Reviews on Ceramizer® by Alfa Romeo car owners - undirbúningur fyrir endurnýjun hreyfilsins, gírkassa og annarra tækja

Reviews on Ceramizer® by Alfa Romeo car owners

Alfa Romeo

Engine capacity:2000

I used Ceramizer in my gearbox, the second gear was hard to enter. I changed the oil in the box and immediately flooded Ceramizer at 150000. Gears can now be changed with one finger after approx. 3000 km, currently 153000 gearbox much quieter walks, I am very pleased, the next purchase will be ceramizer for the engine. With a pure heart I can recommend this one to the chest..
Pawel Rzegocki
Opinion sent on 8/28/2013

Alfa Romeo 33

Engine size: 1.7
I rarely trust advertisements, I rarely trust products that are supposed to work miracles invisibly. After all, nothing can replace the replacement of worn elements with new ones. In my case, I am the owner of an Alfa Romeo 33 1.7 16v Qv after tuning the engine, its power exceeds 160 hp and its abuse has led to the wear of gearbox synchronizers – a very delicate element in this model. The cost of repair about PLN 800 plus a few days of downtime and hard-to-reach parts prompted me to use a ceramizer for gearboxes, I bought 2 dos… after driving about 250 km I felt an improvement in performance: the gears began to enter slightly and did not grind at low revs (previously all the time), after doing about 1000 km, the gearbox in the case of normal everyday use works flawlessly, so ceramizer worked. Soon he plans to repeat the treatment and apply prophylactically to the engine.

Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 JTS

Alfa Romeo 156

Year of Build: 2001
Engine capacity: 1.8 petrol
Mileage: 102 000 km

I’ll say it without a fake. I did not really want to believe that the use of this preparation would help me increase the power of the vehicle after such a high mileage, but I used it according to the instructions. The first impression was perhaps wrong, but the car seemed to kick more white smoke. Perhaps because of the cold outside but the air temperature was not lower than +5 degrees C. I was surprised but I decided that this is how it should be during the operation of the agent.
Currently, after driving about 200 miles from the application, you can see that the car has stopped smoking so much (evaporating) is more lively, I have the feeling that quieter, evener works and interestingly I do not feel the need to reduce the gear to a lower one during deceleration.
I will still watch the car but I can already see that the expense has paid off.
I cordially greet and recommend Tomasz Starczak
Opinion sent on 26-01-2012

Alfa romeo 156

Year of Build: 2004
Engine capacity: 1.8 TS 144 hp
Mileage: 180 000 km

(it is worth noting that the owner mounted the compressor and the engine generates about 200HP)
It uses a forged crankshaft and forged pistons.
The problem concerned the variator of variable timing phases. After starting the engine, you could hear the clattering sound characteristic of a diesel engine, and this is a naturally aspirated gasoline unit. The problem arose despite the correct oil level and its replacement every 6-8 thousand. Miles. In addition, the so-called. glasses on the valves. Due to my knowledge of these engines, I checked the lubrication pressure. When starting the engine, it was 0.1 bar, which is much too low pressure. After about 10-15 seconds of work, the pressure increased to 0.4 – 0.5 bar. At this point, the engine components are practically not lubricated at all. The oil was changed, Ceramizer was used for a four-stroke engine – one syringe and drove 150 km at one time and poured the second portion of Ceramizer into a four-stroke engine. And another 50 km were driven. Then the engine was left idling for two hours. After this time, I measured the oil pressure at idle was 0.75 bar, which is within the norm. After this time, the sound of breaking glasses died down, but when the engine was cold, you could still hear the variator.
After driving another 200 km using the full power of the unit and coming to the workshop, the sound of the variator was no longer audible.

Opinion sent on: 4.11.14

Alfa Romeo 156 1.8 TS

Year of Build: 2001
Engine size: 1.8
Mileage:180 000 km

I am generally known here on the forum owner of 5 alphas. Just now 156 1.8 TS from 2001 with a mileage of 177 thousand. I bought this so-called ceramizer miracle and applied … With a mileage of 177 thousand. I reached a speed of about 180 km per hour with a lot of effort on the part of my Bella. Maybe it would go faster, but I think it would need resuscitation. I know my bella inside out. I applied a “miraculous” remedy, “reached” according to the instructions for 200 km leg from the gas for the next 400 and shock …
She went effortlessly over 200 km per hour! I do not know exactly how much max, because I took my foot off the gas. The situation took place on the route from Krakow to Warsaw. The car seems to have rejuvenated. I would be grateful if someone also tested because I may be wrong. But more than 200….. I was shocked. Really after 180 screwed into the rotation as I do not know what … I still do not believe so maybe someone will spend 64 zeta because it costs so much and these 200 km will be devoted to reaching.

Opinion sent on 27-01-2012

Alfa Romeo 156

Year of Build: 1999
Engine capacity: 1.8 TS
Mileage: 232 000 km

I added Ceramizer to the gearbox. The reason for this step was that 2 and 3 always entered with a grind. 2 with a large 3 with a slightly smaller one. After doing this procedure and driving as in the manual only 10km I could not believe what happened. The grinding when throwing 3 completely subsided, and 2 decreased significantly. And only after 10km. I am very positively surprised by the operation of Ceramizer and I am of good cheer as to the further improvement of the work of the box. After all, the process takes up to 1500km. I sincerely recommend it to anyone who has problems with the chest. For me, flooding Ceramizer saved me from repairing the box and expenses associated with it.
Piotr Olejarz
Opinion sent on 8/21/2013

Alfa Romeo 159

Year of Build: 2007
Engine size: 1.9JTDm (150HP)
Mileage: 120 000 km

Opinion: About 3 months ago I bought another Alfa. I am very dedicated to this brand – previously I owned AR 156 2.4JD, AR 156 1.8 TwinSpark, 156 2.0 JTS. My whole family was infected with Alphayolism (my father has Crosswagon, one brother 159 and the other 166).
After buying the 159, I noticed that in 5th and 6th gear the box gently howled. After recognizing the topic in many forums, I decided to do something about it. The matter was not simple, because some knowledgeable forum users recommended replacing the entire chest … Apparently, the M32 boxes from GM already have it and you have to learn to live with it or replace the box with a newer F40. In my case, exchange was not an option. Then I remembered the Ceramizers. I used them in the 156 1.9 TwinSpark and the effect was satisfactory so this time I also decided to trust the company.
About 2 months and 7 thousand kilometers ago I injected into the Ceramizer chest. I admit that for the first few hundred kilometers I did not notice any improvement, but during the holiday trip (5,000 kilometers around the Balkan serpentines) the unpleasant humming on the 5th and 6th gear stopped! One dose of Ceramizer was enough for the chest to stop making unpleasant sounds! To date, the box works quietly and there are no problems with it.
I recommend Ceramizers to anyone who wants to take care of their car in the right way.
Alfa Romeo engine regeneration
Lukasz Klimczak
Opinion sent on 02.10.2012

Alfa Romeo 159 SW

Year of Build: 2007
Engine size: 1910 JTDM 150Ps
Mileage: 175 000 km

Hello, All reading reviews and wondering if Ceramizer really works. I put the opinions in reference to the telephone conversation with Mr. Dariusz who made every effort to explain to me the essence of the Ceramizer product, for which I would like to thank Mr. Dariusz and the team that created this measure. I would like to point out that I have no connection with Ceramizer. I want more inquisitive people who want to use the Ceramizer product for the engine to look for whether Ceramizer had any legal problems… No, it did not have, which clearly means that no citizen went to the Court to ask his rights. Which clearly indicates that the agent called Ceramizer works and does not cause any negative effects after its use. And now about what I observed: During the start of the cold engine, the sound of tapping hydraulic valve tappets was heard, and after starting when the engine was still cold, the interior of the vehicle received a not pleasant vibration of the working engine. I do not have any problems with the engine after despite its electronic tuning and raising the power to 190Hp and 380Nm. All my life I have been driving the Alfa Romeo brand I flooded this remedy despite my disbelief in its properties and its operation . Because in AR 156 1.8 TS died me acetabulum which murdered the engine … After applying Ceramizer to the diesel engine along with the FAP filter, I noticed after covering a distance of about 500 km that vibrations no longer get into the interior of the car, which means that the preparation has already equalized the compression pressure (I did not measure) and when firing the cold engine there is no longer the sound of breaking glasses. But that’s not all my Alfa gathered to work from about 2000rpm and stopped pulling already at about 3500rpm (this is not the fault of a weak program but the essence of the diesel engine that has a long ignition delay) and now my Alfa after driving about 1 thousand km from the application collects from 1500rpm and pulls up to 4000rpm. Combustion decreased minimally according to computer calculations by 0.3 liters per 100 km. In addition, when the engine was cold, you could hear the whistle of the turbocharger now it is gone and I drove from the application 5 thousand km. The operation of the engine has become more quiet, despite the characteristic diesel klang already after start-up, the work is quieter after using Ceramizer, my wife confirms this. What I still noticed is that the engine heats up less during a very dynamic ride, it may be the result of low external air temperature. What I can say is that CERAMIZER works and really improves the work and parameters of the engine. and as for DPF I did not feel any negative symptoms , and even improvement, but more on that in a moment. After driving a distance of 5,000 Km, you can clearly feel the differences in the operation of the engine, namely when I start the engine, the crankshaft no longer spins as long as it did before the use of CERAMIZER. The engine fires almost immediately after pressing the start button. There is no longer the sound of tapping hydraulic valve tappets, the sound of a wheezing turbine, the engine when it is cold I work more “softly” better enters the revolutions. In addition, during typical urban driving, during the firing of the particulate filter, the amount of oil on the bayonet increased, which meant that when the filter burned out, a larger amount of ON was injected into the combustion chamber, which did not burn and dripping down the walls of the cylinder into the oil, thinning it. After using Ceramizer, the amount of oil does not increase, which means that it has sealed the combustion chamber, and that as a result of sealing the combustion chamber, the compression pressure has increased, which allows you to burn more ON needed during DPF firing. Recently, I was at the diagnostic station to perform technical tests, the diagnostician after examining the content of substances in the exhaust gases stated that closer to my car to meet the EURO 5 exhaust gas purity standard and not as it was adapted to meet EURO 4, it means that CERAMIZER works regenerating the car engine and improving its working conditions.
Thank you to the team that created CERAMIZER. These are people who do not cheat, but tell the truth and do not push as many think bubla preying on our money.
Regards Damian from Katowice
Opinion sent on: 2013-12-31

Alfa Romeo 159 SW

Year of Build: 2006
Engine size: 1.9 JTDM 150 hp
Mileage: 185 000 km

One day, while accelerating on twisted wheels, I heard the sound of a crackling outer joint… After going down to the canal and looking at the rubber cover, my fears were confirmed. The rubber cover was cracked, and all the grease flowed out of the joint. I did not see it because it settled on the inner part of the aluminum rim covered by a large brake disc.
I bought a cover along with grease, pulled the joint out of the car and cleaned it with extraction gasoline, and the remnants of dirt were removed with compressed air. After putting everything together by inserting grease into the bearings, I did a test drive during which the crackling from the joint was still audible. I decided to use Ceramizer for transmissions and drive bridges. After removing the rubber cover, I applied one dose / syringe of the above-mentioned preparation. After driving about 120 km, the sound of crackling from the area around the joint stopped. In addition, from that moment I drove a total of 3,000 km and the sound did not appear. I note that the price of the original joint is approx. 600 PLN, and the Ceramizer dose less than 70 PLN, so the savings are very large, and the joint has been regenerated. Despite the fact that my mechanics friends said that it would not help, because if the joint is already knocking, it needs to be replaced. It turns out not at all. In this case, it was enough to use Ceramizer for crates.
In addition, I recommend using this preparation to the owners of Alfa 159 with a 1.9 JTDM 8v/16v engine, because we have M32 gearboxes mounted there with a design defect. This box causes special problems for Opel owners. Nevertheless, I know cases that the above mentioned boxes also “sat down” in Fiats and Alfas. The problem mainly affects the 5th and 6th gear bearings, which wear out quickly. There is a roar, humming in 5th or 6th gear, this already means a serious failure. Later, we only notice the movement of the lever during acceleration and engine braking… and then just an exchange. To prevent this, I used Ceramizer for gearboxes. Ceramizer also brought an additional visible improvement (in addition to securing the transmission), namely during dynamic driving after reducing the gear from 5 to 4, the gear jumped out. Which is not safe when taking fast corners. The symptom of the lack of jumping out of the run I noticed after driving approx. 250 km from the moment of Ceramizer application.
I recommend it to everyone who wants to avoid expensive repairs, because these preparations really work!!!
Opinion sent on: 4.11.14

Alfa Romeo 164 3.0

Engine 3.0 200 thousand. Miles. For 500km went 3 liters of oil and now 100g, fuel burning the same, like a little quieter, and the bowl holds 7.5 l so I will use the second preparation and then I will be able to say exactly. So far ok, I’m satisfied