Manual for extreme motors (CS-X) - undirbúningur fyrir endurnýjun hreyfilsins, gírkassa og annarra tækja

Manual for extreme motors (CS-X)

The highest efficiency in the use of Ceramizer is® achieved by strictly following the recommendations and instructions.

  1. Do not change the oil during the entire ceramization process (100 km or 3 operating hours). Replace the oil at the time of replacement.
  2. Ceramizer® can be mixed with any type of oil and used for all types of internal combustion engines: gasoline, diesel with: unit injectors, commonrail direct injection, sequential and distributor pumps and gas-powered, turbocharged, with exhaust catalyst, with lambda sensor.
  3. An underestimated dose of ceramizer will not bring the expected results of processing.
  4. An inflated (e.g. 2 x larger) dose of Ceramizer does® not cause any side effects, only the duration of the treatment is extended.


  1. Two dispensers of an easily oil-soluble preparation with a net weight of 2×4.5 g.
  2. This manual,


  1. Measure the pressure of the compression end (before and after machining) in the engine cylinders – to confirm the effectiveness of the Ceramizer®.
  2. Use at every stage of operation, preferably directly at the oil change, to continue driving with Ceramizer CSX as long as possible (until the next oil change).
  3. Use primarily prophylactically, to protect the engine against the effects of friction, significantly extending its service life and time of trouble-free operation.
  4. Can be used with any type of oil and used for all types of internal combustion engines: gasoline, gas-powered, diesel with: unit injectors, common-rail direct injection, sequential and distributor pumps, turbocharging, spain catalyst, DPF or FAP filter, lambda sensor.
  5. CSX is recommended to be used preventively with each oil change or every 10,000 km of sporty/extreme driving.
  6. During full processing (100 km) do not change the oil.
  7. In the case of a new engine, the CSX can be used after the engine arrives and in the case of the engine after the overhaul, the CSX can be used after min. 200 km mileage


  1. It is recommended to change the oil and oil filter before applying CSX.
  2. Start the engine and heat it to an operating temperature of 90oC.
  3. In winter, heat the preparation to a temperature of about 25°C, e.g. holding syringes in your hand (the substance has the consistency of grease and dissolves at a temperature above 25
  4. Shake the syringes for about 30 seconds.
  5. Pour the dose(s) into the heated engine through the oil filler hole.
  6. Start the engine and leave at idle for about 10 minutes.
  7. Cover gently about 100 km or leave the engine running at idle for about 3 hours.


  1. In case of previous use of oil additives (with molybdenum or Teflon), it is recommended to change the oil with washing the engine before using Ceramizer®. Otherwise, the effectiveness of ceramizer treatment will be reduced and the ceramization time will be longer.
  2. In the event of mechanical damage to the engine (e.g. cracked or baked piston ring, leaking valves, deep scratches on the cylinder surface, etc.), the defects should be repaired and Ceramizer® treatment applied.
  3. In the case of engine overhaul, you should drive 200-300 km from the moment of renovation and only then use Ceramizer®.
  4. Ceramizer® does not regenerate places where there is friction of rubber or plastics against metal.
  5. If the engine is equipped with a centrifugal oil filter, the filter should be cleaned before using Ceramizer®, and preferably for the duration of the treatment, it should be excluded from the oil circuit using a bypass line (if this is structurally possible). In this type of filters, the particles of the preparation tend to settle and thus a significantly smaller amount of them reaches the friction surface.
  6. Dispensers/syringes that have a small leakage from under the plunger are also considered to be properly filled.
  7. During the process of formation of the ceramic-metal layer, temporary increased smoke may occur.
  8. The advantage of CSX is the shortened ceramization mileage (only 100 km or 3 hours of engine idling), which allows the product to be used in motorsport.
  9. A faster ceramic-metal layer is as effective as a standard CS, but this layer is thinner and will wear out faster – especially when driving sportily – so it is recommended to use CSX every oil change in the engine.
  10. The efficiency of CSX is the same regardless of the type of fuel used in diesel, gasoline, gas, biofuel engines.


  1. Store below +40 oC. If the storage temperature exceeds +40 oC, the product can be sedimented, then the preparation should be shaken and cooled to a temperature below +40 oC to use it safely.
  2. It does not clog oil filters or oil channels.
  3. It does not contain Teflon or molybdenum.
  4. A particulate filter is a metal can filled inside with metal or ceramic fibers on which soot particles are deposited, which are burned under certain operating conditions of the vehicle. Ceramizer® does not change the rheological parameters of the oil, does not cause the formation of soot particles, sulfate ashes, phosphorus and sulfur, therefore, it does not affect the work of DPF / FAP and can be safely used in engines with DPF or FAP. Ceramizer® does not change the rheological parameters of the oil, does not cause the formation of soot particles, sulphate ashes, phosphorus and sulfur, therefore it does not affect the work of DPF / FAP and can be safely used in engines with DPF or FAP


Effectiveness confirmed in tests posted on the


The durability and efficiency of the ceramic-metal layer produced is about 10,000 km of mileage or 200 mth.
After this run, it is recommended to reapply Ceramizer® to the engine.
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