What are the savings resulting from the use of Ceramizers®? - undirbúningur fyrir endurnýjun hreyfilsins, gírkassa og annarra tækja

What are the savings resulting from the use of Ceramizers®?

Annual savings resulting from the possible use of Ceramizers® up to about 16 million. passenger cars in Poland amount to: PLN 4680000000, approximately PLN 5 billion (from these savings over 200 km of motorways could be built / year).

As a result, the environment will be the biggest beneficiary of the savings, as we will not use 560 000 000 litres of fuel and 4 000 000 litres of oil and we will not emit 2 128 000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. The annual savings refer to 16 million passenger cars in Poland.

These savings are within reach, but you have to want to reach for them…

We assume that on average a car overcomes 15,000 per year. km and burns an average of 8 liters of gasoline / 100 km, then at current gasoline prices of PLN 4.5 / liter we get the amount of fuel cost – PLN 5400. /year.

  1. We assume that the preparation reduces fuel consumption by at least 3%, then we achieve savings of PLN 160 / year on 1 car. If we multiply this amount by 1 million. We will get that our customers will save 160 million a year. PLN, which gives over 35 million. litres of fuel saved.
  2. Reducing min by 5% of oil consumption gives an estimated savings of PLN 7.5 / year on 1 car. If we multiply this amount by 1 million cars, we get that vehicle users will save 7.5 million per year. PLN, which gives over 250 thousand. liters of saved oil.
  3. As a result of saving 35 million. liters of gasoline will not be emitted into the atmosphere CO2 (as a product of gasoline combustion) in the amount of 133000 tons. It was assumed that the emission of 1 ton of CO2 costs EUR 15, i.e. we achieve global savings of EUR 7 million. zł, and what is important, using ceramizer® will reduce the greenhouse effect.
  4. It is estimated that reducing the consumption of car details and extending the durability of the vehicle will bring savings on repairs of PLN 150 per year on each car. That is, for 1 million. we achieve savings of 150 million cars. €
  5. In addition, we obtain an increase in the reliability of mechanisms, which translate into an increase in the safety of vehicle use. Even after an emergency oil spill, the car still retains its efficiency and can cover a distance of up to 500 km. These are important benefits that are particularly important in critical situations, such as when you need to transport victims in an accident or in the event of an emergency oil leak, reach the nearest repair facility.
  6. Assuming an annual average mileage of the car will be 15 thousand. km and bearing in mind the durability of the ceramic-metal layer, which is 70,000 km, then the total cost (PLN 160) of using Ceramizers® is spread over 5 years. So the cost of using ceramizers for the gearbox and engine will be only PLN 32 per year for 1 car.

For 1 million. The annual cost of using the preparation will be 32 million. €

Balance for 1 million passenger cars:
PLN 160 million – savings from reducing fuel consumption
PLN 7.5 million – savings from reducing oil life
PLN 7 million – savings from reducing CO2 emissions
PLN 150 million – savings on repairs and overhauls
-PLN 32 million – annual costs of using the preparation

As a result of the use of ceramizers® up to 1 million. cars – estimated measurable savings are: 292.5 million. PLN (approximately EUR 83.5 million).
As a result of the savings, the environment will be the biggest beneficiary, as we will not use 35 000 000 litres of petrol and 250 000 litres of oil and we will not emit 133 000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.
The reported results refer to 1 million. Cars

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