shipment -2 days, ceramizer I bought for the gearbox to my 9 year old toddler and after driving a few kilometers I felt a definite improvement, the transmission began to work much quieter, just a revelation.

Fiat 126p

The test on the Fiat 126p was successful, the oil intake was reduced by half; other changes I did not notice; I did about 1000 km. Fast shipping and good contact.

Fiat 126p

I purchased ceramizer on November 9, 2006. to the gearbox to my 9 year old toddler. After using this ceramizer, I immediately felt a definite improvement, the gearbox began to work much quieter. Currently, I have already driven 10,000 km since using the ceramizer and I can say that the ceramizer saved my gearbox, which recently worked so loudly that it was difficult to endure. Now it works much quieter, until nice, almost like a new one. If it wasn’t for this ceramizer, I think I would have to renovate the box. In my opinion, ceramizer is effective, it is worth using.

Fiat 126p

Year of Build: 1990
Engine size: 650
Mileage: 245 000 km

Before use, the car was weak, had a problem with starting and burned much more fuel. Now, after application, it has significantly increased its power, it has become more strong, the problem with starting even in winter has disappeared. The engine began to work evenly and got more power. And when added to the gearbox, the gears began to enter their place lighter and, most importantly, she stopped moaning while driving. The car definitely began to burn less fuel even in the winter on suction. We are very satisfied with the ceramizer, we saved on repairs that awaited us and this is the replacement of pistons and rings, not to mention the gearbox, it is a great thing for old cars. Like reincarnation.
With thanks, Arkadiusz Niziałek
Opinion sent on 23-01-2012

Fiat Bravo 1.8 (1996)

Ceramizer I used in Fiat Bravo 1.8 96r. I mainly meant to silence the engine. The result I obtained after using ceramizer is satisfactory, i.e. the engine operation is equal at idle speed and the noise has disappeared. The engine is slightly better to screw into high revs. As for the dynamics, I do not know because it was sufficient before the use of ceramizer. In general, A BIG PLUS I recommend.

Fiat Bravo

Year of Build: 1997
Engine size: 1900
Mileage: 120 000 km

The problem with my car started a year ago when in the winter something shot and the engine fell into vibrations. I went to the ASO where it was found that pours 1 injection and the second one will immediately do the same. I was horrified by the vision of replacing them and regeneration was to help, but not for long. Then I decided to pour the preparation from my colleague to injections from the USA. Surprisingly, it helped, i.e. the combustion decreased, but the engine still trembled. Especially when firing, the posts inside almost wanted to fall off. About a month ago I gave the car to a friend who said that there is no compression on one cylinder. And again the spectre of removing the head, replacing costs, etc. And then I decided to look for something on the net. I came across ceramizer. Initially, I was quite skeptical about this type of preparations, but if the aforementioned injection preparation worked, I thought why this one would not work. I bought it in Łódź. I put the car in the parking lot and according to the instructions the engine worked for 4 hours. At the beginning I thought hm rather it did not give anything but I think not immediately Krakow was built, I will wait what will be after 1500 kilometers. We took a trip to the mountains and already there on the spot I noticed a difference in firing. The front pillars ceased to tremble and there was no characteristic “splitting” during firing. The engine never once hesitated when firing. At the moment I have driven about 1800 kilometers from the flooding of CERAMIZER and the car works okay, at the beginning I feel a tremor but it is finally a diesel engine so there is nothing to be surprised about. To sum up, the preparation helps. It is probably worth using it already at the time of buying a car, whether new or used, and not after some time. However, if over time and this does not help in my case, then I will worry later and not in advance. At the moment, the car drives okay and the engine works as far as my eye and without problems. So for comparison I will say that one winter the car burned me in the city 7.9 and already this after flooding these preparations 6.4 and I drive in the same way. From the ride to the mountains in four people with a roof box and a full trunk at about 120 speeds where you could average fuel consumption of 5.2. Which I’m very happy about. I RECOMMEND CERAMIZER, I think that it is worth using a cheaper solution before we replace the engine and CERAMIZER is not doubtful.

Regards Marcin Tomalczyk from Lodz
Opinion sent on 07.01.2012

Fiat Cinquecento 0.7

Good morning to you.
I would like to share my conclusions about the use of ceramizer in a car.
The first preparation:
Well, I bought two pieces of the drug, which was suitable for the engine, and I started the test by pouring it into the engine of the Cinquecento car with a capacity of 704 (odometer value 110,000). What a great surprise I was when, according to the instructions (the first 200 km) you should drive without exceeding the speed of 2500, I thought to myself – all the participants on the road will honk at me. However, being determined, I was tempted to drive from a rotational speed of up to 2500. After driving these 200 km, I started to press more and more boldly on the gas, which caused exceeding the rotational speed, and more and more boldly I began to push the gas to the “breath”. As of today, I have driven about 800 km on this car, I have not observed less fuel consumption so far (probably talk about it in advance at this stage), but one thing I can confirm is that the working culture of the two-cylinder is more than correct, less jerks, quieter operation of the unit, and thus less engine vibration. I can certainly say with all responsibility that the engine power has increased (I have not been on any dynamometer, so I do not have any measurements), but from my observations it appears that the speed of this car before using the above-mentioned preparation ranged from 120 to 130, now I can say that I can definitely reach the speed of 130, and there is still some gas under my foot. I conducted the speed test on the same stretch of road and in very comparable road conditions.
Sincerely, Andrzej B.

Fiat Cinquecento 0.7 (1992)

A few months ago I bought a ceramizer for engines, here is my observation. Car Fiat Cinquecento 700 ’92 mileage 125.000 km used by my wife:
– pressure before application
I cylinder 10.2 after applying the preparation and the course of approx. 10.000 10,8
II cylinder 9.8 after the application of the preparation and the course of approx. 10.000 10,2
– the positive is lower oil consumption between changes (taking oil)
– a decrease in the noise level or howl in a car of this class is immeasurable
Observation period:
11.2005-04.2006, Tomasz Kobylas

Fiat Cinquecento 0.7

After driving about 400 km, I felt a significant improvement in the operation of the engine (CC 700). The tappets and valves stopped tapping. The engine power has also increased and the smoothness of work has improved. Excellent telephone contact and professional advice. RECOMMEND!

Fiat Cinquecento 0.7

After reading a few opinions of the so-called “automotive specialists”, I would like to speak about my experience with the use of Ceramizer preparations.
First of all:
You can’t talk about the effectiveness of something that you didn’t use.
Such a hopeless case without the support of facts should be forgiven, and in relation to this product in particular. I will give three facts that will convince perhaps doubters:

1) My CC704 drove 160 thousand. km and the engine and gearbox work flawlessly, which in this brand is rather unusual (twice processing of the engine after 70 thousand and 140 thousand. km, and one-time processing with 2 doses of the box at 80 thousand. km) oil from replacement to replacement, without refills, compression pressure reference, on inspections trouble-free when it comes to emissions of pollutants and all this without dismantling and expensive repairs.
2)Fiat 126p year prod. 1984! Before processing, pressure on Icyl.-0.1MPa on IIcyl.-0.07MPa, symptomatic “taking” of oil about 1l/1000km (a lot). After applying 1 dose of Ceramizer, the pressure in both cylinders increased to 0.11MPa, and the engine oil consumption dropped to about 0.6l/1000km which is almost normal. I believe that due to the centrifugal oil filter, the dose should have been doubled and the effect in oil consumption would have been more beneficial.
3)Ford ESCORT1.4 year pr. 1991 traveled about 250thousand. km and maybe much more. Before machining, compression pressure:
Icyl. – 0.09MPa
IIcyl. – 0.07Mpa
IIIcyl. – 0.08MPa
IVcyl. – 0.1MPa,
problems with starting, visible smoke and oil intake. After using Ceramizer in the amount of 2 doses and driving over 3 thousand. km began to appear visible effects in the form of:
– increase power,
– easier start-up,
– smoke has disappeared,
– engine oil combustion has decreased significantly,
– the culture of the engine has increased (quieter operation),
– increased and equalized the compression pressure to 0.12MPa in each cylinder.
To sum up, I sincerely recommend the product and it is not yet one of the inventions of rapid enrichment. ADAMUS

Fiat Cinquecento 700 (1993/1994)

After applying the ceramizer to the engine and driving about 1200 km, the engine clearly stopped making noise. The reason for the noise was one of the hydraulic pushers, according to mechanics without demolition of the engine and replacement of the popyhacza will not do and yet ceramizer saved me from expensive renovation. And as for the increase in power, I did a test for 1/4 mile with another cc 700 fiat with a mileage of 70 thousand. without ceramizer versus my 130 thousand after using ceramizer. The result was that I arrived almost 3 seconds faster 🙂 I sincerely recommend, I have already persuaded three colleagues to use this drug, we will see what it will give them.
Before using ceramizer for boxes and transmissions, my box for its mileage (130thousand) worked correctly, at least that’s what I thought until I poured the preparation. After application, I drove approx. 10 km without noticing significant changes, only after the 20 km in the box something strange happened. Poorly audible but audible noise in 4th gear went practically to zero, the gears began to enter quietly and gently just great, I will recommend it to everyone 🙂
Krzysztof Stolowski
Opinion sent on 21.10.2008. and 17.12.2008.

Fiat Cinquecento 704 used Tractor

Year of Build: 1996
Engine size: 704ccm

I did not believe in such miracles, but unfortunately, I had to believe. In my CC with a mileage (documented) of 106,000 km, the engine may not have been on a total finish, but it was weak, muddy, hard in the morning it ignited, between oil changes, the refills reached up to 0.8L / 1000km. Max speed 110-115km/h. And that tapping…
I read about ceramizer accidentally on the web. I took a chance, because I was going to give the engine for renovation anyway. I did a compression check before adding the agent and I turned pale myself:
I cylinder – 9,6
II cylinder – 8,4

I changed the oil (from the beginning poured 15W40), applied ceramizer and… to assess the improvement was quite subjective, the car the first 200km drove driven by my girlfriend (she loves to drive a turtle pace). She assures that she never once exceeded the recommended 60km / h, and then continued to drive a total of about 1400km. 100% city driving, mainly Bytom, Katowice, Chorzów, Piekary Śląskie. To be honest, I even forgot that I applied ceramizer. Once I got into the car to drive to the store and what was my surprise. The car ignited without a problem, the engine did not telepal, the addition of gas caused a normal reaction without a moment’s thought. I already thought that I had confused the cars ;). It reminded me… ceramizer… Budge… Shock… this car is going!!!

The next day a visit to the mechanic, compression measurement…
I cylinder – 10,9
II cylinder – 10,7
I check the oil… condition as at the time of flooding (maybe some 3mm less on the bayonet) and earlier it is at least a liter I would add. I’m going on the route gas to the breath, the car somehow begins to accelerate there, v max 125-130km / h … Engine overhaul postponed at least for a while. Due to the fact that I bought the whole set, this week I plan to add a ceramizer to the chest. Howls differential in the speed range of 70-100km/h. We’ll see if anything helps.
If this chest calms down at least a little, I’ll be in another shock… About the result I will not forget to write.
I greet and recommend.
Opinion sent on 16.04.2009.

Fiat Cinquecento 700 used Tractor

Year of Build: 1994
Engine size: 700
Opinion: I have already used this ceramizer twice and observed that the engine behaves better. It’s quieter, it’s more dynamic. Combustion is unlikely to decrease, but this is rather due to the ways and type of routes traveled. I ride rather on short routes home -work, sometimes some longer trips and ride dynamically. I was persuaded to replace the ceramizer by my father, who used it in Seat Cordoba. The difference is noticeable especially with such a weak motor as the 700. The maximum speed that this small car reaches has also increased. Before using ceramizer it was difficult to exceed 125 km / h, after applying the first dose and driving several hundred kilometers, this speed increased. Max what I squeezed out of it on the route is 137 km / h in four people and a loaded trunk. I think this is a good result for such a small motor. This speed was not just a momentary speed, but I flew so few nice kilometers, so it was not due to the slope of the terrain as some might assume :).

I personally am satisfied with the ceramizer, the engine goes quieter, gets less tired, more willingly and lighter accelerates, and that’s a lot. One thing is certain is a good remedy, which in my opinion does not have any side effects so you should not be afraid that through it something bad will happen to the engine. I had such a situation that self-regulators began to walk loudly. Everyone said that only regulation was needed and it would be fine. However, it turned out that there is no regulation there and self-regulators need to be replaced. It costs a bit, especially if someone can not do it himself. At my father’s urging, I used a ceramizer and it turned out that after driving some 200 – 300 kilometers, the self-regulators began to gradually calm down and their clattering was heard less and less. For some time I had peace and the car went quieter. Then, after a long route, it turned out that they still need to be replaced because they are already patted enough, but the ceramizer allowed to delay this replacement for some time. In the case of major damage, nothing else can be done. I did not believe that using it would do anything but it turned out that it helped and I recommend it to everyone regardless of age and type of car. Recently, I applied another dose after changing the oil in the engine and I noticed that the car again begins to walk quieter, works more evenly and collects better. Even my girlfriend noticed that the car walks somehow differently somehow quieter. On such a small engine, any improvement or deterioration is quickly felt.

It was worth using it and I do not regret it, I have to try to add ceramizer to the chest one day, then only the effect should be even more felt. Father is very pleased with the ceramizer added both to the engine and to the box, he feels it on the culture of the engine and on combustion because after applying the ceramizer to the box, the combustion dropped by almost a liter per hundred and at today’s gasoline prices it is always something. I have to try to add it and we will see how the combustion and dynamics improve, on this engine it should be noticeable quickly. I recommend it to everyone, the smaller and weaker the engine, the more it is felt that something has improved. I observed the same pluses of ceramizer and it is really as good as the manufacturer says.
I recommend because it’s really worth it. Maciek from Katowice
Opinion sent on 28.02.2009.

Fiat CC 700 used Tractor

Year of Build: 1994
Engine size: 704
Mileage: 155 000 km

Hello. From 155 thousand. km of mileage the car drove smoothly on summer, dry days. In cold and wet – every 200 km covered with oil infusion “mayonnaise” and through the odmema carburetor. Probably as a result of blowing through leaking rings into the connecting rod chamber. I would like to add that thanks to synthetic oil, the factory timing withstood a mileage of 150,000. Also factory is the gasket under the head and does not show wear. Gearbox – one and three entered clumsily (in the gearbox half synthetic 75W). After applying ceramizers to the engine, transmission and fuel: After a few tens of kilometers, the gears began to walk, as if the lever was embedded in butter. Currently I drove 650km. December – wet and cold weather – I look into the oil infusion and I do not believe my eyes: zero mayonnaise!!! Only a little moisture from the pneumothorax flows down but without mayonnaise. I think that after the full route it will be even better, i.e. the dynamics will improve and the engine will subside. Currently, a noticeable decrease in appetite for fuel – about 5.5l/100km. Before ceramization at least 6 to 7l. A thinking mechanic praised my decision. The first one, to which I went to apply the preparation to the gearbox, at the word “ceramizer” he was furious, turned a circle on my head and refused to perform the service. The preparation works, I recommend to anyone who does not have too tight a head to understand that this is a better and cheaper method than a classic renovation.
Regards, Krzysztof Zieba
Opinion sent on 16.12.2011

Fiat Cinquecento 0.9

In my cinquecento I had a power loss problem probably caused by a slightly obliterated engine. The failure of the radiator fan caused me to boil the coolant, which also had a negative impact on the combustion chamber itself. I seriously considered a general overhaul, but while browsing the Internet forums I came across a description of the Ceramizer’s operation for the engine. At first, I was skeptical- “How can pouring liquid replace the renovation?”. I read a lot of reviews about ceramizers on the Internet and decided to try it (after all, the cost of renovation is many times higher than ceramizer).

Since the opinions of other users posted on websites helped me in making this decision, I also decided to document my experience after using ceramizer for others. Before adding the ceramizer to the engine, the pressure measured on individual cylinders was as follows:
I – 7 bar; II- 9,5bar; III- 7.7bar; IV- 8.8bar. Ceramizer was poured immediately after the measurement, on April 19, 2008 at a mileage of 123627km. Driving at a reduced speed did not cause any major problems, I ride mostly on short sections in the city so covering 200km at a slow pace was not particularly burdensome. The first observations concerned quieter and more even operation of the engine, the car was much more pleasant to drive than before. Initially, I did not observe an improvement in power, but this is probably because it increased gradually as the ceramizer worked. When I decided to check the maximum speed on the route I was covering, I was very pleasantly surprised. The car previously barely exceeded the 120km/h hand. After about 1000km after pouring ceramizer I could go about 135km / h. Apparently only 15 km / h difference but very noticeable with such a small car.

The final test using the compression pressure measurement was performed on May 22, 2008, with the odometer status of 125349km, i.e. 1722km after pouring the ceramizer. The results of the measurement confirmed what I could feel earlier – ceramizer works!!!.
The pressure in the individual cylinders landed as follows: I – 10bar; II- 10,5bar; III- 10bar; IV- 9.8bar.
The pressure on each cylinder increased at least 1bar (10%!) and leveled out, which, as I wrote earlier, was felt in better engine operation and performance. An additional benefit that I noted after using the ceramizer was a reduction in fuel consumption. On average, the car burns 0.5 liters of gas less per 100km, which with my ride means that the cost of buying only through savings on gas will pay off after 5,000 km, i.e. after 3 months. Not counting, of course, that I did not have to spend a lot of money on an expensive renovation.

Compression pressure Fiat Cinquecento, before and 1722 km after the addition of ceramizer, the first cylinder

Compression pressure Fiat Cinquecento, before and 1722 km after the addition of ceramizer, second cylinder

Compression pressure Fiat Cinquecento, before and 1722 km after the addition of ceramizer, third cylinder

Compression pressure Fiat Cinquecento, before and 1722 km after the addition of ceramizer, fourth cylinder

To sum up, I encourage everyone who has a similar problem with their car to use ceramizer, they will certainly not regret it. You can only gain!!! Luke

Fiat Cinquecento 0.9

Year of Build: 1996
Engine size: 899
Mileage: 160 000 km

The problems I had with the gearbox were: heavy driving of all gears and frequent grinding. I bought a Ceramizer on November 16 for the regeneration of the gearbox. As winter is approaching, and the gearbox in my Cienias is not working well, due to lack of money for a new or renovation, I decided to test Ceramizer. After coming home from the store, I immediately changed into working clothes and went to the canal in my vehicle. After a little nervousness with unscrewing the baked screw and checking the oil, I injected the dispenser. When I finished the job, I rode a bit on the reverse and went on the katowice – Sosnowiec route. What was my surprise when after driving approx. 2-3 km gears easier and easier and without resistance began to enter. Now, fresh from returning from the route, the runs enter without any problem and resistance, and I have not experienced the grinding even once. As you can see to the Cinquecento/Seicento 900, where more than 2l of oil enters the gearbox, one dose of Ceramizer is quite enough. Recommend!
Lukasz Stefaniak
Opinion sent on: 16.11.2010

Fiat Cinquecento 0.9

I bought 2 sets for 2 different cars. The first is fiat CINQECENTO 900 with a mileage of 92 thousand. km, and the second Skoda Felicja 1300 with a mileage of 26 thousand. Miles. In both cases, the initial pressures in the 4 cylinders were checked to be almost equal and within the upper areas of the barograph measuring ranges, so re-measurement after driving about 3500 thousand. km did not show anything in particular, except for the alignment of the pressure values on the cylinders, but this could be the result of measurement errors of 1 measurement, since the changes are small due to the good results of 1 measurement within the final area of the meter scale. However, it should also be noted that the engines clearly quieted down, in winter in frosts the starter turned better (on the same battery!). Average fuel consumption dropped significantly: Skoda from 5.8 to 5.38 l / 100 km (best result when driving at speeds up to 105 km / h), FIAT from 4.9 to 4, 47 l / 100 km (best result when driving at speeds up to 100 km / h). The gear lever works lighter (in winter it feels good), especially in Skoda. So I think the purchase paid off! I made pressure measurements in the workshop at ul. Home Army in Szczecinek, I made the observation myself during the operation of my vehicles.
M.Sc. mechanic Marek Stand Fiat Cinquecento 0.9
The preparation passed the exam, I poured into my cinquecento 900 and I have to say that it gives advice, after driving 300km the engine works more evenly, ignites without a problem, as if it walked lighter. I recommend to EVERYONE!

Fiat Cinquecento

Year of Build: 1994
Engine size: 704
Mileage: 120 000 km

Hello, I wanted to share my experience with Ceramizer. It is a preparation that really works and it is felt. With the addition of this preparation, the engine began to work even more evenly ignited without problems even at temperatures – 30st, it did not happen to me that the car refused to obey. The clattering pusher gradually began to calm down, and the engine gained momentum. Even after changing the oil, the motor worked flawlessly, which confirms that it is not an ordinary oil thickener but a means that really works on the engine. Sometimes at higher revs it was possible to feel a slight smell of ceramizer, so you could feel that it was working. An even better effect was after adding the ceramizer to the gearbox. The gears began to enter more smoothly and more precisely did not overlap as before, especially the third gear. Combustion and performance improved at 160 thousand. the car was still able to accelerate to a speed of 140 km / h with three people on board. It is really worth using this product is completely safe and effective, however, it works best in the set of engine + gearbox.
If someone hesitates, it is not worth it, because the product is completely safe and effective. I 100% recommend.
Maciej Gryglak
Opinion sent on 28.11.2012

Fiat Linea

Year of Build: 2010
Engine capacity: 1.4 gasoline 60 HP
Mileage: 55 000 000 km

The problem concerned the heavy and louder work of the steering system. When making a steering wheel turn, there were sounds of “howling” and “gurgling”. However, after a full twist, a louder howl and gurgling could be heard. ASO Fiat as part of the warranty changed the oil in the steering transmission, they also replaced the V-belt. Carrying out these treatments did not bring any results. And from the service technician I heard the answer that this type has so … From my friend I learned about the Ceramizer preparation for steering gear. I used the above-mentioned preparation in the amount of one dose / syringe and after driving about 50 km I noticed that the steering wheel is more clearly easier to rotate, I do not have to use so much force. And after driving a total of 100 km from the use of the preparation, I realized that the sounds had died down when turning the steering wheel.
I am very pleased that Ceramizer silenced the work of the system, which irritated me very much, at the same time caused that turning the steering wheel does not require so much force.
Artur from Dąbrowa Górnicza
Opinion sent on: 4.11.14

Fiat Grande Punto

Year of Build: 2006
Engine capacity: 1400ccm with LPG installation
Mileage: 320 000 km

I use Ceramizer from the mileage of about 50000 km. as a means of preventing wear. The car is used very intensively as a driving lesson. With a mileage of 310,000 km, oil consumption remains constant and does not exceed the values given by the vehicle manufacturer (approx. 0.5L / 1000km), for comparison, cars with colleagues in the same car and with the same mileage oscillate around 1.5-2L / 1000km. The dynamics of the vehicle with the correct adjustment of the engine does not differ from the value of the new car. The gearbox in these cars and in the mode of operation on driving lessons without the use of Ceramizer is approx. 160-180k Miles. I replaced the box after 290000km. and this is due to a fault in the protection of the main shaft, not the wear of its components. The gears to the end entered normally. I do not perform measurements or tests on the dynamometer, because I can assess the effects of using this agent while driving, especially since I have the opportunity to compare with other cars of this type. I issue an opinion objectively on the basis of 4 years of experience in the use of this agent in the engine and gearbox.
Piotr Ciszyński
Opinion sent on 21.04.2013

Fiat Punto Sport 1.8 used Tractor

Mileage: 175 000 km

Fiat Punto Sport 1.8 mileage 175 000 km where the piston ring was blocked (I do not know which one exactly) on the third piston. A visual inspection of the inside of the engine was made using an endoscope. On the third cylinder there was no visible damage to the honing surface. In addition, I measured the compression pressure of the engine on all its cylinders, the difference between them was from 10% but on the third cylinder the pressure was 6.8 bar (nominal 10.5 bar). After starting the engine, a strange hissing sound was heard. The engine was heated to operating temperature, and then two portions of Ceramizer were added to the engine and a Detox fuel additive and a refineer in a syringe.
The engine was left idling for 2 hours. After this time, nothing changed, the ring was still baked.
After 3.5 hours from the moment of pouring the means, the sound of the engine returned to normal. The compression pressure value was measured on the third cylinder and the first cylinder where the results are: the third – 10.8 bar, the first – 11.2 bar, which clearly confirms that the piston ring has been sealed and blocked. It should be noted that the vehicle operator has driven more than 1600 km since the funds were added! Which means that Ceramizer has regenerated the engine.
Opinion sent on: 2014-10-14

Fiat Multipla

Year of Build: 2003
Engine size: 1.9 JTD
Mileage: 285 000

Opinion: After applying the ceramizer, the engine gained in dynamics. Oil change every 10-12 thousand km. Oil level without visible changes. Maybe it’s just a subjective feeling, but I have the impression that the engine is lighter to enter higher revs and is more dynamic. In the case of the second Fiat Doblo 1.2 car, I used a ceramizer after about 380 thousand km. The engine had 9.9atm on 2 cylinders on the other two under 8. After application, the compression was equalized on all cylinders up to 10atm. On the 1.2 engine I drove a total of 440 thousand km.
Regards, Tadeusz Stasiak
Opinion sent on 5/30/2012

Fiat Panda / Fiat Linea

Already in my second car I use ceramizer – really successfully. In Panda 1.1 + factory LPG (ceramizer used twice) I did 170,000 km. My friend was surprised – why is this car so alive ;-). Despite the mileage and LPG (which was supposed to destroy my engine), there was never a problem with the oil level or performance of the car.

Currently in Fiat Linea 1.4 (77 km) + LPG Tartarini sequence I have a mileage of 96 thousand (born in 2008). After pouring ceramizer and driving a few hundred kilometers – begins to slightly get wings 😉 The work of the engine is clearly improved – it is quieter, more even and more willing to accelerate. I drive quite a lot – about 40,000 / year – so the next time I change the oil, I will use ceramizer again. So that you already have peace of mind and do not worry about the jumping mileage 😉
Regards Luke

Fiat Palio Weekend 1.2 (1990)

I bought a Fiat Palio Wekkend 1.2 from 1990. And of course, only a month after the purchase I noticed that the car burns oil, in urban driving consumes 12 liters of fuel per 100km and on the road the consumption does not fall below 8l / 100km. From the exhaust pipe (car with a catalyst) clouds of burly smoke come out. The car makes noise, you can hear the whistling of the air, a familiar mechanic said that the engine is to the capital, you have to change everything the cost estimated at 3,500 zł. I don’t know much about cars (I’m a computer scientist) and I went to the first better service (not a friend). There they were better, the repair costs were estimated at PLN 5,000. and as I said that I would think about it and go home – slightly surprised that it would be a miracle if I got there at all. On the same day, I accidentally came across an allegro for the offer of ceramizers and bought a ceramizer for fuel, engine and gearbox. After 3 days came the coveted package, I had a bit of a problem with pouring togo into the gearbox because I did not know where it opens. I went to a mechanic friend, who with a laugh poured me the drug in the right place, claiming that I unnecessarily spent 100 zł because it will not do anything anyway, and for this money I would already have half the oil. The improvement did not happen immediately. I noticed the first effects after two weeks. After two months, the engine walked like a razor blade, calmed down, stopped taking oil, you can not see the exhaust gases – they are colorless, there are no crunches in the gearbox, the car lights up right away, fuel consumption has dramatically decreased – on the route I fit in five liters per 100km.
Best regards.
Marcin Pietrzak

Fiat Palio Weekend

Year of Build: 2000
Mileage: 450 000 km

I was pleasantly surprised by your answer. I posted the entry of my own free will, which I emphasize. Car fiat palio weekend, year prod. 2000, mileage currently over 450,000 km. For a long time I was annoyed by the “howling” gearbox. Mechanics like mechanics, 10 prescriptions for 5 asked. So I started looking for help in the vastness of the Internet … Among the many tips, I noticed a recurring theme of ceramizers. I began to drill down on the topic and look for opinions on various forums, and since most of them were positive, I decided to give it a try. I ordered the first application in the workshop on the occasion of some repair and I must admit that I was disappointed. The effect is none… I began to suspect whether the mechanic had poured ceramizer into my chest or into his hehe. I bought again and applied with the help of a friendly mechanic personally. Already after a few kilometers I noticed that the box was working more and more quietly, of course I was talking about subjective feelings, but a few weeks later I was carrying children who always pointed out to me that something in this car was “howling” and they themselves noticed that the car was quiet… From the moment of pouring ceramizer to today I drove about 20.000km and still the box is quiet. As I have already mentioned, I’m going to apply ceramizer to the engine, because it takes a little oil, and a little out of curiosity … To be honest, I have already purchased and commissioned the application once, but in the same workshop as I have already mentioned, so I am not sure where this ceramizer went …

Yours – Krzysztof Popiołek


Year of Build: 2003
Engine size: 1.1
Mileage: 126 000 km

Recently I had a problem with throwing gears. I was recommended to apply Ceramizer to the gearbox. At the beginning I did not notice any difference, and now after driving 350 km I see how great gears enter, even a lot of force I do not have to use. I still have a preparation for the engine, which I will try when I change the oil. I recommend it to everyone.
Beata Klimek-Żurawska
Opinion sent on 8/16/2013


Year of Build: 2009
Engine size: 1.6
Mileage: 54 000 km

Before using CERAMIZER, I had the impression that the engine is not very dynamic, uneven and is a little noisy. At the last oil change I used CERAMIZER.. I have already driven about 1,500 km and I find that the engine definitely (!) works quieter, more evenly and “arrived” powera!!.. In a word, CERAMIZER is THAT!!!!.. I heartily recommend to all my friends – and not only – …. ZIBIWOJ
Opinion sent on 8/15/2013

Fiat Seicento 0.9

The car in which I used ceramizer is Fiat Seicento 0.9 cat. with a mileage of 100000 km. After applying the preparation, I noticed a decrease in fuel consumption by about 0.7 liters, the engine works evener and quieter, there is an easier start in winter, there is also a noticeable increase in the power of the vehicle. I applied ceramizer to the engine. Person who made the observation: Waldemar Grzegorz

Fiat Siena 1.2

With great pleasure I would like to very POSITIVELY recommend the ceramizers offered by you. I decided to buy a set of ceramizers a year ago, I admit that I was a bit skeptical about the effectiveness of their action, but I thought that if they do not harm it is worth a try. I used the purchased preparations in a 5-year-old Fiat Siena 1.2 after a course of about 110 thousand. Miles. What was my surprise that the more kilometers I drove, the engine and gearbox worked better and better, the engine definitely calmed down, fuel consumption decreased approx. 0.5 l / 100 km, it entered the revs better, the vibrations decreased significantly. In the winter at -20 I fired without problems. I am very pleased that I decided to use your product, because I know that it works and at the next oil change I will apply it again without any worries. During this year, I praised many people for the effectiveness of ceramizers, because I found out that they work on my own “skin”. Since I am not a mechanic, my opinion is from the point of view of the average user, whose car is used to drive.
Andrew Żarnecki

Fiat Seicento

Year of Build: 2001
Engine size: 900
Mileage: 155 537 km

I am the owner of Fiat Seicento, the car is already its years I am its 3rd owner a day I do it about 100km recently I was disturbed by the sounds that the engine made, strange rattling from under the hood hmm … there was nothing I could do about it. A visit to a mechanic with a collapsed schedule is a month of waiting and I do not trust other scoundrels. A friend recommended me a ceramizer for engines because he used it once and helped him in a similar situation, at first a little uncertain but I decided to check it out. I jumped to the nearest ceramizer store I found on the ceramizer website. Immediately after the application, something began to happen with the engine, the rattling intensified and for the next few days it occurred unchanged I think it’s a pity lost money but the rattling was getting quieter until it finally stopped completely, and for over a month nothing can be heard. In addition, noticeable other advantages such as more even engine operation and it seems to me that less combustion but I have to calculate it more accurately but certainly increased my range on a full tank between refueling. I heartily recommend ceramizer to everyone.
Izabela Czylok
Opinion sent on: 16.11.2010

Fiat Seicento

Year of Build: 2000
Engine size: 899
Mileage: 125 000 km

Opinion:Ceramizer for gearbox is really a great invention. In the seiceno of the wife there was a problem with difficult throwing gears, especially reverse, and the gearbox no longer worked the quietest – the second gear made itself felt. I decided to use ceramizer, because once it helped me to calm down the fifth gear in golf iv. So I injected a dose of ceramizer, and after driving about 1000 km I noticed a difference, i.e. the second gear was muted, and throwing gears was no longer a problem. This is the second car in which I have used a ceramizer and if there is ever something wrong with the box, it is only ceramizer, and not other means that I think are overrated. So gentlemen and ladies, if you have a problem with the box, I recommend trying ceramizer, you will definitely notice the difference in the work of the box and save a lot of money.
Tomasz Rojewski
Opinion sent on 02.12.2012

Fiat Seicento

Year of Build: 2000
Engine size: 899
Mileage: 170 000 km

Opinion: Hi I did not believe in such miracles, but once goat death I tried yes I was afraid, but what is there the engine did not burn all the gasoline and it got into the oil after changing the oil and filter. Ceramizer I added winter !!! which I was advised against. The first 200km engine walked louder, I thought that it would be damaged, but I waited and actually after these 200 km the engine works quietly in frosts combustion is ok. – something smaller because I see how much pours on the same route and the same temperatures but the engine as a dream I recommend not to be afraid to come louder but then normally a miracle after the next replacement buys it again. RECOMMEND!!!

Dariusz Kobylinski
Opinion sent on 23.02.2013

Fiat Seicento

Year of Build: 2003
Engine size: 1100
Mileage: 206 000 km

I bought Ceramizer for gearbox regeneration. Symptoms hard to enter gears it can be said that by force, in fourth and fifth gear there was an audible howl and poor dynamics of the gearbox the previous owner drove without oil. After using Ceramizer, I will honestly say that I was amazed after driving several dozen kilometers – the gears began to enter without a problem and after covering about 500km began to work Ceramizer – the box began to quiet now I have driven about 2000 thousand km and is ok gears enter nicely, and the transmission works without the slightest problem and improved dynamics. I recommend Ceramizery.
Pawel Gorzka
Opinion sent on 28.03.2013

Fiat Stilo

Year of Build: 2004
Engine size: 1400
Mileage: 120 000 km

Opinion: Hello, I used Ceramizer for fuel, because I always had injectors sealed in the winter. I will add that I ride on gas. I tried various means such as Stp, Xeramic, but I had to disassemble the strip and clean the injectors. Now I injected Ceramizer and so far it is ok. I did tests on Stp blue for water, mixed it in a syringe with water droplets, shook and after a while the water separated from the fuel. Greetings to all experimenters. I also want to send my Seicento to the dynamometer to check the power and apply Ceramizer to the engine, seicento has driven 230k., engine 900-th. How will the funds be. Best regards.
Sebastian Honkisz
Opinion sent on 07.01.2013

Fiat Tipo 1.9 TDI (1991)

Hello, I used ceramizer for engines in fiat TIPO 1.9 TDI 1991 r. mileage 390 000 km. Starting the engine was a big problem even on warm summer days. After applying this preparation – 2 doses, the problem disappeared. The engine fired even in winter at -20 degrees, less “dust” and works evenly at idle speeds !!!. There is no need to overhaul the engine. I poured the preparation into the box into the COMBINE harvester VOLVO S 830; the gearbox does not heat up and does not howl, the gears enter slightly.
Stanislaw Stysiał

Fiat Tipo 2.0

Hello, I do not have any official documentation, but after purchasing your product, I decided to make some measurements and notes that would allow you to assess the suitability of this product for other cars of my family members. It is known that you can advertise anything, but hardly anyone believes ads, they prefer to find out from someone trusted who has personally tried it. One of the cars I have is FIAT TIPO 2.0 16V. From the beginning when I brought him from Germany there were problems with him. First of all, the sound of the engine was so “metallic”, secondly, after driving 50 km, it heated up to 120 degrees and even turning on the fan did not help – you had to stop and wait for it to cool. Thirdly, at low speeds (below 2000), the oil pressure lamp was burning. I bought Ceramizer and before pouring it into the engine, I measured the compression in the cylinders (the mechanic did it). It was 16,16,16,13. As you can see, one cylinder stood out from the rest, although this is not what worried me the most. I drove approx. 1500 km and I noticed such changes: the engine temperature does not exceed 85 degrees (and that’s what I meant), the oil lamp lights up below 1500 rpm (maybe later it will be better), the engine works quieter and has a milder sound. Fuel consumption decreased by approx. 1 liter per 100 km (but it’s a very fuel-hungry engine – it has 150 hp). I was with the same mechanic (Jurek Szubert) and after the measurements it turned out that on all cylinders there is a compression of 16 atm. Both before the Ceramizer was poured and the second measurement were made several times – to exclude mistakes. With the naked eye you can see that it works. By the way, one note: I do not understand why you can not buy your preparation in any store in Wałbrzych. There is some Xeramic, but it is more expensive and resembles the consistency of Militec-1. I do not know how it works, but your product is better than Militec-1, which I used in another car and did not give such visible changes. Soon I will buy a set for the second car (just for safety, because it has large oil leaks). My dad and brother are also planning for this purchase.
Best regards
Mariusz Świątkowski

Fiat Uno 1.7 diesel (1987)

I bought ceramizer in a store in Tomaszów Mazowiecki province lodzkie. The reason was the loud operation of the engine and smoke from the exhaust pipe. Before the application of this preparation, the engine had 96,000 km on the odometer. Before pouring the preparation, the gasket under the head, piston rings and adjustable injections were replaced. After assembling all this, nothing changed, he smoked heavily and smoked heavily from the exhaust pipe, I decided to use a ceramizer. I changed the oil and filter to a new one, I warmed up the engine to the right temperature of about 90 degrees, I turned off the engine, I added the ceramizer to the oil and started the engine, already after ten minutes of work at slow speed it began to work better with the engine, it began to work more evenly and with every minute its regularity of work improved and it smoked less and less until after half an hour it did not give even a small smoke from the exhaust pipe. To this day I drive this car although I did a lot of kilometers on the manual wrote 50 thousand, as you are interested in it I can send how many kilometers I have now on the odometer but much more than a hundred. now smokes only at startup but as it gains temperature it works evenly.
At the moment it should have replaced the timing belt and others, and the valve adjustment should be made, because since the ceramizer was poured, the thread with the engine was not done only I change the oil and filter. I checked the operation of the injections the first and fourth burn well and the second and third as if they had less efficiency, but I think it is the fault of the timing and valves. I have not yet written about the oil pressure, before adding ceramizer I had a pressure of 2.5 and after adding it increased to 4.7 and to this day as the engine revolutions are a little more than the nominal when driving this pressure shows within 4.3. So I think that without this preparation I would have had to do a number of different repairs a long time ago, such as (cylinder grinding, replacing pistons and rings, replacing connecting rod shells and the main crankshaft, repairing the oil pump and others). I recommend everyone to use this preparation and not be afraid that it will damage the engine or something similar.
At the moment I do not have a photo of the car and scans of measurements because I do not have a camera to take a picture of the car is old but I use it every day and it has not yet let me down. Beautiful car does not look useful to him a decent repair of the body but he is already so old that it does not pay off but drives thanks to ceramizer.
Andrew Madalinski
Opinion sent on 17.04.2008

Fiat Uno 1.0

A definite POSITIVE. Very fast shipping. The preparation itself: the engine works much quieter, is more flexible, it is easier to screw into the revolutions. Fiat UNO 1.0 – 110km.