Add your opinion - undirbúningur fyrir endurnýjun hreyfilsins, gírkassa og annarra tækja

Add your opinion

Send your own feedback on the use of Ceramizers.

We reward reliable opinions with any selected Ceramizer (opinions in text form) or any selected set of Ceramizers (video reviews).


It is enough to record a video opinion about the observed action of Ceramizers with the help of:
phone, tablet or camera.

You will be welcome (although not necessary) to:

  • information about the vehicle: make, model, year of manufacture, engine, mileage, etc.
  • shots with the car, running engine.
  • own observations and opinions.
  • observed benefits, e.g. fuel savings, etc.
  • increase/decrease in noise, howls, vibrations.
  • making it easier/more difficult to change gears.
  • observations of smoke, oil intake, etc.

Anyone who sends their reliable video reviews will be rewarded freely
selected set (worth from 78 to 206 PLN).

The number of awarded reviews is not limited, everyone will receive a selected set.


  1. Record your video feedback (max 10 GB).
  2. Upload it via or
  3. Copy the link of the uploaded video.
  4. Send us a link with the uploaded video on



The following will be welcome:

  • own observations and opinions;
  • observed benefits e.g. fuel savings, etc.;
  • increase/decrease in noise, howls, vibrations;
  • making gear changes easier/more difficult;
  • photographs of the vehicle;
  • scans/photos of compression pressure measurement diagrams before and ~ 3000 km after application (not required);
  • photo of the diagram from the dynamometer before and ~ 3000 km after application (not required);
  • the date/period of observation, the name of the person who made the observations and measurements.

Remember to add:

  • name and surname;
  • make, model of the vehicle, year of manufacture and engine capacity;
  • Pass.

Send feedback to

We reward reliable opinions with any Ceramizer of® your choice.

Measurements and opinions will be published on the .
Anyone who wants to test Ceramizers® is allowed to take measurements of compression pressures before and after using Ceramizers® for free (measurements apply only to gasoline engines). Learn more about how to take measurements for free.