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Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners Mazda

Mazda 323F 1.6 16V 94r

Car Mazda 323F 1.6 16V 94r LPG
Application of ceramizer for oil 18.08.2018r odometer value about 401 000 km
I sold the car on 16.02.2019 with a mileage of 414 000 km

My observations

The car after the application of the additive ignites more easily, the battery that turned quite poorly in the summer, drove through the winter and was sold together with the car, oil consumption decreased from 1 L to 0.4L per 10000 thousand, smoke at high speeds significantly subsided, the oil pressure indicator began to go out with charging, and earlier a second two after the charging control, the engine worked as if more cultured and quieter. I am satisfied with the results of the preparation’s impact on the engine, I will definitely apply it to the next car.

Marcel Gajda

Mazda RX 8 used Tractor

Year of Build: 1994
Engine capacity: 2l benz
Mileage: 77 000 km

Mazda RX 8 with Wankel engine mileage 77000 km – a very severe case… The engine runs but consumes large amounts of engine oil up to 0.5 liters per 100 km and approx. 15 liters of gasoline per 100 km with gentle driving. The engine was in emergency mode, thick blue smoke was coming out of the exhaust, in addition, engine oil was dripping from the exhaust tip. Damage to the catalyst (by oiling it) was also found. Due to the lack of parts for the Wankel engine, I decided to try using Ceramizer for the engine. The car was prepared for a regeneration attempt with Ceramizer. The catalyst was removed and the so-called bare flight was left by mounting two sony lambda signal emulators and the error of the above-mentioned elements in the engine was removed. A metal can was installed on the “exhaust tip” from the exhaust manifold, it was supposed to collect oil, which was “spit out” by the engine.
The oil was changed and the oil filter was removed and Ceramizers dedicated to the box and engine were added. First, Ceramizer into the box, the engine worked for 15 minutes at idle after this time a second portion of Ceramizer was poured into the engine. The engine was left idling for a period of 2 hours. After this time, oil in the amount of about 350 ml, which was collected into a metal container, was poured back into the engine. Before starting the “procedure” I measured the compression pressure but I did not know what the nominal value should be. After a total of three hours from the beginning, the amount of oil in the bowl was much smaller and amounted to 180 ml (the oil was poured back into the engine). Engine off. After cooling, the condition of the oil was checked, it was within the norm.
The engine was restarted and after warming it up, one more dose of Ceramizer was added to the engine and left idling for another two hours. After this time, oil was collected, the amount of which was about 60 ml, and poured into the engine.
After this time, the compression pressure on the engine was checked, which increased by as much as 4.5 bar!!! When such a result was obtained, I turned on the engine to idle, so that the regeneration continued (of course, in the meantime I repaired another car and did not pay attention to the Mazda). I do not remember exactly, but probably after about 3 hours from the compression measurement, blue smoke was no longer coming out of the exhaust, and there was only about 10 ml of engine oil in the bowl.
So the exhaust was put together, without a catalyst but with emulators and a computer connected under EBD II I drove with the owner of the car about 200 km on the route with an average engine load and not exceeding the speed above 4 rpm. While driving, there was no visible smoke coming from the exhaust. And based on computer calculations, the fuel consumption was 11.2 L/100 km. After returning to the workshop, the oil level was checked (it was not a reliable result due to the fact that the engine had been running for 0.5 hours) but the oil was normal.
On the second day, the exhaust was washed, the silencers were replaced and the catalyst was put into regeneration, lambda courts were washed out, which were covered with oil sludge. Then the oil was poured, the filter was installed, poured back the same oil in which the Ceramizers were dissolved. The engine was warmed up and (spinning it at revolutions above 7 rpm.) it was checked whether “it spits oil in the exhaust, there were no signs of oil. This clearly shows that even a very worn engine can be chemically regenerated using Ceramizer in this case it paid off, because the costs of Ceramizers were negligible compared to sealants that can be imported from the USA (for the two front ones with a shipment – about $ 100).
After putting everything together with the lambda courts and the catalytic converter, the car that was doomed to demolition received a “new life”.
Opinion sent on: 2014-10-14

Mazda RX 8 – continued

Current mileage: 84 500 km (during the so-called death there were about 77 000 km)

Since the chemical regeneration of the engine, which was already in an “agonal” state, the car has passed approx. 7 500 km. The engine shows no signs of wear. On 05.02.2015 I spoke to the owner, who confirmed that his earlier problems had disappeared. At the moment, the engine burns approx. 12-13l/100km with medium load, he did not tell me exactly how much he burns at full “gas”, but admitted that about half as much as my car, which is of similar power and burns a maximum of 11l / 100km (it is a turbodiesel after tuning). He also said that he burns oil in amounts normal for this engine. On 09.02.2015 the compression ratio has been checked. The pressures are as high as the nominal values, i.e. they are all around 9.5 to 10.3 bar.
The condition of the candles and the catalyst, which does not bear signs of oiliness, was checked. As it was before. Also, lambda sensors are not contaminated.
Opinion submitted on: 2015-02-12

Continuation of the opinion submitted on 21.2.2018:

In the car, every second oil change is added Ceramizer CM-2T. The compression pressures are stable. Most importantly, the car burns about 0.5 liters less oil per 1000 km.

MAZDA 6 citd

Year of Build: 2006
Engine size: 1998
Mileage: 195 000 km

Opinion: In fact, I had to wait for the ceramizer effect approx. 1700km. After this time, the operation of the engine calmed down and became more even. Nevertheless, the effect on which I cared the most was a reduction in fuel consumption. After approx. 2000km from the use of ceramizer average consumption began to decrease and is now at the level of 5.7L / 100km. Although the car mainly moves on extra-urban routes, it previously needed 6.2L / 100km. Ceramizer also did not adversely affect the operation of the diesel particulate filter. I practically do not notice any losses or raising the oil level (a common cause with DPF). In general, I recommend!
Norbert Czubak
Date of review: 21.04.2010

Mazda 6

Year of Build: 2003
Engine capacity: 2.0 diesel
Mileage: 200 000 km

I used Ceramizer for fuel for the gearbox and for the engine. After driving 300 km, the gearbox began to work better and the gears began to enter smoothly and especially the second gear with which there were problems in the morning. Ceramizer for fuel after about 100 km caused silencing of the injection system, which is very sensitive to fuel in this car. When I start the engine in the morning, there are no more such delicate knocks of injectors. Ceramizer applied to the engine caused that the engine works quieter and additionally there is protection against seizure (in this engine there is a problem with a baked oil dragon and blurred shells on the shaft). In general, I am very satisfied with the effects of using Ceramizers and I recommend them to everyone.
Jacob Karpala
Opinion sent on 11.02.2013

Mazda 6

Year of Build: 2007
Engine capacity: 1.8 petrol
Mileage: 137 000 km

I bought a set of No. 3 Ceramizers – for the engine, gearbox and fuel. He will write briefly.
The last resort before replacing the box. It paid off. The car has traveled 137,000 km and I am sure that the box will serve me for the next thousands of km. It’s really worth it.
Lukasz Kaliszewski
Opinion sent on 2014-01-14

Mazda 626 used Tractor

After applying the ceramizer to the engine of the Mazda 626D car with a mileage of 430,000 km, I observed after driving about 10,000 km calmer engine operation, more even, easier firing of the cold engine in the morning. It feels that the engine has a soul again. I used 2 dispensers due to the high mileage. After testing the ceramizer in the engine, I purchased a ceramizer for the gearbox and for fuel. I am very satisfied with the effectiveness of the products.
Darius Kotarba

Mazda 626 used Tractor

Year of Build: 1998
Engine capacity: 2.0 116 hp beznyna
I applied ceramizer to the engine. Mileage 160 000 km. After application, I can fully confirm the advantages of the product. I did not take measurements before or after using ceramizer, but my subjective feelings look like this. First of all, the flexibility of the engine has increased significantly, from the lowest revolutions the engine reacts efficiently, smoothly accelerates and does not jerk. Previously, it was necessary to spin the engine to higher revs (especially noticeable when changing from one to two). It is difficult for me to say in what condition the engine was originally, but I know that after using the ceramizer, I feel as if I had a completely different engine in the car than before. The ceramization process was carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s orders. About 120 km I did, not exceeding 2500 rpm. The effects did not come immediately, but only after approx. 1600 km. I recommend this preparation to everyone.
A. Buckets
Opinion sent on 22.08.2008

Mazda 626 used Tractor

Personally, I have not yet used ceramizer but a colleague from work used ceramizer for the gearbox in his Mazda 626, the effects are more than satisfactory. The second gear jammed with a quick change after the application the effect disappeared besides, the lighter gears enter the gearbox works quieter so the superlatives themselves. After such effects, I want to apply ceramizer to the engine a great plus.
Marcin Pietrzyk
Date of receipt of the opinion: 1.04.2008.

Mazda 626 2.0 (1983)

A definite improvement in the engine’s operation, especially since I do not know for sure what mileage it has, whether 200,000km or 300,000km. The compression ratio of the engine has improved: it equalized at the level of 12at (it was different 9, 11, 10, 11 ata). The power seems to be greater, but I have nothing to check. Fuel consumption remained at the level of 10L / 100km, I have a “heavy” leg.
Juliusz Laughter
Opinion sent on 15.07.2008

Mazda Mx-3

I used Ceramizer for engine oil exactly 4326 km ago. I have a car mazda Mx-3 1.6 16V SOHC. Before applying the preparation, I had problems primarily with significant combustion of engine oil (approx. 0.5 l per 1000 km – Castrol Magnatec 10W40 oil). After changing the oil to Valvoline maxlife 10W40 and applying the ceramizer, I monitored the condition of the oil on an ongoing basis, for obvious reasons. So far, I have added exactly 0.6 l of oil, which is four times less than before using ceramizer. As for the combustion I did not notice any major changes, but this is due to my “different driving style” which does not allow for the actual measurement of combustion. As for the so-called. the clattering of the engine also did not notice audible changes – but this engine has so much that it likes as it is cold a little “clatter”. After warming up, however, the engine walks cleanly and quietly. As you can see, for me the only noticeable change is the oil combustion limited practically to the ideal state. Praise you for that! As for the rest, I am not able to express both positive and negative opinion, because I did not check the car on any diagnostic instruments. With full awareness I can recommend this product to others, which I also do every day:).
Regards, Krzysztof Bednarczyk

Mazda Mx-3

I bought from you a set of ceramizers for oil, chest and steering, fuel. I used it in the mazda mx 3 1.6 16 v sohc with a mileage of 130 after driving another thousand, the car came to life and significantly improved its performance, especially engine work and acceleration. Nice thing. Thank you and greetings Cezary Kawecki.

Mazda MPV

Year of Build: 2006
Engine size: 2.0 DI
Mileage: 189 000 km

Mazda MPV reviews, ceramizer, ceramizery
Opinion: Hello, I will write this opinion because I try to buy Polish products and I am glad that Ceamizer is Polish and works great. I must admit that my husband persuaded me to apply this preparation to the engine of my car because I do not know about it. My husband had already applied this to his other car and kept telling me that I would be surprised, so I decided. My husband applied Ceramizer to my engine at 180,000km. and he told me to sit in the car for 20 minutes on the engine running and only then I could gently drive the car approx. 500 km. I drive a lot and I have to write that the engine began to work quieter on the first day after approx. 200 km. Today I have ok. 190 000 km. and I’m really surprised because the effect persists, the car lights up lighter in the morning, works quieter and certainly works more evenly because I do not shake the coffee put in the press. I also have the impression that it accelerates a little better. And one more thing I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues.
Regards Anna Stolarek.
Opinion sent on 12.03.2013