Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners Citroen - undirbúningur fyrir endurnýjun hreyfilsins, gírkassa og annarra tækja

Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners Citroen

Citroen BX 1.9 (1993 year)

I have a passenger car Citroen BX 1.9 diesel year 1993. I try to take care of my not the youngest, but fully functional car. To the issue of improving technical parameters through the use of such means as refiners, I approached the truth a little skeptical. In addition, the opinion of familiar mechanics seemed to say that it would only be money spent more on buying the driver’s sense of satisfaction than on actually improving the technical parameters of the car. Despite this, I decided to risk buying a set of refinementers, the more so because not the youngest engine and other components of my car could rather “count” more on the failure caused by their age than the use of the wrong “preservatives”.

I was hoping more that I could help the engine more than harm. 29 July 2005 I used a set of ceramizers (for fuel, gearbox and engine). Since then, I have been able to observe the changes that have taken place in my beloved vehicle. Unfortunately, I do not have workshop data to support my observations, which may be subjective. Engine: It became quieter – it was never too loud, but after adding the ceramizer, its work became even more pleasant to the ear. I got the impression that it has become a bit more lively (without exaggeration, but it has a slightly better acceleration – it’s a diesel without a turbo, after all).

Oil Consumption: Before adding ceramizer, I used Elf Turbo Diesel Oil 14W40 (5 liters). I drove 10 thousand km adding 1l (which gives 0.6 l / 1000 km). On July 29, 2005 I changed the oil to TOTAL Quartz 5000 15W40 mineral and used a set of ceramizers. I drove 17 thousand km adding 3l of oil (which gives 0.4 l / 1000 km). I must add that a large part of this period falls on a long and hard winter this year, during which I used a car every day (car not garaged!).

Fuel consumption: before adding ceramizer in the period September 2004 – August 2005 Wed. fuel consumption was 6.44 l/100 km in the combined cycle. Driving after adding ceramizer in the period September 2005 – May 2006 Wed. fuel consumption amounted to 6.40 l / 100 km in the combined driving cycle, including driving in a more difficult and much longer than in the previous year winter period, there is also no summer months until August usually characterized by the lowest consumption (in addition, during the last months, large reconstructions of Wrocław roads have caused that several kilometer sections are covered in 3-4 times longer than usual – 7 km in 45 minutes on gear 1 and 2 which significantly increases consumption fuel).

Gearbox: The gears enter much lighter, the gearbox works much quieter. This is information that I collected on the occasion of my records of mileage, refueling, consumption of consumables and repairs. I think that such a long period of observation conducted both before and after the application of ceramizer objectively presents its advantages.
Kind regards, Bartosz Korabiewski

Citroen BX 14 RE

Year of Build: 1981
Engine size: 1398

Ceramizer flooded according to the instructions, drove over 20kkm kilometers and the engine worked as needed. I did not notice the difference in combustion, because something fell in the evaporator and the car began to burn 14l of gas. A nice effect was when changing the oil, I do the refill once out of habit after 7.5kkm from changing 1 liter. At the next exchange, I didn’t realize it quickly enough to pull out my cell phone and snap a photo. The oil was barely yellow, the color of honey, I was shocked. The service technician decided that I was some kind of eccentric and I changed the oil every 2kkm. However, the biggest difference was visible when firing. Summer or winter, lemon would fire immediately. No other car in the area fired up like that, especially the car of a friend from the building next door, like such a new and super BMW and gul jumped him in the morning. Now the lemon rusts on the scrap, because the engine block at the box broke and the repair was unprofitable, but I bought a Scudo 1.9TD and this week I am flooding the set.

My father has a Sierra from 87r, 2.3D. We flooded it about 40kkm ago. The engine works great, at the traffic lights I take opel “chasers” 1.6. Recently, you have to heat the candles again as it is cold during the day, it is probably the fault of winter, but after changing the oil we will also pour it.

The company’s Ducato 2.5TD from 91r flooded 15kkm ago. Without a flame candle, we fire up to -2 degrees. Fresh after buying in the winter, the car had problems, a few times we borrowed our mother to fire. It burns like all our cars without tiring the starter, max one turn of the shaft.

Cars smoke: the deceased. Lemon (before evaporator damage) 10.2 (city) on 6.8 (route) Sierra 8.7 on 5.4 Ducato 9.8 on 7.2

I do not have time to ride on dynamometers or compression testing, cars earn money all the time. But spending 200 zł on ceramizers I have engines preserved for a long time. And the combustion is always lower, so they slowly pay off.
Pawel Adamowicz,
Opinion sent on 14.12.2008.

Citroen CX TD 2.5 TD

My car is a Citroen CX with a 2.5 TD engine. After applying the preparation, the engine works very softly, it screws in better on revolutions, and the combustion has decreased by an average of 0.5l. I recommend this product, it’s really worth it!

Citroen Saxo

Year of Build: 2000
Engine size: 1.1
Mileage: 120 000 km

For several months the power steering system has become less efficient / A bit more force I needed to turn the steering wheel / and made strange and loud sounds. In the workshop, they suggested replacing the booster pump. Cost approx. 1500ZŁ A month ago I used a preparation for support systems. At the moment, the noises have disappeared, and I turn the steering wheel with one finger, at a standstill!.
Jerzy Herbowski
Opinion sent on 2013-08-09

Citroen Xantia 1.8i (1993)

I send a scan from the pressure measurements in my car.

On the left side, the odometer value at which the measurements were made, on the right the number of kilometers traveled from the moment of pouring the preparation.
The car is a Citroen Xantia 1.8i year ’93 8 valves. I made the measurements myself because my dad was a mechanic and some instruments remained.
I am more than satisfied !!! The measurement on the 4th cylinder was made several times by two different people to exclude a mistake because I did not believe that it is possible to increase the pressure by 6 kG / cm2 !!!
Best regards
Jacek from Konin.
Manufacturer’s comment:
It is worth noting that in addition to the maximum pressure increase of 100% on 4 cylinders, the pressure on the other cylinders also increased by 1-2 kG / cm2 and stabilized at the nominal value for this type of engine.
Date of receipt of measurement results – 14.08.2004

Citroen XM 2.1 TD

I am a car mechanic by education and I must admit that I am very skeptical and distrustful of all “miraculous” preparations rejuvenating mechanisms in cars. Every day I listen to the opinions of customers who used various types of specifics and… nothing. cars as mounded, so mound, gearboxes howled and howled. Especially customers hung terrible dogs on preparations that were wonderfully praised in television supermarkets, where the engines after applying the appropriate preparation worked even without oil (in advertising) and reality …. what sad. To use ceramizer persuaded me a colleague, also a mechanic, who used the preparation in his age poldku, I thought and whatever, it is not a lot of money, so I will try. I used Ceramizer as an additive to fresh oil in the 2100TD engine of the Citroen XM car. The engine is after a mileage of about 220 thousand km. That was in November last year. For two months I closely watched the engine.
Here are my observations:
When starting a cold diesel, it is known that the starter has a hard time. After ceramizer I had the impression that he let go of some brake in the engine and quickly turned.
Gradually, the strong vibrations that accompany the operation of the worn engine began to disappear.
Suddenly, the engine began to quiet down, which even caused me some anxiety (not justified at all). I am pleased to say that the condition of the oil does not decrease.
Maybe not a very large but noticeable reduction in fuel consumption. Very important with rampant fuel prices. The engine actually stopped smoking, before that it kicked a little. I did not take any pressure measurements, just my observations are purely practical. Currently, I have already driven over 1500km and I have to admit that the engine works flawlessly. I must admit that ceramizer has fulfilled its task.
Waldemar Borowski

Citroen XM 2.0

Hello. I used Ceramizer for the engine for Citroen XM 2.0 with a mileage of 280,000 km. A typical problem of this engine is its noisiness at about 3000 rpm. After applying the ceramizer, the engine calmed down a little and the combustion improved.
Regards Jacek Święch

Citroen XM

Year of Build: 1994
Engine size: 2446
Mileage: 318 000 km

I used a triple dose and drove approx. 1200 km. I don’t really feel the effects of the action yet. My expectations are not excessive – Citroen, despite the high mileage and age of majority before the use of the drug, met the factory standards regarding fuel consumption, acceleration time and maximum speed.
Alexander Majewski
Opinion sent on 30.12.2012

Citroen Xsara Picasso 1.8 (2002)

Instant transaction, goods and action as described, the car burns less and got a kick (Xsara Picasso 1.8 2002r) I STRONGLY RECOMMEND

Citroen Xsara Break

Year of Build: 2003
Engine size: 1600
Mileage: 172 000 km

Opinion:Hello everyone. I would like to share my opinion on the use of ceramizer in Citroen Xsara station wagon gasoline engine 1600, mileage 172 thousand. The engine after adding ceramizer works evener, easier to fire even at low temperatures there is no problem. After one dose, he began to work a little quieter, although he was never too loud. In general, I assess the operation of ceramizer very positively and I know that the engine is now better protected and will serve me longer. I already used ceramizer in the previous car and I praised it very much, so I also poured into it without fear because it is really worth it.
Maciej Gryglak
Opinion sent on 06.01.2013

Citroen Xsara

Year of Build: 2001
Engine size: 1600
Mileage: 216 000 km.

Hello, I do not have pressure measurements, but I can honestly recommend Ceramizery. Ceramizer for engine and transmission I have already used for Hyundai sonata 2.0, the effect: better dynamics and improvement of the gearbox, it is no different in Citroen. To my surprise after the purchase, the box did not work too lightly and precisely. After using two doses of Ceramizer (with breaks), the box works like in a car from the salon, the gears jump much better. With the engine I waited for the oil change, it has already passed about 2 thousand. km, it was not a driven engine, but the improvement is, after all, it already has 200 thousand. Miles. Now it reacts much faster to the addition of gas, flexibility has improved, combustion is unlikely to decrease because the addition of power 🙂 is used. With a clear conscience, I sincerely recommend the use of Ceramizers because it is probably the only remedy at a relatively good price that really works. A colleague to whom I recommended its use is also very satisfied with the effects that brought flooding it to the engine.
Michal Lonczak
Opinion sent on 6/30/2013

Citroen ZX 1.6i (1991)

For the first time when I decided to use your ceramizer for internal combustion engines, I did not believe that it could work so effectively. And yet I found out what was wrong with me. The car to which I used your product is Citroen ZX 1.6i from 1991. Why did I decide on ceramizer? The car had 105 thousand. Mileage, and took quite large amounts of oil. I went to the mechanic and replaced the sealants on the valves and I was sure that it would help, but after adding oil and driving a few thousand, the car still took significant amounts of oil. At approx. 110 thousand I changed the oil and used your product. Earlier, I made a measurement of the compression pressure on all cylinders (although with my instrument, but I think that the results do not differ much from reality). And what turned out that the pressure on the 2nd cylinder is very small and on the others it is also not sensational. Following the recommendations, I drove 200 km without exceeding 2700 revolutions. At the beginning I did not feel much difference but after driving 1000 km. the car’s engine worked much quieter and evener, especially at slow speeds. I also noticed that the car is more flexible and especially in 3rd gear when driving uphill. The dynamics of the car increased. It is true that I hoped that fuel consumption will decrease, but unfortunately I did not feel any significant difference, maybe a small one, but it is still not bad considering other aspects of this product. After driving 2000 km. I measured the pressures on the cylinders again and all in all I was incredulous to my eyes. I was particularly pleased that the pressure on the 2nd cylinder increased significantly, which was unlikely for me. And most importantly, oil consumption decreased. It is true that I still take trace amounts of oil but I do not have to buy 1l every month. oil for refill. And I must tell you: I did not believe that this ceramizer could be effective, but I am very satisfied with this product, as evidenced by the fact that for the second time I used a ceramizer for internal combustion engines in my car and persuaded my father to buy it. Someone may say that there are no such miracles, and I tell you with a clear conscience:
Congratulations to the creators of this Ceramizer and I cordially greet them!
Pressures before 1 cyl.=0,85 ; 2 cyl.=0.4 ; 3 cyl.=0.85 ; 4 cyl.=0.9
Pressures of 1 cyl.=0,95 ; 2 cyl.=0.85 ; 3 cyl.=1 ; 4 cyl.=1
Yours sincerely,
Bartholomew Pięt