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Reviews on Ceramizer® car owners BMW

BMW 316i (1991)

Hello, I used ceramizer in 2 types of engines; Opel Astra 93r. 1.7D and BMW 316i 91r. In both cases, after a certain period of time after application, it was possible to notice the equal operation of the engine and the disappearance of knocks and noise (valves, gears). I checked in both cases in the service: the pressures were equalized to the catalog values, oil consumption decreased in the first case 1.7D to a significant extent (for 1000 km I added maybe 1 hundred, before applying on the same route I had to add almost 4 hundred). I am very satisfied with this product and I recommend 100% to any driver who has problems with an older engine. Certainly it will not be money thrown down the drain, sincerely Kamil Piłka.

BMW 318 IS

Make and model of vehicle: BMW 318 IS
Year of Build: 1993
Engine size: 1800

Opinion sent on 04.03.2009


IT’S already 3 in turn ceramizer, I consider it a CUDENKO. I do not know if the engine is quieter, but with my ride the car oil practically does not take me, and earlier very much as for me szlo-BMW 325 TDS.polecam everyone, should be added to the oil


Recently, I flooded the engine and all the transmissions in the BMW 525 TDS with Ceramizer.
In the engine I “clicked” the valve regulator – the problem stopped after driving about 300 km!
Dyfer – after releasing the ‘gas’ pedal, he gently groaned (there was no tragedy) – after 500 km silence! Gearbox – I had no problems with it, but after applying the ceramizer (500 – 700 km) lighter gears enter (I hope that the rest also goes lighter 🙂 )
Power steering – a definite improvement when it comes to the smoothness of the steering wheel after about 1000 km (I used to feel the ‘steps’)
I wouldn’t describe it as a “miraculous healing.” Progress is also made in chemistry. Besides, I strictly followed the instructions. I did not measure the pressure in the cylinders, because in diesel it is quite a challenge. I will inject the remnants from the syringes into the bearings in my old “luna” washing machine that sit down systematically. How will it work I will buy another spoke 😛
Congratulations to the inventory!
Regards Peter.
Opinion sent on 26.02.2009.

BMW 530 D

In the BMW 530D Car Reg. No AA-VM 746 I decided to use Ceramizer – it was used for fuel. In the engine there was a problem of one injector, the replacement of which is associated with a cost of about 500 euros. After filling half of the tank with fuel with Ceramizer (fuel refiner), any irregularities in the work of the injectors disappeared. Before using Ceramizer for engine oil, a car with a mileage of 270,000 km was checked on a dynamometer and power and torque data were collected, etc. After applying the ceramizer and driving 4,000 km (exactly 3782km), the car was again checked on the dynamometer. An increase in power and torque was found. I personally found a reduction in fuel consumption by an average of about 1 liter per 100km and quieter engine operation, greater flexibility. Warsaw 14.10.2008
Andrew Hoffman
  Engine power measurement of the BMW 330D, before and after the addition of the ceramizer [BMW 330D, engine, power before and after adding ceramizer, opinionBMW 330D, documents

BMW E30 station wagon (1993)

Here is my opinion about ceramizers:
I have a BMW E30 station wagon from the end of 1993 and a mileage of 220 thousand. Miles. Ceramizery buy on Allegro – my nickname: Cenkier. After applying the ceramizer (in the autumn of 2005) to the gearbox after driving a few hundred kilometers, I observed changes in the work of the gearbox on the plus. Namely, the noise resulting from bearing wear has disappeared, the gearbox works much quieter in general, the gears enter more smoothly. The best thing is that after a thousand kilometers I stopped jumping second gear, which often happened before using ceramizer! I planned to replace the gearbox, but after applying the ceramizer it turned out to be unnecessary!!! I saved a lot of cash in this way. After some time, I decided to use ceramizer in the engine (spring 2006).
Here are the effects:
– the engine starts easier
– engine operation is smoother at idle speed
– better enters the rotation
– less heats up
– increased dynamics
In a word, the use of ceramizers in the gearbox and in the engine brought many benefits. I recommend it to anyone who cares about their car. And so much for the effects of using ceramizers in my car.
Best regards!
Michal Cenkier

BMW E32 1992 3.0

The car is a BMW E32 1992. engine 2998ccm3 M30; currently mileage 289000 km. The good BMW (not used by the stereotypical driver for this brand!!!) has been in the family for almost ten years.
Previously, I took care of the car personally, but in the last year it passed into the hands of my younger brother. Since then, more intensive operation of the car began, combined with the lack of any control of the technical condition, the level of operating fluids and, including oil. After a few months of absence, when I decided to review the car, it turned out that the oil level is below the minimum, the engine during heating works unevenly and after putting the car on the channel and starting, from the oil sump you could clearly hear the “patting” of the first shell. After heating it was a little better, but the dynamics decreased significantly and the combustion increased. I did not check the compression pressure, but without it you could feel that the car got into the wrong hands, which will wear it out in a moment.

I was faced with a choice: looking for a second engine and a spacer or just something as strange as Ceramizer. As I told my colleagues who knew mechanics about this idea, they smiled slightly. I urgently needed the car for several long routes, I decided to buy Ceramizer. I briefly read that for larger engines with significant mileage you need to buy two pieces. But I did not read that it is better to pour one first and only after some time the other – I poured two at once, difficult, and I started further operation, of course immediately after flooding the appropriate time the engine went at idle speed.

I drove the car during the first days of operation about 1000 km Unfortunately, every morning I heard the familiar sound of the shells. I gave the car back to my brother. I did not see the car for a month, during this time the car made more than 1000 km, already with the appropriate state of oil (before flooding Ceramizer, the oil in the engine was changed). When after a few weeks I got back into the car, the engine was already working as before the breakdown, I also checked the sounds of the shells – they do not knock. The preparation worked, the car as it turned out also means to be more dynamic, it seems to me that there is also some change in combustion but so far I have not had the opportunity to make appropriate measurements.
I’m currently having a problem with the howling rear bridge in the Subaru Forester, I’m going to use ceramizer again.
Regards Irek

BMW E36 316i

Year of Build: 1994
Engine size: 1600
Mileage: 175 000 km

I had contact with Ceramizer for the first time almost a year ago. I used it because strange sounds began to come out of my engine, as it turned out later they were pushers. After the Ceramizer was flooded, the disturbing sounds stopped. Due to the passage of over 10,000. km it’s time to change the oil. After changing the oil, there are still no signs of wear of the pushers, the engine runs evenly and quietly. I also used Ceramizer for fuel. I do not know to what extent it affected the fuel injections, I will add that they are not audible, but I noticed a slight decrease in fuel consumption, about 0.5 l / 100km. After almost a year of using the preparations, I can say that I am positively surprised and do not regret buying them. I recommend and greet 😀
Michal Wietrzyński
Opinion sent on 6/14/2013

BMW E36 325i

Year of Build: 1994
Engine size: 2500
Mileage: 397 000 km

Hi all, recently I bought at home in the city ceramizer for the engine (on the recommendation of a friend mechanic) because you could hear in the morning when firing knocking and the engine did not walk evenly, a lot of things like coils, candles, filters, oil mechanic replaced me not long ago but still according to me it was not good. After flooding the ceramizer, driving about 300 km in the recommended range, it was evident to feel an improvement especially during low revs (acceleration is now smooth) and at slow speeds it is quiet and calm, the morning clatter when firing also disappeared. I did not take any measurements because unfortunately I have neither time nor possibilities but the difference is and it is not a placebo effect!!! I also noticed for the car less smokes which is felt certainly smokes less by one and a half two liters.polecam anyone who has an old car and a lot of mileage because he will certainly be satisfied. I’m glad that I let myself be persuaded because the effects are significant.. Regards Anna
Opinion sent on 2018-05-30

BMW E36 525 review Ceramizers

BMW e46 320D 150 hp now 190 hp

Year of Build: 2003
Engine size: 2000
Mileage: 235 000 km

Opinion: There were no major problems in my car before using Ceramizer. I decided to use the preparation for the engine, because I often drive short distances around the city, and since winter is going, I thought that it would definitely not harm the engine. My approach was skeptical. However, after applying after about 300 kilometers driven, I noticed that the engine walks much quieter. You can hear it clearly, because before that it was really loud. The second thing is less vibration than the engine. I have the impression that on a cold engine after firing everything goes quieter and softer. In general, I highly recommend this product.
Maciej Women
Opinion sent on 25.12.2012

BMW e46 320d

Year of Build: 2003
Engine size: 2000
Mileage: 188 000 km

I never believed in this type of specificity before I used Ceramizers. I started with the Ceramizer for the gearbox because I wasn’t happy with the smoothness of the gear changes. I must admit that after driving over 1000 km, the work of the gearbox has improved a bit – the grinds with a quick gear change have disappeared, the gears enter lighter. It’s still not perfect but I think it’s a decoupling problem that Ceramizer couldn’t help. Another purchase after a few months – Ceramizer for fuel and engine. I did not expect any super effects – I was thinking more about prevention. However, I must say that the difference is felt – the car has become more dynamic, it screws better on the revs – it just got power. I recommend it to everyone!
Rafal Miniach
Opinion sent on 24/06/2013

BMW 320d

When turning the steering wheel, even small movements caused the “howl” of the power steering mechanism, the fluid was replaced with a better class and quality, but it did not bring results. The next step was to pour the fluid and flood the power assist system with a fluid that has sealing and purifying properties. After using this preparation, the sound intensified very much, which was almost unbearable. The owner decided to replace the booster pump but I offered him to use CERAMIZER for the power steering system. A liquid with cleansing properties was poured and the support system was “rinsed”, the tension of the multi-groove belt was checked – without comments and then I applied CERAMIZER TO THE SUPPORT SYSTEM saying that if it does not help, it must be replaced or regenerated. After driving a distance of about 200km, the sound was only during the maximum turn of the steering wheel. Today I talked to the owner who said that after driving about 400km the sound completely subsided and the power assistance improved.
Regards Damian Szot
Opinion sent on: 22.09.2014

BMW E92 335i

Year of Build: 2007
Engine capacity: 2997 cm3
Mileage: 108 000 km

I poured Ceramizer into the engine, did 300 Km at once, did not follow the recommendations from the instructions. I just poured in and went on tour 🙂 The next day the engine would start more easily. Strange, maybe only I think so, but it is much easier for the starter to turn the shaft. Interesting 🙂
I can not write more reviews, because before the flooding with the car was all OK, now also. I use prophylactically. There is nothing to be afraid of, I have 400HP under the hood and I think that Ceramizer can only help. Recommend!
Ronald Szczepankiewicz
Opinion submitted on: 2013-12-09

BMW 525

Recommend. I thoroughly tested the 2500 km traveled according to the instructions. The oil burning in the engine did not change, but there was a significant decrease in fuel consumption from 12.5 l. up to 9.5 l – BMW 525 24v car.

BMW 525 version E34

Year of Build: 1992
Engine size: 2500
Mileage: 310 000 km

My car, although of a good brand, has already driven its own – 310,000 km is not a joke. My father used it to transport fish from Świnoujście to Poznań for a long time. Now I have it for everyday use… Well, but to the point 🙂 The 2.5 liter engine walked like an old tractor and saw like a locomotive, after pouring two ceramizers REALLY DOES NOT CHLEJE OIL !!!!!! S Z O K !!!!!! Listen I bought a ceramizer not quite believing that it can heal such an old cooing but the improvement is HUGE I emphasize O G R O M N A. The engine began to work much quieter and does not shake the whole kennel of the car. Ignition has become easier on a cold engine.

BMW 525, BMW 525 engine regeneration

The car had problems with ignition (certainly due to dirt in the tank and all this shit after so many years, it happened that it interrupted while driving – we cleaned the tank the improvement was noticeable but it interrupted further, after pouring ceramizer into the fuel system the problem completely disappeared, the car burns like a rocket and so does not kick from the exhaust pipe. There were also problems with support. Adding the original oil brought half effects, ceramizer to the support system also turned out to be beneficial. Listen, I’m not surprised why car dealers don’t use it in factories – because they wouldn’t have faults and wouldn’t make money on parts. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CERAMIZERY!!
Anna Bieniak
Opinion sent on 13.12.2011

BMW 528i (1996)

Hello, I bought two doses of the preparation for the engine bmw528i 96r (gasoline). The initial mileage is about 150 thousand, so much was on the meter, although in practice certainly more. The compression on individual cylinders was 12-13 bar, after driving the first 200km, the dynamics of the car noticeably improved, especially in the lower rev range. The engine also began to work “silkier” and its appetite for oil definitely decreased. After driving about 600km, I observed that during overtaking there is no blue cloud from the exhaust pipe behind me and there is another factor that positively surprised me. As for fuel consumption, I managed to set a new record of savings, on the route Lublin – Warsaw driving in a string of cars I managed to go down with the average fuel consumption to the limit of 6.2L / 100km!!!! The data was read from the on-board computer and the measurement was carried out over a distance of about 30 kilometers. Maybe some will not believe it considering that the car has a nearly 200 hp engine with a capacity of 2.8L, but it actually is. I will only add that before using the preparation I never managed to achieve a result below 7L / 100km. Delighted with the action of the preparation, I bought it for the second car with a mileage of 280 thousand. and there I can also say about the definite improvement of the work culture, I do not know more details because I do not drive it every day.
Best regards
Marcin Poplonski

BMW 540 (E39) engine 4.4 l

BMW 740

I used Ceramizer in the BMW 740 with a mileage of 270 thousand. km in the engine, in the main transmission and in April this year in the power steering system in the quantities recommended by the ceramizer manufacturer. No measurements were made before application. After driving about 1500km and to this day (286 I found:
– engine soundproofing and more even operation, oil consumption has also been significantly reduced, but there have been no noticeable changes in fuel consumption
– in the work of the main transmission, unfortunately, I did not observe any differences (clearance without the slightest changes)
– clearly lighter operation of the steering system, while the noticeable clearance in the steering transmission (unfortunately there is a hydraulic part in it) has not decreased one bit.
It follows that the preparation works, but its effectiveness is similar to other preparations known today or in the past – it does not harm and generally improves well-being 🙂 (several of them, such as Xeramic, Liqui Moly’s molybdenum disulfide, Swedol Teflon, Militec=Motor Life I had the opportunity to use) However, it is difficult for me to comment on the durability of the components in which the preparation was retained.
Yours sincerely,
Alojzy Szymański


Quick contact. INSTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shipment. Goods REVELATION !!!!!!!!!! In BMW before the application, the rear bridge turned off that the radio could not be heard. Now silence that is stupid. It really works. Recommend


Year of Build: 1997
Engine size: 1.8
Mileage: 256 000 km

Opinion: I lent the car to a friend who was going to the mountains (Wisła Czarny), while driving a car on a very rocky road damaged the oil sump which caused an oil leak. A colleague after this incident called me asking what to do – I used Ceramizer for the engine twice and decided to put it to the test. A colleague drove on without oil to the nearest service about 10 km where the fault was removed. The engine was tested and no damage was found. Thanks to Ceramizer, the journey through the mountains ended without much trouble.
Best regards
Marcin Żur
Opinion sent on 28.03.2013