Reviews about Ceramizer® – regeneration of DPF and FAP filters - undirbúningur fyrir endurnýjun hreyfilsins, gírkassa og annarra tækja

Reviews about Ceramizer® – regeneration of DPF and FAP filters

Audi 100 2.3 E (1992)

In the month of March, when changing the oil, I decided to add ceramizer to the engine. I drive an AUDI 100 2.3 E from 92 with unspecified mileage. After a long stop of the vehicle, for example, after a night during firing, you could hear the clatter of glasses, which after a while fell silent. After the use of ceramizer, this symptom disappeared. Unfortunately, I did not measure other parameters.
Robert Rogala


Year of Build: 1999
Engine capacity: 1.9 TDI ASV engine
Mileage: 275,000 km (2dos for engine and fuel)

Opinion: I drove some 8thousand km from the application, after about 1 thousand km it was already felt with the car as if it gained torque, it copes better. And the combustion fell, and it really apparently. Combustion for me now with the same ride keeps at 4.6l per 100km according to the on-board computer earlier it was 4.8 to 5.0l / 100km according to the computer. You can easily save from 0.2 to 0.4 liters per 100km. At 265k km was taken measurement on the dynamometer, in a short time I intend to repeat and see how much the torque has increased.

Arthur Pawlus
Opinion submitted on: 2012-05-22

Audi A3 1.8T

Year of Build: 1997
Engine size: 1.8
Mileage: 218 000 km

I came across Ceramizer through one of the automotive forums. People have spoken differently on this subject – and the most to say are those who have not even seen it with their eyes. Such opinions should be rejected. I checked the opinions of mechanics – always a negative question whether they checked? -no.
I added Ceramizer to the engine oil in the winter, and I approached it with a lot of distance – if it does not help it will not hurt. I have the car in good condition, and the use of ceramizer I justify the desire for maintenance and not resuscitation. The effects visible after about 500 km are definitely lighter starting the car at negative temperatures, the car works much more gently.
After driving more than 2-3 thousand km, a significant decrease in demand for oil. Previously, every 1 thousand km I added about 200ml, now after 3 months I did not pour a drop. I will add that the car often screws on the revolutions and the demand for oil in the engine from the turbo does not surprise anyone.
I was worried about the effect of Ceramizer on the turbine – unnecessarily. The car “gets up” faster and feel a higher torque already at 1800thousand rpm. Previously, it was about 2 thousand. I did not notice a decrease in combustion – the car did not smoke a lot before. The route is 7l/100, the city max 10 l/100 and remains at this level.
After driving about 2,000 km, I added ceramizer to the fuel – I did not use ceramizer at the same time and therefore it is difficult to assess its impact.
In the near future I plan to add ceramizer to the box and I hope for positive effects as well.
With a clear conscience, I can recommend the use of ceramizer mainly as part of maintenance and not resuscitation of the destroyed power unit.
Piotr Brzozowski
Opinion submitted on: 2012-06-06

Audi A4

Year of Build: 1998
Engine size: 1.8T
Mileage: 24 000 km

I have owned an Audi A4 for over 1.5 years I am in love with the car I take care of every detail in the car. But about 5 months ago I had a problem the car began to jerk while driving, when starting the car the engine behaved very loudly, you could hear the clatter, I often had to add oil (once a month, sometimes two depending on how much I drove)I went to the mechanic immediately found engine repair or sale. The latter was out of the question, it was time to change the oil after doing this, a colleague told me to add Ceramizer.
WOW after half a month I felt the differences when starting the engine behaved quieter, the engine began to work more evenly without such noticeable vibrations. The revs ceased to go crazy at a standstill as well as in driving. After pouring Ceramizer, the car has better acceleration once accelerated at 2 thousand as the turbine turned on and now accelerates at 1700-1800 thousand rpm. After these five months, I added the oil twice. I am very pleased that Ceramizer saved the life of my Audi (the mechanic does not believe that it is the same engine even when they are the same engine number-idiot) but the most important thing is that I did not have to sell the car and walks like a newborn. I definitely recommend Ceramizer for engines.
Best regards
Sylvia Wukowicz Olszanka
Opinion sent on 2013-08-03

Audi A4

Year of Build: 2000
Engine size: 2.4 V6
Mileage: 250 000 km

After applying Ceramizer, the engine works evenly and collects better. At the beginning I had doubts whether it would do anything but after driving 3,000 km I see a big difference both in the sound of work and in performance. Regards, Tomek.
Opinion sent on 8/30/2013

Audi A4

Year of Build: 2001
Engine size: 1.8
Mileage: 211 000 km

The engine was damaged by a “module” which, to my knowledge, is not originally fitted to this vehicle. In this module, the coolant returning from the radiator flows, there is also a hose for lubricating the turbocharger. The failure consisted of a burst heat relay and mixing of oil and coolant. At the moment when the car was in the workshop, crackling was heard coming from the area around the head – probably the tappets of the hydraulic valves.
After removing the fault, cleaning the lubrication and cooling systems and pouring high-end oil, the engine was turned on, the sounds coming from the tappets did not decrease. After 10 minutes of work, there were additional “knocks” coming from the connecting rod area. Due to the fact that I am not a supporter of grinding the shaft and changing the shells to larger ones, I said that at this point the risk of incurring the costs of replacing the engine is high. Possible repairs of the shell shaft and pushers may not bring the expected effect. I said that you can take a chance and apply Ceramizer owner after despite the skeptical approach agreed. After adding two portions of Ceramizer to the engine oil and after about 3 hours of idling, the sounds disappeared and the engine works as it should.
To confirm the durability of the agent’s operation is that the car from the above-mentioned treatment drove 5000 km, the owner changed the engine oil and additionally covered 1200 km. And nothing bad happens with the engine.
Opinion sent on: 2014-10-14

Audi A4 1.8T 20v

There was a failure in which water got into the lubrication system. The vehicle continued and water was added to the cooling system.
When the car appeared at my place, I heard the sound of breaking hydraulic valve tappets. After removing the fault and flooding the engine with new oil, the sound did not subside – after about 10-15 minutes at idle I heard a noise from the bottom of the engine. I broke the oil, unscrewed 1 foot of the connecting rod and saw that the acetabulum is slightly rubbed, there were no traces on the shaft. After assembling everything and flooding the engine with thicker oil, I added Ceramizer to the engines, leaving it for about 4 hours of idling, after this time no disturbing noises could be heard. I know that the above mentioned Audi has already covered 1000 km and everything is in the best order and I recommended adding one more dose of Ceramizer.
Regards Damian Szot
Opinion sent on 22.09.2014

Audi 100 2.0 TD (1989)

I used ceramizers in two cars – Audi 100 2TD diesel from 1989 with a mileage of about 220000 km, at least that’s what it has on the odometer, the second gasoline with LPG carburetor Peugeot 309 from 1988 with a mileage of 198000 km. In both vehicles there was a significant reduction in engine operation, the smoothness and flexibility of engine operation improved, and even oil consumption decreased, fuel consumption also slightly improved, i.e. there was a slight reduction in the consumption of both diesel and LPG, although in the case of LPG the consumption decreased to a greater extent, because before the use of Ceramizer it consumed an average of approx. 8.5-9.5 LPG, and after it fell to 7.5-8 liters !!!! The behavior of cars after adding your preparation: to a large extent, after driving about 500 km, they worked much quieter and the acceleration improved. I did not add any other means after using Ceramizer. As for the gearbox – I used ceramizers in the Peugeot 309 because there were difficulties; sometimes when throwing 3 gears, the gearbox worked as if it was overloaded, despite the fact that it was flooded with fresh oil – after pouring the preparation and following the recommendations – the gears began to enter gently after driving about 350 km. I can say that I am more than satisfied with the purchase and functionality of your funds. They are, although I did not believe that anything would help really effective !!! – Conclusion that Ceramizer helped with the box and engines !! However, it is difficult for me to assess the fuel agent because it could have had an effect together with the ceramizer that was added to the oil in the engine and therefore I can not comment on it. Unfortunately, I do not have scans from the compression pressure measurement (I did not have access to the instruments). I made the observation for the first time in May 2005 on an Audi 100 and on a Peugeot in February 2006.
Yours sincerely,
Andrew Wisniewski

Audi 100 TD

GREAT POSITIVE!!! Super express shipping. Audi 100TD 450000km, after driving 650km the oil lubrication indicator stopped blinking at idle speeds, the engine works better and starts easier. Recommend!!!

Audi 100 2.8 E

Audi 100 2.8E. I took a pressure measurement before (212000 km): 1) 10,5 2) 11,0 3) 10,5 4) 12,5 5) 10,5 6) 11,0. On average, it comes out 11.0. After (215000 km): 1) 12,0 2) 11,0 3) 12,0 4) 11,5 5) 12,0 6) 12,5. On average, it comes out 11.83.

Audi 100 C4 2.3 l. (1992)

I have a car Audi 100 type C4 2.3 liters gasoline + gas from 1992. The mileage of the car is difficult to determine, probably well over 300 thousand kilometers. I applied ceramizer to the engine in the amount of two doses, according to the instructions I added the second dose after driving about 500 kilometers from the first dose. I did not take pressure measurements for lack of time.
My observations are as follows:

  1. Much quieter engine operation
  2. The motor runs evenly and with virtually no vibration
  3. Hydraulic valve tappets have fallen silent
  4. Starting a cold engine after a night is much more efficient and there is no such characteristic “dry” operation without oil
  5. Engine flexibility has improved

The previous owner of the car, after hearing the engine work, asked if I was replacing the engine or doing a renovation because he did not work so quietly 🙂 I have ordered a ceramizer for the gearbox, we will see what the effects will be.
Overall, I am very satisfied with ceramizer and can recommend it to other users.
Date of receipt of the opinion: 3.04.2008.

Further part of the opinion received on 11.6.2008:
After positive results with the use of ceramizer for the engine, I decided to apply ceramizer to the gearbox. The box was flooded with synthetic oil, before going on vacation I added 1 dose of ceramizer to the box. Since then, I have driven about 4,000 kilometers, the gears enter without resistance, even switching without a clutch 🙂 the box worked rather quietly and now it is practically not heard. The result is all the more positive because I gave 1 dose per 2.4 liters of oil and this is a gearbox together with the transmission! I recommend it even if someone thinks that his chest works without problems!
Pawel Adamik

Audi 80

Hello, I am positively surprised by the result of the ceramizer, I used it for the audi 80 gearbox with a mileage of 240.000km. It is true that I felt the action only after driving 1000km, but very positively, the transmission goes much quieter and the grind disappeared when switching 2nd gear, surprisingly there were also slight leaks from the back of the box. It is sometimes worth taking advantage of technical novelties appearing on the market. The product in all its glory met my expectations, I am satisfied with it and I recommend it to all my friends. The shipment was immediate and nice contact, I RECOMMEND!

Audi 80 2.0 E B4 (1994)

I met ceramizer for the first time on the website looking for a means to reduce the oil consumption in a car of the brand “Audi 80 B4 2.0 E 85 KW 94 year”. I bought the car in Germany mileage 160000 km documented. The car on gasoline reached practically 220 km / h on German motorways (which, of course, I checked without endangering anyone in any way). However, I was surprised by the high oil consumption on the route. Reading carefully the posts and reviews about this product I decided to be tempted and try “Ceramizer for the engine”. Before giving ceramizer, the engine of my car for 1000 km drew me practically up to half a liter of oil, which I was not happy with, I tried to change the oils, but I did not achieve anything because of it. Therefore, I decided to replace the sealants. After this procedure, the oil intake decreased significantly, but I was still not satisfied with it until the end, because the car still took me up to 0.3 oil. After all these treatments, I bought and applied ceramizer. In the initial period, I drove around the city. After driving about 500 km, I was pleasantly surprised, because I lost only 2 mm of oil on the bayonet, the engine work slightly leveled out, and the engine in the car worked lighter. After driving another 1000 km I did not notice any oil intake in the city in the car:) which I am very happy about. Recently I checked the car on the route, at a speed of up to 140 km / h, the car practically does not charge me oil. Above this speed, the car draws oil, but only 0.2 for about 1000km which I am happy with:). Of course, I forgot to add that after arriving in the country, the car was converted to LPG and on the route the gas combustion after using the ceramizer is from 10 to 11 l / 100km, and on gasoline from 7-8 l / 100km :). I wish other drivers a similar feeling after using ceramizers !!! Yours sincerely,
Tomek from Tarnów

Audi 1.8 S B3

I will describe my impressions of the Audi B3 1.8 S. Auto has a mileage of 240 thousand km. I’ve been driving the car for almost a year and I’m slowly starting to get to know it, the only thing that bothered me was the roaring gearbox, maybe overloaded, because the noise increases during acceleration and engine braking, especially in 3rd gear. Although I have driven only 300 km since applying the ceramizer, the noise has slightly decreased, the gears are lighter, and it seems to me that the rolling resistance has decreased! My brother, who drives my car rarely, said it was much better. I followed the recommendations exactly and I hope that the investment in ceramizers will bring more and more results. Prophylactically, I used a preparation for fuel and engine. As for the fuel refiner, it is difficult for me to say the operation because I ride on LPG, and now I drove 500km on pb95 with ceramizer, and it is known that the engine powered by LPG is a little weaker. However, I felt an obvious difference after several dozen kilometers after applying the preparation to the engine. The engine has calmed down and works more evenly, as if lighter, definitely the preparation WORKS! I’m overzealous and constantly rides calmly so up to 3000rpm:( I’m just afraid that I could apply an understated dose to the box because who knows if the 240000km on the odometer is true. After driving 1500 km, I will want to add another opinion, after finishing the processing. I hope that I will save money thanks to your products on replacing the gearbox and this is several times higher cost.
Regards, Marcin Pasicki,Fajsławice

Audi 80 B3 (1988)

After reading many flattering opinions about your products on the Internet and due to some shortcomings of the 1.8 engine in my Audi 80 b3 from 1988, I decided to convince myself of the operation of the offered ceramizer for the engine. After receiving the parcel, I just had a great opportunity – a 260km route from Bydgoszcz to Warsaw. Following the recommendations, I applied the contents of the tube to the heated engine and after 10 minutes at idle I set off on the road, to tell the truth without exorbitant hopes. And in fact, I didn’t feel any change…. until the way back. It was very positive that my surprise that the engine caught fire after a shorter start and walked much quieter, but the joy reached its zenith when for the first time after a year of owning this Audi I easily overtook in V gear! What’s more, even one “chirping” valve tappet in the head was silenced, so I was extremely happy that the cost of replacing it had gone. Unfortunately, I do not have a graph from the diagnostic station, but when buying a car on my own, I made a compression pressure test, it ranged between 9.5 – 12 bar (mileage 270,000km). After applying ceramizer I retested and the difference decreased to 10.5 – 12 bar!! The engine runs evener, it is easier to spin on the revs, there is a noticeable improvement in dynamics and combustion in city mode has dropped from 10.5-11 l / 100km to 9-9.5 l / 100km (gasoline) ! I will point out that I ordered 4 packages of ceramizer, also for the car of Father and two colleagues. In their case, analogous results were noted. In Father’s car, it was supposed to be rather a cosmetic procedure, because his Opel Astra 1.6 from 1998 had only 70,000km of mileage and walked flawlessly, but even in this case the increase in dynamics was at least noticeable. We are all fully satisfied with the use of the product and can confirm that ceramizers really work. At such an affordable price, receiving such a wide spectrum of benefits is simply a hit. I used the preparation in November 2005. The biggest difference I noticed after driving the first 260km, in the next kilometers there was a normalization of the engine operation. At the moment, since the use of the ceramizer, I have driven approximately 10,000km, the improved engine parameters still persist, there has been no engine malfunction, everything is clockworking.
With full responsibility, I recommend the ceramizer I used for the engine and I declare that the opinions contained here are my own and completely true observations.
Yours sincerely,
Radoslaw Jakubowski

Audi 80 1.6 TD (1991)

Hello everyone and greet the manufacturers of ceramizera. I have a car AUDI 80 1.6 TD 1991r. I replaced the rings and shells on the connecting rods. Upon arrival, however, the engine had a so-called turbo-hole. I decided to pour ceramizer. After 1000 km I realized that the turbo-hole disappears, and the engine accelerates better. I poured into the chest and it calmed down by half. I poured to the support, because you could hear squeaks when turning, and all the time strangely buzzing. After a year of time from the moment of pouring ceramizer, the squeak and humming disappeared. Now I will regenerate my developed angle. I persuaded many people to use ceramizers, and everyone is satisfied. How nice to see how something in our car regenerates itself. Best regards. Dariusz Wójcik Opinion sent on 18.11.2007

Audi 80 1.6 TD (1990)

I own an Audi 80 1.6 turbo diesel. The car has traveled over 230thousand km. For a long time it was possible to feel that the gearbox after starting needs a few kilometers to change gears smoothly without noticeable resistance. At first, I changed only the oil itself in the gearbox, but it did not help much. Finally, my cousin persuaded me to try ceramizer. I poured one dose of ceramizer. After driving about 2,000 km, it could be observed that the gear change takes place more smoothly and the period of operation of the gearbox on “dry”, immediately after starting the car, definitely shortened. It will certainly be more noticeable in winter at lower temperatures.
Regards, Luke
Opinion sent on 05.09.2008.

Audi 80 2.3 (1992)

Brand: Audi
Product No.: 80 B4
Year of Build: 1992
Engine: Petrol
Capacity: 2309 cm3
Number of cylinders: 5
The measurement was performed with the same instrument each time to minimize measurement errors.
Due to the difficult access and capabilities of the instrument, the measurement of compression pressures was performed on the last three cylinders, i.e. 3.4 and 5.

Measurement date Meter status Distance from application time Cyl 3 Cyl 4 Cyl 5
2005-02-24 219486 0 12 12 11
2005-03-11 220297 811 12 12 11
2005-04-08 221723 2237 13 13 13

Regardless of the actual value of the compression pressure, there is a clear improvement, especially on the 5th cylinder. The compression pressures were equalized on all cylinders.
Although I am very skeptical about any miraculous means added to fluids to improve lubrication (reduce resistance, etc.) or engine operation in general, in this case I am really surprised.
Best regards
Paul G.
Date of receipt of the opinion – 04.2005

Audi 80 1.6 Diesel (1983)

Ceramizer applied in the amount of one dose to the engine and to the fuel, engine with a mileage difficult to determine. Smoke has decreased, engine start-up has been facilitated and work has been gently silenced. This is another car in which I used Ceramizer and in all cases the effect is very positive!
Pawel Adamik
Opinion sent on 05.11.2008.

Audi 80 B4

Year of Build: 1993
Engine size: 2.0 ABK
Mileage: 222 768 km

Hello-car I bought in August this year (2011) from an elderly gentleman, I did an oil change and added ceramizer. After driving 500 (including 200 according to the instructions, because it is very important) the engine work leveled out and muted, I expected at the same time that the loud work of valve self-regulators (so-called glasses) would stop, but unfortunately not (I do not know if the mileage of my car is authentic: 222 768 km perhaps has more kilometers “broken” and one ceramizer will not help although the instruction states that at the morning start you can hear 3 to 5 seconds of “glass”, before they fill up with oil) – I have already driven several cars from the VW group with the same 2.0 engine and there was no such effect (of course on my favorite oil “C” magnatec 10w40). To sum up, after adding one ceramizer there are already effects I will add one more (harm will NOT hurt, and whether it will help it will turn out after a full cycle of ceramization) I will definitely share my impressions – greetings – automotive fan Andrzej. PS. I’m going to add a ceramizer to the bike, but next season (2012), I will also share the impressions that it brought – the width of the Driver :))))
Andrew Jarema
Opinion sent on 22.11.2011

Audi 90 2.3 (1991)

I purchased all three, for a gasoline engine (along with a fuel additive) The use of this preparation definitely improved the gear engagement – this is an addition to the gearbox. adding to the engine oil caused as if the engine work was heavier at first… however, after driving the required 1500 km at certain revolutions, the work became more even and quieter…. let me remind you that my engine has driven over 300 thousand. km and has 5 cylinders (Audi 90 2.3 136 hp r. pr. 1991). With frosts -30 st. there was not the slightest problem with starting the engine. I am satisfied with the preparation and recommended it to family and friends. He passed the exam completely..
Robert Joniec

Audi A4 2.6 (1996)

I am pleased to share my insights. I used Ceramizer for the 2.6 V6 engine in the Audi A4 96r. The vehicle after the crash stood 2 years outside / under a cloud /. Mileage 120thousand. Miles. After repairing the right front and one of the heads, it was suggested to me to protect the engine with some preparation. I found out the rest myself and from the many available I chose “Ceramizer”. After driving 20k. km I went to the Audi Authorized Service Center to check the engine and evaluate it. It turned out that the engine is 100% efficient, thus its parameters are exemplary.
Best regards.

Related to Audi A6 2.8:

Some time ago I decided to buy a ceramizer, which apparently – so it was written in the auction – has a very good effect on the engine. I will not hide that with a certain amount of disbelief I poured a miraculous preparation into the engine of my car. I have an Audi A6 2.8 V6, which basically lacked nothing: the engine went until the ceramizer was poured without problems, there was no major problem with firing even at low temperatures, the engine was quite quiet, etc. That’s why I wondered what else could get better. And yet. After pouring the ceramizer for about 2 thousand kilometers, nothing special happened. However, after driving about 2 tkm. I noticed that the engine seemed to walk lighter. This time coincided with the greatest frosts. The engine, despite the very low temperature outside, began to ignite as if it had no resistance at all. Previously, with less frost, it lit a little harder. I also noticed that the engine seemed to have arrived a pair of foals under the hood. It reacts much more briskly now to pressing the gas pedal and is certainly quieter. After pouring ceramizer and driving about 3.5-4 tkm. the engine also began to work more evenly as if it had adjusted itself. I ended up with a small “swimming” of rotations that sometimes happened. I do not know what exactly happened in the engine but the problem is over and this is the most important thing. I will also mention a slight decrease in combustion. Previously, in the city, the car burned approx. 16.5 ltr. gas at the moment rarely goes above 15 without changing the driving style. On the route, combustion also decreased by about 10-12%. Summarizing. Buying a ceramizer is a very good investment. Ceramizer really works and gives full satisfaction, although you have to be patient and carefully observe the car. It turned me back a long time ago – saving fuel and gas – and gave me satisfaction with the use. Anyway, the best proof of this is that I have already bought several pieces. And one more thing. These are not the last ceramizers I bought.
The observation was made by Maciej Gorzkiewicz – a satisfied ceramizer user.

Audi A6

Year of Build: 1998
Engine size: 1.9 TDI

I am a driver of an Audi A6 with a 1.9TDI 1998 engine. For some time, the car began to jerk and interrupt and changed the revs while driving. After visiting the plant dealing with the diagnostics of diesel engines, the mechanic found that the injection pump adjuster is damaged and it is he who is the cause of uneven engine operation (repair cost PLN 700). After this visit, I drove for another month with a damaged setter, until I came across the website on the Internet .

After reading user reviews, I purchased three CERAMIZERS ENGINE-FUEL-KIER SUPPORT. After applying a dose of FUEL + ENGINE and after driving 800km, the car began to work normally, all symptoms indicating a damaged setter disappeared. As for the engine, the car has become more dynamic, fuel consumption has decreased, when starting in the morning, the engine works quietly. After consulting with the same mechanic, it was stated that this was a coincidence and that no agent applied to the fuel could repair the injection pump adjuster. But as you know in mechanics, nothing is a coincidence. From that moment I drove 12000 thousand km and the symptoms indicating the adjuster did not return. Personally, I am satisfied with the products of your company and recommend it to others. Next week I will be testing ceramizer in the BMW E30 325i and in the HONDA TRANSALP motorcycle.
Kamil D.
Opinion sent on 27.07.2009.

Audi A6 2.5 TDI

Year of Build: 1996
Mileage: 317 000 km

After a thorough study of the principle of operation and user reviews about ceramizers, I decided to apply to my well-worn engine (oil consumption below 1L per 15,000km). Since it would be difficult to maintain low loads and low revs over a distance of 200km (mainly driving in the city), I decided to do 15min + 4h of engine idling. The car was working, and I monitored periodically if everything was OK. Approaching the car every 40 minutes or so, I noticed that the nature of the engine is clearly changing. All “hard – metallic” sounds of engine operation were clearly silenced. The engine runs more smoothly and softly, which is clearly felt in diesel with direct injection. With increasing mileage, the positive effect persists. Another effect is a greater lightness of gaining revolutions by a cold engine, I clearly felt a reduction in internal resistance despite the fact that I ride on a very good oil 0W40 which does not glue the engine in the cold.
Tomasz Praszkiewicz
Opinion sent on 6.3.2011.

Related to Audi A6 1.9:

Year of Build: 1999
Mileage: 220 000 km

Ceramizer I used not only in Audi but also in other cars both engine and gearbox in diesel engines quieter operation and better firing at low temperatures. Ceramizer most surprised my friend who drove a bmw 318is problems with switching on the 2nd gear replaced clutch oil in the box and nothing 800zł in vain, only ceramizer to the gearbox helped after driving 500 km the effects were visible and after 1000km the fault completely disappeared. I am also 100% convinced that this product fulfills its task. Pozdro KAMIL WGR
Kamil Dominiak
Opinion sent on 12.5.2011.

Audi A8

F.H. PROFI ABEG Group – GERMANY Rolling bearings

We would like to thank you for selling such a wonderful preparation as CERAMIZER. We have been using in our company for several years to all cars with sensational results.

We were even saved by the Opel Omega MV6 car which, driving on LPG, obliterated the fuel injections, the service ruled to replace, but we used ceramizer for fuel and the injections regenerated and work perfectly. The failure rate of cars has decreased, combustion has decreased, they do not smoke even with high mileage, they work quieter, they do not overheat even in extreme conditions, and we had a problem with this before.

We are not afraid to apply to cars of even higher class, we applied to the AUDI A8 with a sensational effect, improved flexibility, quiet operation, lower fuel consumption, reduced exhaust toxicity. Now we decide on a comprehensive application in mercedes S-500 of the highest class car with a powerful engine, the car is 100% efficient, does not take anything oil, we use prophylactically so that it serves long and trouble-free, for oil three doses (8 liters), for fuel 2 doses per 85 liters, for support 1 dose, for the box NIE AUTOMAT.

Thank you and we wish VIDAR development and success, because the product sold is worth it.
Krzysztof Blach
Date of receipt of the opinion: 04.02.2009

Audi S6

Year of Build: 1995
Engine size: 4.2
Mileage: 290 000 km

I can definitely confirm the benefits of Ceramizer. Since my engine has exemplary parameters, I flooded this wonderful “elixir” only purely prophylactically, but I received something in return ranging from less combustion, through quieter operation, to cleaner exhaust gases. The oil is still clear, the engine temperature is normal – no side effects. Soon I plan to rebuild another model which is the classic V8. At 123% I will use Ceramizer. The remedy has been tested by me, so no advertisement or dereclamation will change my view of the facts. I did not test driving without oil, because this measure was not created to drive without oil, but to possibly protect it. Prevention is easier than treatment, which Ceramizer also manages. An example would be my friend’s Audi 2.2T engine. Compression very divergent from 7.5 to 11Bar. After Ceramization on each of the 5 cylinders, I personally measured 11.3Bar. With a clear conscience I can recommend this remedy even to Skoda Favorit :o)
Regards Adrian Mielnik
Opinion sent on 4.07.2011

Audi S6