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Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Colt

I used ceramizers in a 1997 Mitsubishi Colt 1.3. In the son’s car immediately after buying and driving 1 thousand. km of oil poses fell below the minimum. There were no visible leaks, and the operation of the engine is even and quiet. The loss of oil in large quantities is a problem of these cars often described on the colt forum. I applied ceramizer to the engine and the loss was reduced by 60 percent. The son drove about 9 thousand. km and I’m going to buy and apply one more dose of ceramizer.
Chris Bierski

Mitsubishi Galant 1.8 TD

The first time about ceramizers I came across by accident surfing the Internet. I bought in 2002. Mitsubishi Galant 1.8TD. The engine was heavily worn. He took approx. 3 L of oil per 1000 km. I wanted to heal it somehow, and the traditional renovation was quite expensive. I decided to use ceramizer. I measured the silence. compression and I broke down a little. The nominal should be approx. 28 atm, and in my car it was on I cyl 20atm, on II 21, on III 22, on IV 21. I used 2 doses. Almost immediately after the application of the agent, the engine muted. I drove according to the recommendations approx. 2000 km and surprisingly instead of adding 3 L of oil per 1000 km, the consumption dropped to 1 L. I was very satisfied with the effect of the preparation. The next compression pressure measurement was I cyl. 25atm, II 24, III 26, IV 25. At that time I was working in PKS. I persuaded the management to apply the agent to the engines in buses. But I did not have the opportunity to observe the effects of the action, because another person was dealing with it, but I know that there was also an increase in silence. Compression ratio. I am very satisfied with the use of ceramizers that I bought in your company. I highly recommend them to those who want to save on expensive repairs of engines or drive systems or prevent them.
Yours sincerely
Mirek Starzomski

Mitsubishi Galant

Year of Build: 1994
Engine size: 2.0 V6
Mileage: 276 000 km

After pouring this “magical something”, the pushers go silent, and as well galant owners know, the chirping pushers in our models are the norm. So far I’m pouring (it’s a pity that it lasts only 5,000 km) and no side effects I have not observed on the contrary silence in the engine (and in V6 it is a duty) and zero oil intake … zero I do not have any scans for you, because I use Ceramizer mainly to mute the above-mentioned pushers. Btw. unless I would not buy it from you if it did not help 🙂
I recommend and greet
PS. how could I flood it instead of oil for the engine such is a good 🙂
Patrick Szpala
Opinion sent on 30-01-2012

Mitsubishi Galant

Year of Build: 1999
Engine size: 2.5 V6
Mileage: 146000

I was prompted to use the ceramizer by strange noises from under the hood of the car. My forked six worked really quietly, but by the time something started to knock evidently, with time getting louder, it began to resemble the sound of a diesel engine. People familiar with the subject said that they were hydraulic pushers or valve sealants. I decided to change the oil from semi-synthetic to synthetic and add ceramizer. After driving about 400km, the knocking has stopped, the engine behaves as it used to, fuel consumption has dropped by about 1l/100km in the combined cycle. I didn’t notice any drops in power or anything to worry me about. I sincerely recommend ceramizers!
David Jasinski
Opinion sent on 30.09.2012

Mitsubishi Lancer (1991)

21.03.2006 (mileage 187950km) – oil change in the gearbox and I also poured ceramizer
23.03.2006 (mileage 188070km) – so far I drove 120km from flooding this ceramizer, the improvement so far is small but it is always an improvement:
-better enters the one
-Slightly better enters from 1 to 2 (although on the cold still synchronizer makes itself felt, crunch when throwing 2 although I already
I almost learned to change without it, it is possible that it is so worn out that here just nothing will help
-generally begins to walk quieter chest
7.04.2006 (mileage 188650km) – so far I have driven about 700 km with ceramizer and I see a general improvement, it is smoother and at all but unfortunately I do not fix the synchronizer 2-ki :(. Apparently it was already too badly damaged, I’ll wait a little longer maybe something will improve.
21.04.2006 (mileage 189450km) – I have driven 1500 km with ceramizer and I see all the time improvement, gears enter smoother and the box works quieter, and the synchronizer 2-ki although it makes itself felt is a colossal difference compared to what was at the beginning, besides, all the other problems in the box have subsided. I think that the purchase of this ceramizer was a good idea and I do not regret the money spent on it, I certainly highly recommend it to all those who are struggling with the ailments of their gearboxes 🙂

21.04.2006 (mileage 189460km) – compression pressure measurement: cylinder1: 10.3kG / cm2, cylinder2: 10.0kG / cm2, cylinder3: 8.5kG / cm2, cylinder4: 9.8kG / cm2 , then I warmed up the engine at idle and poured ceramizer into the engine (all according to the attached instructions), I will add that before flooding I also changed the oil in the engine along with all filters.
27.04.2006 (mileage 190000km) – another measurement of compression pressure made amazing results as can be seen from the results: cylinder1: 11.5kG / cm2, cylinder2: 11.3kG / cm2, cylinder3: 10.5kG / cm2, cylinder4: 11.1kG / cm2, it is only a little over 1/3 of the recommended distance and such an improvement, we will see what will happen next
01.05.2006 (mileage 191070km) – another compression pressure measurement has been made and I am fully satisfied with the results: cylinder1: 12.5kG/ cm2, cylinder2: 12.4kG / cm2, cylinder3: 11.8kG / cm2, cylinder4: 12.1kG / cm2, full recommended distance.
Another product that I am very happy with and I do not regret the money spent, besides, my gas consumption has decreased by less than one and a half liters per 100km, while its performance has also increased. Today I came from a longer route and I was very pleased with the capabilities of my car, especially when overtaking, and it was satisfied with gas consumption of over a liter less. Not only that I will feel it positively in my pocket, my engine will enjoy trouble-free operation for longer due to reduced wear due to less friction. I recommend it to anyone who wants to subtract a few years from their car.
Michal Grudziński

Mitsubishi Lancer Sedan 1.6 MIVEC gasoline

Year of Build: 2012
Engine size: 1,600
Mileage: 18 000 km

Although I used Ceramizer of this company for the fourth time, I decided to share my opinion for the first time. The reason was that last time I had a big problem finding opinions about the use of Ceramizer in a practically new car. Previously, I used the preparation in two Fiats: Albei 1.2 from 2003 and Punto FL 1.2 from 2005. Now I decided to add the agent to the Japanese Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6 from 2012 at the first oil change (Ceramizers for the engine and fuel at the first warranty inspection). Before buying, I combed the Internet for reviews about the use of the agent immediately after the car arrived (I did not find it) and contacted the customer service . Here I received an assurance that the use of the agent is completely safe. For lancer I used a means for the course of… 10 thousand. Miles. I didn’t take any pressure measurements because it didn’t make any sense at all. What did I notice? The fastest mute work. Already after 100, 200 kilometers the car in the feeling became very quiet. The work of the engine became velvety and even more even. At idle speed, the car is practically not heard. At first, I had to check if it had accidentally gone out by looking at the tachometer. Another symptom is… increase in fuel consumption in the initial period of ceramization. Fortunately, it stopped at about 2,000 km after using the agent and gradually decreased after passing thousands more. Now, after more than 8,000 km since the beginning of ceramization, my Mitsubishi burns on average almost a liter of gasoline less. I did not have many opportunities to check the performance of the car, but on the neighboring highway I calmly managed to accelerate the car to over 200 km / h (previously just over 180 km / h). I did not measure the acceleration, but in the feeling the car is more agile and more flexible. To sum up – I can confirm that using Ceramizer in the car immediately after arrival is safe and economically profitable. I plan to use the agent already every second review, hoping for a cheaper and trouble-free driving of this car for many years to come.
Piotr Kubiak
Opinion sent on 2013-09-01

Mitsubishi Lancer Sedan

Year: 2011/2012
Engine capacity: 1.6 MIVEC gasoline
Engine size: 1,600 ccm
Mileage: 39 000 km

This is my second opinion about the use of Ceramizer and for this, for the same car – Mitsubishi Lancer Sedan 1.6 MIVEC gasoline. For the first time I used engine preparation + fuel in it at the first oil change, at the first warranty inspection, in an annual car and with crazy mileage … 10 thousand Miles. Today my Lancer has just turned 3 years old with almost 39 thousand kilometers. I have just returned from the last warranty inspection combined with the first technical examination. The whole car is in perfect technical condition. At my special request, the exhaust gas inspection and visual inspection of the motorcycle were carried out with great care. The diagnostician was surprised to find that the purity of exhaust gases exceeds even the standards for newer cars (???), and the engine is dry as pepper and somehow works so beautifully. As for my observations, I add photos from the phone with fuel consumption. One from 2013, the other from 2014. The same route – from work to home. In the summer (both from August), at night – after the second shift at work. Start and end in the city (Mszczonów – Żyrardów), distance 15 km, road “50”. It testifies to itself. Friends even after looking at the pictures do not believe and smile strangely. Today I poured new oil and added Ceramizer to the engine again. And so every second review will always be 😉
Piotr Kubiak
Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6 Mivec fuel consumption Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6 Mivec fuel consumption

Related to Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8:

All OK!!!! Since pouring I drove 730km. off-road vehicle mitsubishi PAJERO poj. 2780 benz. The engine runs evenly. Much less vibration. Better engine dynamics (stronger “under the top”). RECOMMEND!!!!

Mitsubishi Pajero Pinin 2.0 GDI
Year of Build: 2001
Engine size: 1999

Before using ceramizer, the GDI engine patted itself cold and sometimes warm with breaks, the so-called ” this type has it with this tapping of valves. At 130 thousand. km, after pouring ceramizer into the engine after 26 km of mileage you can already see the effect, a definite reduction in patting, smooth start, even idle work we will see what will happen next. In general, I do not like experiments in this form, but for now I am pleasantly surprised.
Opinion sent on 26.06.2008.

Before applying the valves made noise, after 200 km it calmed down, I did about 3000km after adding ceramizer valves still quietly, the engine easily enters the revolutions I am still satisfied with the addition of ceramizer to my engine, the car has traveled about 137 thousand km.
Recently I gave ceramizer to a friend for Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 td, after adding and 4 hours at idle diesel more calmly pats and much more evenly.
Opinion sent on 21.07.2008.
Mariusz Murzyniak

Mitsubishi Pajero

Welcome. My car is a 1990 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 TDI.
I have been hearing and seeing your company’s Ceramizer on sale for some time. However, as the gears (1 and 2) still entered as soon as after equalizing the engine revolutions, there was no opportunity to try ceramizer, anyway I admit that I was skeptical about the subject:). However, the vision of a short replacement of the box prompted me to apply Ceramizer to the box. What was my surprise when after driving less than 10 recommended kilometers from the manual, the gears began to enter as never before, I think that as new they were so did not enter 🙂 and how my smile did not go off the rest of the day … to this day, how do I get into Teddy Bear with a “new chest” 🙂
Thank you for such a wonderful product.
Regards, Michał Pajero

Mitsubishi Space Wagon 1.8 TD (1992)

I drive a 1992 Mitsubishi Space Wagon with a 1.8 TD engine. I didn’t notice a reduction in noise in the car, but it’s probably normal to drive all the time. However, I noticed a reduction in fuel consumption by approx. 10-15% and a reduction in oil consumption, which I still have to add between replacements, but not in the same quantities as before. Theoretically, my car has 163 thousand. Miles. mileage and I bought him only one ceramizer. It seems to me that the counter was twisted by the previous owner and this portion was too small. It was necessary to pour two, and the effects would probably be much better. Despite this, I can confidently say the positive effect of this preparation.
Best regards
Andrew Majkowski

Mitsubishi Space Wagon 2400 GDI (1999)

I used the ceramizer for the engine to silence the work of hydraulic valve tappets. In GDI units, this is a common problem for users. I learned about this measure from the forum where a lot of forum users praise this “specific”. In my case, it helped 100%, the engine runs quietly and there is no such irritating sound of “tapping” valves. I am also very satisfied with the customer service and fast shipping of the purchased goods.
I recommend and greet.


Works. Already during the first 200 km, the engine works more evenly, a noticeable increase in power without measurements, after full ceramization a slight decrease in combustion of about 1 liter of gas per 100 km. Used in the engine 3.0 V6 mitsubishi with a mileage of 190 thousand. RECOMMEND