Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners Volvo - undirbúningur fyrir endurnýjun hreyfilsins, gírkassa og annarra tækja

Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners Volvo

Volvo 760 2.4 diesel

Year of Build: 1987
Engine size: 2400
Mileage: about 800,000 km

Opinion: I used two applicators for the engine according to the instructions, I did not do measurements because nothing could help, the current state after driving about 5000 km: the engine ignites better than my version of the petrol also Volvo 740, oil and fuel consumption decreased, soft velvet work, and has a kick.
I also applied to the power steering system – I had high vibrations on the steering wheel above 50 km / h, I balanced the wheels, replaced the discs (they were thin) and nothing, I used ceramizer to support according to the instructions and I do not repair and do not replace anything, over 50 km.
I’m going to use ceramizer from the support to the fuel system – regeneration of the injection pump without removing it, I talked to the mechanic and said that as it helped before it and here it will certainly help. I recommend ceramizer, holes do not patch the tire will not repair but save on repairs, helped me.
Andrew Dolbniak
Opinion sent: 03-10-2010

Volvo 850

Engine capacity: 2.4 petrol
Mileage: 340 000

I used Ceramizers for the engine, fuel and gearbox. I took a chance because I didn’t do pressure measurements or oil tests. I was desperate, because he drank oil like a dragon – before he burned the fuel tank you had to add 1-1.5 liters of oil, besides, a loud and ‘blunt’ box, poor dynamics. After 2 thousand km noticeable changes – I do not add oil and it lasts in the middle of the scoop of oil from about a thousand kilometers. The gearbox has quieted down and the gears enter much lighter. I also noticed a more even work of the engine – before at idle speed every now and then 2 x per minute it got short convulsions, now it works evenly. Yesterday I poured the second dose of Ceramizer into the engine – let it be because it’s worth it.
Janusz Mściszewski
Opinion sent on 3/6/2012

Volvo 940

Year of Build: 1992
Engine size: 2.4
Mileage: 380000
Volvo 940
Opinion: This is already the 4th car in which I use Ceramizer for the engine. Everyone traveled large numbers of kilometers without failure, largely thanks to the protection of Ceramizer. Currently, our “Moose” is doing very bravely. Immediately after the purchase, it was “flooded” with Ceramizer. After driving a certain number of kilometers and this time there was a noticeable improvement in the work culture. Ceramizer arrived during holiday travels. It certainly had a positive impact on the engine, because despite the fact that the engine is an old “armored” diesel and there is no problem with firing in the cold. I definitely recommend it.
Jaroslaw Białobrzeski
Opinion sent on 20.02.2013

Volvo S80

Engine size: 2400
Mileage:171 000

I purchased a VOLVO S80 with a manual transmission 456R 7002 HA. After driving several thousand kilometers, the noise from the gearbox characteristic of damaged bearings began to increase. I drained the oil from the box to check the quantity and quality of the oil. The oil was in dirty green color – I suspect that the previous owner “saved” the chest with an unspecified preparation. On the advice of an experienced mechanic, a crate specialist, I flooded the box with oil with Millers Oils EE Transmission 75w90 1L Nanodrive nanoparticles. The mechanic recommends this oil because he had cases that after its application and driving 2-3 thousand. km box noise was reduced significantly – probably due to smoothing the damaged bearing surface during operation. In fact, immediately after changing the oil, the noise decreased slightly, and after driving 3 thousand. km there was a further reduction in noise levels. But the effect did not satisfy me. Driving the car was a nuisance – especially at speeds of 60-90 km / h, the noise of the box was clearly audible. I decided to use Ceramizer for crates. I applied two portions of ceramizer to 2.1 liters of oil in the box. The effect was felt after driving about 100 km. The noise level decreased, and in addition, the sound frequency decreased, which made the noise less bothersome to the ear. Since using the ceramizer, I have driven about 1 thousand. km and I feel improvement all the time. In fact, I can hear the noise of the gearbox when braking the engine and when driving at ease – this is probably the result of increased clearance in the bearings resulting from their wear. However, when driving “on gas” the box is practically not heard. I recommend ceramizer – I avoided expensive box replacement.

Thomas Foltman
Opinion sent on 2018-03-14

Volvo V40 station wagon

Engine capacity: diesel
Mileage:270 000

I rate Ceramizer very well, in my Volvo V40 car I used the preparation in the engine and gearbox. After driving 1000 km, the engine began to work evenly and the gearbox calmed down. In my opinion, it pays to use Ceramizer.
Opinion sent on 25/08/2013