Reviews about Ceramizer® – application in the gearbox - undirbúningur fyrir endurnýjun hreyfilsins, gírkassa og annarra tækja

Reviews about Ceramizer® – application in the gearbox


Ceramizer nalalem to the gearbox in Opel Astra 98r. mileage 270 thousand. Miles. I am a mechanic with 10 years of experience but I have not seen such miracles yet. This measure really works!!! but only after 600 km. The noise completely died down. Recommend!

Jaroslaw Typek

Maybe at the beginning I will describe what prompted me to use your preparations. I am the owner of a Car Polonez Atu Plus GSI from 1998 after driving about 120 thousand km began problems with the rear bridge “howl” was very loud, and the repair at the Daewoo service station priced at approx. 800 zł. !!! of course, I gave up on repairing. Another fault was the difficulty of turning on the 1st and 2nd gear at minus temperatures practically until the oil in the box warmed up, I had to “jerk” the gear levers. Despite these “ailments”, the car was still operated until the gasket under the head was damaged, a friendly mechanic reviewed the engine and found that in addition to the camshaft and hydraulic valve tappets, and camshaft shells were eligible for replacement, which would cost a nice sum in total. Once reading on the Internet about ceramizers I decided to replace only the gasket in the engine and due to the lack of funds for renovation and a little out of curiosity I decided to subject my Poldas to a comprehensive treatment with Ceramizers. I changed the oils and applied the preparation to the rear bridge, gearbox, engine and fuel, I used the preparation in July 2005 before going on vacation, which made it easier for me to observe the effects of the preparations. Ceramizer for fuel I used prophylactically to lubricate the fuel injectors so it is difficult for me to assess the operation but I think that it also has a positive effect on extending the life of the injections, while a noticeable increase in engine power I found after driving about 500 km after another 500 km the car got a “shoe” and the engine began to work evenly at slow speed, even a friend mechanic admitted right, that he expected my quick visit to the workshop for replacing hydrocoppers and camshaft and here the engine drove on Ceramizer 15 thousand, and at the current mileage of 165 thousand. km performs great. Also winter problems with changing gears no longer occurred even at a temperature of -30 I had no problems, the gears enter without resistance. In the case of the rear bridge, the preparation also met my expectations after driving 1500km practically the noise disappeared the rear bridge was muted. After my positive experiences with Ceramizer, I have prepared another dispenser for use in the engine. I recommended the preparations to my buddies one used prophylactically an additive to the fuel and engine of the old Mazda with a diesel engine because he drives experimentally on “ecological” fuels the other applied to a 5-year-old seat to improve compression in the engine in both cases found a positive effect of Ceramizers fuel consumption decreased by about 10% Many people before buying on Allegro asked me questions about the effectiveness of the preparation of course I confirmed the effectiveness Of I recommend Ceramizer in the case of my Polonaise has proven itself 100% in all respects. Regards, Jaroslaw Typek

Eng. Grzegorz Kaliciak

In May 2005 I bought an Isuzu Rodeo 3.2 V6 24V from 1993. and it was another car in which I used ceramizers. This time the engine + fuel + box + rear bridge. As in the previous car, the engine began to work more evenly, LPG consumption decreased and the dynamics of entering the revs improved. However, what pleased me the most was that after a few days the rear bridge stopped roaring (and I was already prepared for its dismantling and replacing the bearings) – I recommend to anyone who has such a problem before starting an expensive repair to try to apply the preparation for bridges – for me it worked sensationally 🙂 I drove this car another 30 thousand. km and for its sale, i.e. April 2006 the effects of the preparations continued. Now I plan to buy another car and when I do I will definitely apply ceramizer to the engine, transmission, etc. because it simply pays off (even counting only fuel savings spent on preparations, money pays for itself after a few thousand km, and then we earn less on them by spending less on fuel, and the rest of the positive effects we have for free). I definitely recommend these preparations
Eng. Grzegorz Kaliciak

Andrew Wisniewski

As for the gearbox (I used ceramizers in the Peugeot 309 because there were difficulties sometimes in throwing 3 gear and the gearbox sometimes worked as if it was overloaded despite the fact that it was flooded with fresh oil – after flooding the preparation and following the recommendations – the gears began to enter gently after driving about 350 km. I can say that I am more than satisfied with the purchase and functionality of your funds. They are despite the fact that I did not believe that something Pomerania really effective !!!

Marcin Pietrzyk

Personally, I have not yet used a ceramizer but a colleague from work used a ceramizer for the gearbox in his Mazda 626, the effects are more than satisfactory. The second gear jammed with a quick change after the application the effect disappeared besides, the lighter gears enter the gearbox works quieter so the superlatives themselves. After such effects, I want to apply ceramizer to the engine a great plus.
Marcin Pietrzyk

Mirek Starzomski

Earlier this year, I bought a Honda Prelude. The engine worked quite loudly (metallic knocks), and when switching from I to II gear there was a slight crunch. I decided to retry the experiment with ceramizers. I purchased a repair kit, 2 doses for engine 1 to 1 box for fuel. Since then, I have already driven 2000 km. The crunch in the box has stopped, the gears are shifting as if there was a “new art”, while in the engine something else is slightly knocking. So I’m going to use 2 more doses. Most likely, this is due to strong wear of the head elements. I am very satisfied with the use of ceramizers that I bought in your company. I highly recommend them to those who want to save on expensive repairs of engines or drive systems or prevent them. Yours sincerely
Mirek Starzomski

Adam Gromadzki

CERAMIZER FOR GEARBOX: the gearbox in my Opel before using ceramizer works very well when the engine was warmed up. In the case of a cold engine, the gears entered with considerable resistance (despite changing the oil and maintaining the required level). After the Ceramizer was cooked, after about 30 km there was a noticeable improvement. Currently, even at negative night temperatures, the box walks slightly with a cold engine. Here is my biggest surprise.
As for Ceramizer Fuel, it is difficult for me to say because I have only recently used it, but the decrease in life after Ceramizer to the engine is already a pleasant surprise for me, because to be honest I did not count on any reduction in fuel consumption Regards Adam Gromadzki


Ceramizer I used in the gearbox: – did not enter too much 2 and 3 gear. After pouring the preparation (2 doses) and following the recommendations – the runs began to enter gently after driving about 200-300 km later it became perfect after 1000-1200 km. Before adding the preparation, I changed the oil in the box without adding any other preparations. I must admit that at 230,000 km I changed the clutch, but apart from the more flexible clutch pedal, I did not observe any improvement in 🙂 Conclusion that Ceramizer helped. The drained oil from the box turned out to be relatively fresh and clean. As I later found out, the previous owner also changed it. The possibility of the influence of new oil is eliminated here. I applied Ceramizer to the box at a mileage of about 195 thousand km.

Boguslaw Słowiok

I am satisfied with the ceramizer that I applied to the rear bridge in my polonaise. I was supposed to do a repair of the rear bridge, I can not hear the howl as loud as before using the preparation, and most importantly that I still drive without repairing the rear bridge. Best regards, Bogusław Słowiok

Krzysztof Brzezinski

I used the ceramizer twice for the 1.9 TDI engine in the VW Golf from 95. with a mileage of 230 thousand. Miles. I also bought a ceramizer for the gearbox and here after application better began to enter the gears in the winter because at – 15 earlier I had to drive a few kilometers to smoothly work the gearbox while this winter I had no problems with throwing any gear in even the greatest frosts. However, I would be happy to use ceramizer for the engine and I think that it is a good addition to each oil change. greetings Krzysztof Brzeziński

Maciej Gera

I have been a driver for 28 years, I have driven various cars about 1500 000 – 1700 000 km. I approach all “inventions” with a very high reserve, I have seen a lot in my life. Earlier, around 10 years ago I tried to resuscitate old grats with some motodoktors, slicks, etc. The effects were rather mediocre and temporary, ending with the piston rings being baked and the engine being sealed in general. Nevertheless, I decided to take another chance. I have an old Opel Omega A station wagon vintage 93.– engine b nzyno y y 2.0 l with a mileage of over 300,000 km operated properly, but not economically. High speeds, where you can in the order of 150 – 160 km / h, quite aggressive driving, frequent overtaking with the use of approx. 80-90% power, heavy trailers. All propelling mechanisms of this car started to end clearly. Any renovation or repair of the car completely unprofitable, the market value of the car is about 2-4 thousand. PLN.
Characteristic symptoms are:
1. Buzzing power steering pump, howling at maximum wheel turn, hard-working steering wheel and minor steering wheel jerks at large turns, especially during maneuvers.
2. Clearly audible gearbox, noise of synchronizers, grinding when changing gears, the impression of working with an understated oil level – despite the maximum condition.
3. Clearly buzzing differential well known from old cars of the “Nysa”, “Żuk” type and old off-road vehicles of the “Gaz” and “UAZ” type.
4. Clattering injectors and engine smoke in cold and idle speed.
5. Vibrating motor at idle speed, noisy, audible knock of shells and valve sleeves.
6. Significantly less power that can be felt especially when overtaking and driving with a large trailer. Problems with starting a hot engine, high internal resistance – a characteristic symptom of ending shells and cylinder surfaces. Pressure in individual cylinders measured on a warm engine without adding oil to the cylinders (falsifies the result): I – 9.7, II – 9.2, III-10.0, IV – 9.8
7. The flexibility of the engine is clearly less than at the beginning, increased sensitivity to poor fuel, which is not lacking in the country.

So I decided to take a chance with nothing to lose, after all, it’s the cost of 1 tank of gasoline. So I bought a repair kit No. 4 and an additional 1 ceramizer for the engine.
The effects exceeded my expectations.
1. I started with power steering, because I was afraid that the pump would fly away at any moment, and I had such cases. I changed the oil, wiped the ferruginous gray deposits from the tank, rinsed the system and poured the original American ‘Dextron’, heated the system and added ceramizer to the steering and began to “tire” the steering wheel from right to left on the asphalt sprinkled with sand, so as not to saw the tires and steering. With each rotation between the extreme positions, it was lighter and quieter. Driving further through approx. 2000 km I turned the steering wheel from time to time to extreme positions. Now, after 2000 km of pump and power actuators, you can not hear at all, the steering wheel walks much lighter and does not vibrate in extreme positions.
2. At the same time, I added ceramizer to the gearbox and differential (of course, after heating the oil). I tormented the gearbox in low gears for about 40 minutes, including 1 km in reverse. At the beginning of the effect there was none, it was clearly felt after approx. 700 –1000 km. The box and the differ have clearly silenced, synchronizers can not be heard, the gears enter without grinding. I also estimate that the catwalk of the car, especially at lower speeds, especially in the city (at higher speeds it balances the air resistance) increased by about 30-40%, which is really surprising. Now I drive, as if breaking records for combustion: I accelerate to 60-80 km / h and to the place of forced parking (lights, intersection) I cringe at a loose distance of 500-700 m. This gives fuel savings, which I estimate at 20% after the computer. The resistance of the power unit on the loose measured on the dynamometer, such for brake control, has not changed significantly and fluctuates around the same values. However, these are measurements without load.
3. The differential has quieted down clearly, it is difficult to hear it now.
4. I added Ceramizer to the fuel almost to the dry tank and poured 50 l of fuel. Already after driving about 500 km, the engine immediately after firing became noticeably quieter, I estimate that by about 3 dB. The stench from the exhaust pipe with a cold catalyst is much less irritating. The injectors stopped clattering, and their sound was earlier, as in a cold diesel.
5. For now, I have added 1 pack of ceramizer (4.5l of oil) to the fresh, heated oil during a long route without any particular load. Clear effects after approx. 1000 km. – At idle speed, the computer always showed a combustion of 1.4 – 1.5 l / h, and the rotational speed was of the order of 600-650. Now it is 1.1-1.3 l / h, and the slow revolutions have fallen to approx. 400 with a warm motor and the motor runs evenly, without vibrations! He did not even have such small internal resistance as a new one! – After the start of the cold engine – the first minute of combustion was at the level of 3.2-2.8 l / h. Now it is 2.2-1.9 l/h. – In the car quieter by about 3-5 dB and less vibrates. – The oil pressure in the valve clearance compensators increases faster, the clatter of valves after start decreases after about 20 seconds, earlier after approx. Minute. – Start on a hot, slightly overheated engine – better, but there are no revelations. – The power of the car on the wheels is difficult to measure, even on the dynamometer it usually comes out poorly, the differences are of the order of several % and depend mainly on the warming up of the mechanisms, fuel quality and air filter resistance, humidity, etc. Certainly, the dynamics and flexibility have increased. Driving around the city I can, as I once did, allow myself to avoid the third gear (I switch from II to IV). In fifth gear, it drives without jerks from 60 km / h, and accelerates from 65 km / h. Previously, the feat was driving in fourth gear at a speed of 50 km / h, and I threw the V gear at 70-80 km / h. On the route, on Polish national roads, I can now drive 200-300 km without touching the gear lever and clutch without any problems, elegantly slowing down in front of speed camera boxes up to 55-60 km / h. (Their liberation-practiced limit is about 70-75 km/h). Compression pressure, measured on a warm engine without adding oil – increased I – 10.2, II – 10.5, III-10.5, IV – 10.5. I do not know what should be correct, but probably good, because it is an effortless, low-speed unit.
6. However, the power, internal resistance and overall efficiency of the car are best evidenced by combustion.

– Route Poznań-Zduńska Wola-Poznań 480 km covered at least 2 times a month. Computer readings (deleted when starting from the garage): Average speed in good conditions always within 86-88 km / h, average fuel consumption 7.5-7.8l / 100 km. Recently I came back from this route with a fuel consumption of 6.7 l / 100 km.
– Route Poznań – Brzeziny – Poznań 508 km covered 3-5 times a month, combustion also lower by approx. 1 l/100 km.
– Hanging around the city during the day (Poznań) I always burned in the range of 11.5-12 l / 100 with sections of 200 km. Now combustion does not exceed 10 l.
I intend to pour 3 ml of ceramizer into the engine of the Opel Omega car before the larger route – the cost is none, and I think that it still has somewhere to settle, because it is heavily exploited, and the friction nodes a lot and large surfaces. I will use the remaining 2 ml in the spring to resuscitate an old, 17-year-old 4-stroke mower with splash lubrication, which supports approx. 1000 m2 lawn, approx. 2 hours of work per week per season. The engine is barely alive, throws oil on the candles, smokes, overheats, the power it has as much as half as it used to. I will describe the impressions.
The next car I will resuscitate is the ending Mercedes, the iconic MB1000 with a mileage of over 500,000 km. Unfortunately, I am not its driver, but the owner. I will not inform the driver. I am curious about the action and his opinions. Of course, my opinion is not based on precise measurements, they are too troublesome and imprecise in the car as a whole. It certainly contains some element of subjectivity and suggestion. Nevertheless, I am generally a very demanding client, a nuisance of warranty services, I often use the services of a consumer court and court opinions of appraisers.
Cardboard packaging for used ceramizers served me as part of the promotion – I gave them to friends who have cars in a similar condition. (This condition is characteristic of about 80% of cars in Poland.).
Sincerely: Maciej Gera

Artur Kilianski

I have a Honda Concerto 1992 year, 214 thousand km of mileage, with a d15b2 1.5 engine. I was looking for a car for a long time, initially it was supposed to be a 4th generation Civic due to very good performance (low weight of the car), but after a few viewed copies, emotionally I was exhausted. The cars I saw were simply in very poor condition, whether it was a bodywork (after many craft repairs) or mechanical (the gas was not seen by the fact that I did not see the car from white smoke). Looking out for the civic, I jumped to the section -> concerto. After a few conversations and analysis of the car on the web, I decided to go to see -> the same day I bought. The car was and is really neat. Due to the fact that I am interested in practical motorization not from today, I do not hate how something in my car does not work. A very frustrating glitch was the wiping of the synchronizer of the 2nd gear. To hammer twoS I had to do it very slowly, with a turnover below 3.5 thousand. It was very annoying especially at the time of overtaking, fast gear changes and chrrzzzzz … I decided to use ceramizer, I know a lot about the preparation, so I tried. I drove into the canal, somehow got into the gearbox plug. due to the difficulty of access to the oil filler to the box, I added the preparation to the inner part of the cork, after all, the working oil, spreads from the gears throughout the box. I turned off the traffic jam and left the garage thinking about how such a 5 ml can work in total, the so-called rational mode of thinking turned on me. With the passage of kilometers I noticed that the run ceases to grind me, I approached the gear change more and more courageously, until after about 500 km I pushed the car into the section on the 1st gear and drove the two as fast as I could. I felt a little abnormal, the run did not want to grind. In Hondas of these years, the characteristic is the difficulty in driving the initial gear, not important whether it is civic, prelude or concerto. It remained unchanged, I do not know what this fault is, because it does not bother me especially, after wsyprzegleniu is ok.
Artur Kilianski

Agula II

After applying the preparation in (VW Jetta 1.6 TD, 1991) significantly decreased fuel consumption, during frosts the engine fires up easier and quieter. The preparation was also used in the gearbox. It is quieter and the characteristic “hooking” has disappeared. RECOMMEND!


I purchased ceramizer on November 9, 2006. to the gearbox to my 9 year old toddler, after using this ceramizer I immediately felt a definite improvement, the gearbox began to work much quieter. Currently, I have already driven 10,000 km since the ceramizer was used and I can say that the ceramizer saved my gearbox which recently worked so loudly that it was difficult to endure. Now it works much quieter, until nice, almost like a new one. If it wasn’t for this ceramizer, I think I would have to renovate the box. In my opinion, ceramizer is effective, it is worth using.


Ceramizer I bought for the gearbox for my 9 year old toddler and after driving a few kilometers I felt a definite improvement, the gearbox began to work much quieter, just a revelation, I RECOMMEND !!

Zdzislaw K

I used ceramizey in two Citroen Xantia cars, one is a diesel from 1997. and with a mileage of approx. 250000 km, the second gasoline with LPG sequential injection from 2001. with a mileage of 64000 km, in both everything as described, there was a significant silencing of engines and gearboxes, the smoothness and flexibility of engine operation improved, fuel consumption also slightly improved, but previously I already had powerful magnetizers installed in both vehicles on fuel and air systems, so I did not expect too much change in fuel consumption, I am fully satisfied and satisfied with the purchased goods. I put up a fully deserved, my task, positive. Regards Zdzisek K