What are the effects of using fuel additives? - undirbúningur fyrir endurnýjun hreyfilsins, gírkassa og annarra tækja

What are the effects of using fuel additives?

At petrol stations, we can find a number of necessary preparations thanks to which our car can function better. Drivers often have no idea that there is a product that will support the functioning of the most important parts of the car. Get to know how fuel additives work, whether it is worth adding them and whether they actually support our car.

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What contaminants can be in the tank?

The fuel supply system, just like other parts of your vehicle, wears out as a result of operation. In the tank there is an accumulation of water. This is because air enters the interior, which, as a result of the change in temperatures, causes condensation of water. The water that lies there corrodes the tank. Rust and contaminants that may be present in the fuel can be stopped by the fuel filter and the fuel pump strainer. It happens, however, that some of the unwanted substances enter the injectors, and their accumulation and the resulting sediment effectively interferes with their proper operation. This significantly hinders their optimal functioning.

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Additives for liquid fuels

The Ceramizer fuel additive (CP) is designed to clean the fuel system during its operation. Removes carbon deposits formed in the combustion chamber. As a result, we get all the time efficient and working injectors, a clean combustion chamber. But it’s not over yet. The fuel refiner ensures proper and even operation of the engine. It leaves it clean. Reduces CO emissions by up to 50% and CO2 emissions by up to 10%. In the case of pouring fuel of dubious quality into the tank, it reduces the risk of failure. A clean system reduces fuel consumption and promotes more accurate and complete combustion. Ceramizer CP is suitable for all types of liquid fuels. Its price is relatively low. Regular use of the Ceramizer fuel additive avoids costly visits to the workshop. Replacing the injector can cost up to PLN 2,000. The application of preparations is very simple. Just add the contents to the tank and that’s it! Gradually, it will clean all dirt. Repeat approximately every 10,000 km.

fuel additives

Protect yourself

Fuel additives, however, are not all you can do for your car. Remember that by following the principles of eco driving, you also contribute to the active protection of your fuel system. These rules will also help you reduce fuel consumption. If you do not know how much your car burns, you can easily count it.

Remind yourself how to optimize fuel consumption. Try to brake the engine. Watch the road closely and predict the behavior of other drivers as much as possible. Check the tire pressure and leave unnecessary luggage at home. Adjust the gear to the speed. Thanks to this, your car will be in working order longer, and you will minimize expenses for expensive repairs and operation. As soon as your car has a filled tank, add CP and enjoy a different driving dynamic.

Now you know how fuel additives work. Their effective operation is confirmed by our customers who feel changes while driving. It is also worth bearing in mind that refueled at unauthorized petrol stations can cause much greater damage than carbon deposited in the combustion chamber. Then it will be necessary to visit a mechanic. That is why it is so important to refuel only good quality fuel and use the protection of the Ceramizer CP fuel refiner.


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