Reviews about Ceramizer® owners of other vehicles, machines and devices - undirbúningur fyrir endurnýjun hreyfilsins, gírkassa og annarra tækja

Reviews about Ceramizer® owners of other vehicles, machines and devices


Year of Build: 1992
Engine size: 2,438 dm3
Mileage: 320 000 km

The car was ceramicized 1.5 years ago. Used: engine – two doses at instructional intervals, dose to the tank and to the support system – dose. I did not add to the box, because it is an automatic 🙂 After ceramicizing, I did acceleration tests with a professional G-Tech.
Summer tyres in summer:
0-60mil/h in 11.5 seconds!
28.01.2015 I added another third dose (after changing the oil) and a dose to the tank (fuel 98okt)
made in 1992 – 23 years 🙂
mileage 320 thousand km
Data from a paper catalog from 1992, not from the Internet, because there are often stupidities and errors:
engine 2,438 dm3 powered by gasoline (amount in grease 5,8 dm3), MPI, two camshafts, 16V, low-pressure 135KM/5000; 210Nm/4000 (unfortunately I was not on the dynamometer, because it is an automatic and the measurement may not be reliable, there is also a risk of damage …) engine located centrally, lies 🙂 automatic transmission with 4 ratios, Vmax according to the catalog 175km / h Curb weight 1730kg Auto brand new (after arrival) according to the manufacturer burns an average of 14.1 dm3 gasoline So far it has burned over 15 dm3 / 100km Accurate measurements on the route Warsaw – Zakopane – Warsaw

5 people plus one-way goods (200kg), winter tires

The average for 100km came out 12 dm3 / 100km !!!
Combustion fell even compared to factory data by a dozen or so%.
Despite the old battery (8 years?) it still fires without outside help.

Best regards
Marcin Królak

Firearms, Ceramizer for two-stroke engines

A very unusual problem, because it concerns the SAKO TGR inch 308 Win-(7.62x 51mm NATO) sniper firearm. During the shooting, every now and then there was a “jam”, i.e. the tight spire, despite pulling down the trigger tongue, did not hit the cartridge primer. The weapon was repeatedly cleaned with specialized preparations intended for firearms, but the problem still remained unsolved. I dismantled the entire needle assembly with the lock and subjected it to visual inspection. No signs of wear. I came up with the idea to mix in a ratio of 50/50 Ceramizer for two-stroke engines along with a preparation for cleaning weapons. Then, after dry firing about 100-150 shots, I checked the operation of the weapon. On the more than 40 shots fired with full-energy ammunition, I did not notice any jam. I would like to point out that the weapon is kept clean. and after each shooting unfolded and cleaned.
Date of submission: 3-03-2015

Generator motors

In the workshop, aggregates are used that power heaters, compressors, welding machines and other devices. They are used for cost-saving reasons, i.e. we have a large amount of poor quality gasoline. The average engine life at full load and revolutions of about 3500rpm is 100 mth after which the engine was seized. Ceramizer was used in the amount of one dose per 500ml of oil and added to the fuel. Slinik is already working on the 20-22nd day (as of 25.02.15) constantly and continuously under full load.
Date of submission: 3-03-2015


Hi That year I bought a ceramizer for the engine 5 portions (it was to be used in the 6 cylinder engine of the ursus 1222 [120KM] tractor Unfortunately it came out differently
AD3p engine (3 cylinder Perkins) 50HP capacity 2.5 liters) in the MF 255 tractor (on the counter is probably 5500Mth) after 5000 Mth overhaul of the engine there were no differences engine repair did not bring improvement maybe a little more power and louder work!! Repair poorly made it is about the cut of the crankshaft (the mechanic took the cash register and his “work” is a pity to say!!) at 2300 rpm the engine fell into resonance (very strong vibrations that have not been there so far!) during a heavy load probably after a few hours it would be damaged.
I used 2 portions of ceramizer (when changing the oil maybe something will change) only that a little differently I did not press it into the engine immediately in the infusion is a very dense mesh! I poured the oil to the level a little over the minimum I fired up the engine to heat up the remaining oil 1 liter (it was heated to about 150-180 degrees in a metal container I added ceramizer dissolved perfectly in a few seconds!!) I turned off the engine poured the rest of the oil (hot) the max level came an hour and that’s it. So they chased deadlines without reaching. I just did not exceed 1800 rpm After about 60Mth Hard work transport of 2 trailers 14 tons (the total weight of trailers and cargo) (in the papers has a towing capacity of 7.5 tons) so the end of the thrust treatment 🙁 Previously, there were no visible changes!! But they were also big!!!! (you just had to listen and check 😉 -when it comes to smoke no before and after application (these engines do not mound even at extreme loads if it starts to really minimally almost invisible)
– quieter operation
– even rotation
– no oil consumption
– engine cooler 85-90 degrees (it is impossible to “boil” it although I tried very hard and to
so far it was possible) -in transport (load 14 tons) in 4th gear the engine reaches 2550rpm and here I was in shock so far maximum 2350rpm checked after engine repair but before using ceramizer) At idle after pressing the gas to the resistance of 0, about 2700 rpm goes beyond the rock!!!!! (the pump has not been rearranged yet is tangled!!)
-No wubration and any vibrations!!!! (i.e. goal achieved:-)))
-increase in oil pressure from 3.6 to 4.8 atmosphere (with the engine gassed and should be about 3.2) (this engine had only an oil pressure drop sensor I put on the oil pressure indicator.
-a significant decrease in fuel consumption so far about 7.5-8 liters per Mth now about 5 liters (provided that it does not exceed 2200 rpm if it works normally about 6 liters) -easy firing at low temperatures!!!
-before application immediately after starting the engine was clearly heard clatter during operation until the engine did not heat up now immediately the engine even cold goes as you need
No negative effects!!!!!
Same pluses!!
It is a pity that I did not check the compression pressure before and after applying the ceramizer :-/
greetings Dominik Żak

Combine harvester

I poured the preparation into the combine harvester VOLVO S 830 transmission does not heat up and does not howl, the gears enter lightly. Stanislaw Stysiał

Refrigeration and piston compressor
I am pleased to say that ceramizer is a very effective preparation and fulfills all the functions described in folders and technical guides. I used in several cars for motors, gearboxes, drive bridges, power steering system – in each case there was a good effect. The engines have gained energy, the bridges and boxes are working quietly, the leak from the steering maglownik has disappeared.
The operating temperature of the engine has decreased. He recommended to his friends and they are also satisfied. I also applied to a large refrigeration-piston compressor – the compressor works much quieter and calmer.
Best regards
Zdzislaw Niedziałek

Sewing machine

Recently, I used Auto-Repair designed for the gearbox to lubricate the sewing machine – it has never walked so beautifully, something in these ceramizers, however, is.
Andrew Rudnik

Tractors Ursus MF 3512 and Ursus 5314

Hello to all motorists. My experience with the use of additives to improve the work of engines and gearboxes began many years ago with a center called Nulon E-10. It was a product used for an engine that contained Teflon. I applied it to the Lada 2107 car and Ursus 330 and 360 agricultural tractors. The effect was very good. Quieter engine operation, dynamics, more power. There were no problems that were talked about and it was written that there were cases of clogging of oil ducts and filters. After some time, there was a small oil leak from under the oil sump. A new gasket had to be fitted. It was an opportunity to see the acetabulums. We unscrewed one. She was in very good condition. Smooth, no scratches, covered with Teflon. The product disappeared from the market. Later, Militek appeared. Today it is called Moto life. They write that it is the same measure, but it seems to me that Militek was a little better. I also applied it to the engine in the W. Jetta 1.8 gasoline, Nissan sony 2000 D and Mazda 626 with 2.2i engine. The effect was similar. The engines work very well to this day, without any problems and oil losses. I also poured them into the gearbox of Nissan and Mazda. The runs walk much better. Especially this can be felt in winter. Nissan for 240, and Mazda only 130 For two years I have been using ceramizer for engines in MF 3512 and 5314 tractors, also this product is very good. The motors run without problems and do not show any wear badges. The mileage of these tractors is 3512-3400 mtg, and 5314-4150 mtg. I’m going to pour ceramizer into the gearboxes of these vehicles as well. All these measures have improved the work of these vehicles and their service life. I have always used them for their intended purpose and according to the instructions. I recommend the agent ceramizer. Try it yourself 🙂
Best regards. Jacek from the vicinity of Gniezno.


I used the purchased regenerators to a tractor that works in the forest (C-330) in which the gears were often jammed, after using the regeneration preparation there is no such problem.
Thank you knadgob

Moto Fire Pump

Hello. I used ceramizer for a 2-stroke engine for the moto fire pump ceramizer has proven itself very dodrze I am not satisfied with it, the engine is used during the competition under very high loads does not clog the strainer from the fuel engine has become more dynamic no fear that it will get zatsze. Feel free to recommend this product to others.
I also use cramizer for car engines and for fuel that work very well. A customer who had a car with a dizl engine attacked himself to the tank instead of oil drove about 50 km then the car could not start so that it was not used ceramizer for fuel is injection and the pump would be repaired and so ceramizer zabespieczył pump and injections before seizure after changing the fuel engine normally works. The customer tore the oil pan of the engine and drove without oil about 700 meters the fear was that the engine would be repaired earlier to this engine was used ceramizer after replacing the oil sump the engine without problems was started ceramizer fulfilled its role. I use ceramizer because you run a car repair shop and you can recommend this product.
Regards, J. Głodkowski

Transport company

I have a transport company and equipment that has some kilometers within 600 thousand. One of the cars “caught” the temperature, we removed the thermostat but despite 5 degrees outside the engine was heating up. I had already bought a ceramizer (3pcs) for engines to seal it because it took oil and lost power, now I used it. The effect was already after about 150km; higher power, temperature drop by half but also white smoke from the exhaust pipe which indicated damage to the gasket under the head.
The temperature at the stop at the traffic lights was still dropping. What was our surprise when after replacing the gasket we replenished the fluid in the radiator, 15 LITERS WERE MISSING, already in the absence of 5 liters the car was heating up?! There is only a small drawback of the use of ceramizers, you see, as it was previously written and proved, the compression pressure increases, so there MUST be STRONG batteries but as it fires it immediately enters the slow speed and so purrs. GREAT PRODUCT.
Best regards
Satisfied customer

Tests of the preparation

The adventure with your product already has its history and free advertising provided by my person wherever I see the rightness of using ceramizers. I myself seriously considered the propagation of this brilliant product. Because I am professionally involved in marketing and I have a mechanical education so there was such an idea but due to lack of time it went to the past.
Now some facts:
For some reason, I trusted you when in the maze of various offers I found your products when there was no store yet, only sales through an online auction. The reason for my search was the need for temporary resuscitation of what seemed to me at the time worn out Ascona with a 1.6D engine with a mileage of 360,000 km. Anyone who knows these engines knows that this is the limit of their service life without renovation. And for some reason I had to drive this car for some time. This is how the engine was lit after heating the candles two or three times and it required a lot of talent because it fired only one cylinder. Turning the starter all the time after about 10-15 seconds surprised the second but you could not stop the starter support because the whole operation would be for nothing. But after about 30 seconds in the yard shrouded in thick smoke reminiscent of the time of the Polish People’s Republic Mermaid only with a different smell note, the motor was already clattering bravely on three games to be ready to ride after the next minute. Performance was excellent in 4th gear reached up to 80km/ h. Further acceleration always ended with a cloud of smoke so it did not make sense. After applying the product, what has changed? Nothing absolutely until I drove about 300km.Coś as if less clattered in the engine, every day I drove about 75km. and clattered less. But it lit the same until I drove over 1000 km. I could proudly say that the product works accelerated to 120 without problems and almost did not kick and climbed without any problems. Further, as if I changed nothing after driving the recommended distance oil and now when nothing should happen anymore because I broke it completely happened the most interesting things. Every day it lit better and better at once on two cylinders and the fourth after a max.10 sec. I handed over the car with great amazement to a colleague from W-wy, who drove 30,000 still praising the car or rather the engine. Going with a blow I decided to experiment further for this purpose almost in parallel I bought two cars with engines for a major overhaul. The first is Nissan Sentra 1.6 and the second Toyota Camry 2.0 16V. The first engine worn out with 560,000 km. fired without a problem but only on one cylinder drove only in the first gear on the second already extinguished. Dragging plumes of smoke with him, threatening to take away the registration certificate immediately. The second car, however, was a bigger challenge, but more on that in a moment. I eagerly set about preparing. New filters, candles, liquids, wires and nissan just before the test fires on three candles accelerates to even 60 km / h heats up again kopci after a while becomes. But the engine warmed up to the right temperature to apply the preparations. He worked a total of 12 hours on the loose because it was impossible to ride. After this time, I drove the car alone on the road, driving as if on arrival. Slowly the mound disappeared and the engine worked better. After driving 1500 km. the car for further use was given to my second friend and he is satisfied. In the worst frosts, he fired to the touch. Toyota Camry after overheating and rubbing. Mileage 260,000 miles!!! Cracked sump. I’m going to get a car by train from Gdańsk to Karków. The mechanic patches just like a bowl and here it is a pity that I did not realize. (he was probably convinced that I would stand after a few kilometers anyway). I pour oil I light the car and I got scared after 15-20 seconds. the clatter is so great that I have concerns about the sense of the experiment. A little after a while it subsided but I was already left alone, the gentlemen selling quickly washed away. I warm up the car and here the fuel runs out so I decide to go to the nearest station, scaring all passers-by with a big thud. After refueling a full tank, I flood the car with preparations, start it and have time for dinner. And here an interesting fact already at the end of 20 minutes of work clatter changes tones to such a blunted. I sit down and go and I still have time for surprises. Driving I pay attention to the fact that the speed is 85km. allows for the quietest operation of the engine and so I overcome 100km. during this time, tapping becomes less and less audible. Almost in the range of 90-100km it does not occur at all if it does not operate violently with gas. The idyll continues until the departure from Łódź. Here I come across a large traffic jam for a few kilometers and a shuttle movement. The car starts to heat up and when I started there is a change of lights A little towed with gas and about 200m behind the lights for a moment something stopped the engine (probably the pan stuck) and let go but the clatter became unbearable. At first I wanted to leave the car in the first parking lot and go home but fortunately for the test it was a deaf night and not even knowing where exactly I was I decided to go as far as possible. We managed to get to Gdańsk and then to the mechanic, who did not find traces of the shell on the second connecting rod. He didn’t believe I would come like that. And I still ask you to prepare the car for testing. We put a nominal pan on an almost square connecting rod and I move the car before it stood did even 2700km.ale I exceeded over 100km / h.
I’m looking for the next car to test and I find almost the same set of two cars as before. The first is Nissan Sunny 1.7D and the second is Toyota Camry 2.2 16V. Nissan is used by another friend of mine and in the 29 degree frost it ignited as the only diesel in the area!!! Stunned users of other cars. So there is nothing to write here is great. And Toyota with similar damage as the one above. But because of my negligence and the brilliant action of the ceramizer, the test failed. Why did this happen? After applying the preparation and using the gas tank by the car working at ease. Symptoms of damage became hardly audible that the owner of the Toyota forgot about the test (as he later admitted). He packed up his family and hit the road. After about 50km. normal operation was heated by the engine and the car returned to the tow truck for safety. However, what is most interesting, an interesting phenomenon appeared on the damaged crankshaft. there was no burning as it would usually be only an effect similar to surfacing. So the operation of your remedy has been confirmed again. I would be happy to protest something again but temporary financial restrictions do not allow it, although I have already purchased a suitable car -))) Greetings to all associated with the production of Ceramizers, wishing you the successes that you rightly deserve with appreciation.
P. Kukliński


after using ceranizer in my car, I have the impression that it works quieter and has equal revolutions, better starts less fuel consumption (I can say that instead of ON I use vegetable oil) ceramizer passed the exam soon to buy probably the next ceramizery because I still have three machines that need ceramizerów greet and recommend to all


I used ceramizers in two cases the first when grinding the gearbox – the drug helped after 200 km, which means that the hooking of the gearbox stopped and has remained so to this day. The second time after such a perfect operation of the drug I bought it again for a newly purchased car also used but this time I poured it into the engine The car goes immediately quieter freer while I can not say whether it smokes less because I did not know how much it smoked before. I am sure that this preparation works and that’s why I used it right after buying another car. I will do it again the next time I buy a used car. I recommend it to everyone regardless of whether they have a problem with their car or not.

Engine power

From the moment of pouring ceramizer into the engine and gearbox I drove 1500 km was a continuous ride initially on the roads of the second category not exceeding 2500rpm for 205km .the rest of the route was covered most of the way on expressways and highways at high speeds and speeds of about 150km / h.After covering the 150km section I felt a pronounced decrease in noise the engine began to work very evenly the gearbox which previously chose gears with high resistance now began to choose all gears very soft and gently. I clearly felt as if the increase in engine power, the motor became very flexible in all gears wonderfully entered the revs beautifully accelerated. In my opinion, it is a wonderful agent that rejuvenates the car and restores its power and energy. Despite the high-speed and high-speed test, there was a decrease in fuel consumption of about 14%.
The test was conducted from 01.05-05.05.2006.
Stanislaw Ambroszko.


The first time I heard about ceramizers from a friend. At first, it seemed to me that this is another refiner for oils like many on the market. Being the owner of golf I at the time, however, I decided to try. My old Golfik started to work quieter and calmer and the winter starts of this old engine became easier. Then I changed the car to Renault Clio I. The engine in this renovated but it did not work as I dreamed so I bought another two ceramizers and once again the work of the power unit calmed down and the climbs to the hills the car overcame easier. Unfortunately, I did not take any measurements because I considered it a waste of money. Why should I have proof on paper when I feel the difference :)) Now I am the owner of Matiz and I am going to buy another ceramizer. The engine in this car works well but ceramizer I pour so on the same. Who knows how much I will ride Matizek and I am convinced that this measure will extend its life.
Best regards


In 2005 I planned a trip by car far to the south. The calculated cost of fuel was quite large, so I began to think about how to reduce it. I thought about buying either a magnetizer or a ceramizer. I decided on the latter. To be honest, a few minutes after applying the ceramizer, I could not believe that it was the same engine. Two-liter diesel with a mileage of 150thousand. km had not worked quite culturally before. And here is a surprise, because really the work culture has changed dramatically. It was quieter, the vibrations felt earlier decreased. First impressions super positive. Well, but let’s get to the specifics. The assumption was that the cost of the magnetizer was to pay for itself over the holidays. Here are the results. I drove about 4000 in three weeks (3.07-22.07 2005). There were 4 people on board and the trunk stuffed to the brim. The average combustion before using the magnetizer is approx. 6 l ON/100km. After using the magnetizer, the average was 5.9l ON/100km. Did it pay off? Well, driving in temperatures of 33-40 degrees in mountainous areas (Croatian coast) with maximum load and burning below 6 l is really a RECORD. I know that without ceramizer should burn approx. 6,5-6,7. Without ceramizer 6.7*4*40=1072 zł. WITH CERAMIZER 5,9*4*40=944 ZŁ. The difference is PLN 128 and the cost of ceramizer is only PLN 50. It really paid off, especially since the durability of the ceramic layer is 70 thousand. Miles. If I assume a difference in combustion of 0.3 l, I have saved 664 PLN so far. These are really real savings and taking into account the increases there is nothing to think about.


So yes I am a professional driver with all categories of driving license, rather to Ceramizer I was skeptical .. but I’m open to new proposals I have an 11-year-old diesel on the 1st and 2nd cylinder were quite a difference in pressure against 3 and 4 caused a specific rocking of the car at slow speed and difficult start at a temperature lower than 0st.ucieciecie ceramizera to regenerate the engine muted its work without a small stop its rocking but firing at minus temperatures too much did not improve … it’s still a lengthy process. although it may be without ceramizera would not fire at all .. (this is my 1 winter with this car).I did not go in the morning only once as the temp fell in Lodz to – 26st opinion is the most positive .I’m going to use this ceramizer again to regenerate the engine. All the more pleasant surprise .because I’m just before the oil change. I hope that the next dose of it will stabilize my engine even more.nadmieniam with recommended ceramizer a few people and are satisfied with it Regards, Link expressions of appreciation and good luck in the field of developing an even better formula.
KEEP IT UP!! Robert Pachocki from Lodz


I was very skeptical about ceramizer-based preparations until they were put into practice. I am a cautious man, so I decided to apply ceramizer to fuel. To my surprise, positive surprise, the engine behaved differently! – stronger, more dynamic, combustion decreased and ignition improved. Nothing but positives! I decided to buy the remaining preparations based on ceramizer and use them in my car. I recommend ceramizer-based preparations to all of you with full responsibility and I greet you cordially.
Mark Germany


I am pleased to say that ceramizer is a very effective preparation and fulfills all the functions described in folders and technical guides. I used in several cars for motors, gearboxes, drive bridges, power steering system – in each case there was a good effect. The engines have gained energy, the bridges and boxes are working quietly, the leak from the steering maglownik has disappeared. The operating temperature of the engine has decreased. He recommended to his friends and they are also satisfied. I also applied to a large refrigeration-piston compressor – the compressor works much quieter and calmer. Best regards
Zdzislaw Niedziałek

Oil taking

I used this preparation about half a year ago and to this day it works because before using the preparation I had to add about 1 liter of oil per month, now I no longer have such a problem, which means that the fuel consumption of about 1 l has also decreased. I also noticed that the car became more snappy than before the ceramizer was used. This preparation met my expectations, I am very satisfied.
David Polatowski


Good morning I am pleasantly surprised by your interest. At the same time, I am glad that after quite a long use of your preparation you want to get information about its effectiveness. Before using your preparation, I heard about various novelties of this type, but opinions as to their effectiveness were divided. In fact, they advertised them as so sensational, that my feeling was that the purchase and keeping them at home guaranteed their effectiveness even without adding them to the engine. In fact, when buying, I suggested the described new method of metal ceramization, and the tests of the applications shown. The costs are small compared to the cost of overhauling the engine so it’s worth a try – which is what I did. Speed and quality exceeded my wildest expectations, I am very satisfied with the use of your preparations I do not want to persuade anyone to buy, but the one who does it will not be załował. I would like to mention that in addition to the preparation for the engine, I used a fuel additive. Recently I read about the preparation for the steering assistance system (there was no such before) I want to buy it and use it prophylactically. You also have a preparation for boxes and bridges, but I do not know if I can apply it to a bridge with a hypoid gear. Thank you very much for your interest recommends all your preparations. Sincerely Sebastian Czernicki
(nickname from ALLEGRO SEB44)


Since the use of ceramizea I drove about 5.000 hp. The measure corresponds to the ops contained in the advertising folders. I have a diesel engine after small transitions from the head gasket. The water that got into the cylinders a little nabroila and fell my pressure, which caused trouble with ignition. After applying ceramizer the situation has improved we will see how long
Regards, Richter116


As a rule, I approach such inventions very skeptically, even when I saw this dispenser how much this ceramizer contains. It was very big doubts about the effectiveness of the action . But after driving about 800km . I noticed a very easy start of the engine (at minus temperatures) before using the ceramizer it was heard and felt that the engine, despite pressing the gas, did not want to drive, until it warmed up it was very muddy and lethargic. At the moment, it is very easy to screw on the revs and begins to pull nicely by 2000 thousand / min revolutions. I persuaded a friend to buy a ceramizer. But in his case, the engine was very downhill ( it burned up to two liters of oil per 1000 km. After applying the ceramizer, the oil burning dropped to about 0.8 liters but the process is still progressing. There is a very noticeable increase in dynamics. By buying a ceramizer you can save a lot on possible engine repairs.
Best regards
Marek Telega


Ceramizer caused a noticeable increase in engine power and reduced oil consumption. After the application, I drove 10,000 km and I do not feel any negative effects using the “ceramizer” extremely positive opinion because this is my second car in which I used your preparation and I find that it rejuvenates and prolongs the period of use of the engine.
greetings Damazy Orłowicz


The use of ceramicists – as can be seen from my several years of experience often brings surprising, but in a positive sense – effects.
Here are some of my observations gathered from the already mentioned several years of experience with the use of ceramizers:
A total of 3 engines and 2 gearboxes – 3 engines because it was not possible to protect the engine from blowing the gasket under the head and overheating the engine.
Engine – after a few days of driving died “kissel – formed from a bowl of oil and water vapor blown into the lower engine compartment” – operation in winter. (car operated on LPG) probably as a result of engine sealing. After 3 days of application, I noticed an alignment of work at idle speeds, no “spark falling out”. After applying the ceramizer, the overall culture of the engine increases, the engine has quieted down a bit. After a mileage of 3 thousand kilometers, the traces of oil in the exhaust pipe disappear It is difficult to say something about performance without accurate measurements in a car weighing 850 kg and 100 hp.
The gearbox after about 250 kilometers decreased grinding when shifting gears and after about 2 weeks stopped – the effect lasted for about 50 thousand km, even after changing the oil. Since the use of the ceramizer, gear shifting is carried out without resistance, jams and crunches. The drive joint of the semi-axle – after applying and driving about a thousand kilometers, the tapping of the joint on corners was significantly reduced – unfortunately it was too worn to stop completely.
So prevention is better than cure.
Best regards
Robert Machelak


I first applied ceramizer to the engine, and I was pleasantly surprised because when I poured the preparation and started the engine after a few minutes I felt a quieter and even operation, the next morning the car fired lightly and without problems (and I used the preparation in winter and had problems with starting the car). After driving a few hundred kilometers, the engine culture increased, the engine worked quietly and evenly, accelerated better. Before using the preparation, I measured the compression pressure (unfortunately I did not take pictures) but it was varied, ranging from 13 bar to 14 bar. later, after a few thousand pressures after measurement, it was more even because all cylinders were from 14.1 to 14.5 bar. The fuel savings were not significant, but when driving on the route (200km section) fuel consumption was lower. Later, I bought a preparation for the box because I had a hard 2-gear and on the 5th gear my gearbox was howling. After applying the preparation and driving about 1000km, the 2-gear began to turn on slightly and the howl on the 5th gear died down a little. I am satisfied with these preparations.
I conducted these observations approx. 03.2005 (engine) and approx. 08.2005 (chest).
Robert Korytkowski.


I am a mechanic by profession and I learned about ceramizers from a friend who was thinking about buying. From the experience so-far about all “self-repairers” I guessed that it is not a good thing, so I strongly advised him against it. After a few days, the same friend sent me the address of the site: and there I read the opinions of people who used ceramizers. These opinions were extremely positive, and since the oil change in my car was imminent, I thought: “once goat death” and bought a set No. 1. And with great disbelief I poured into the fresh oil the addition to the engine and when refueling to the fuel hit another additive. And what turned out? Well, for the first time I was surprised when, after driving 200km at low revs (as recommended by the manufacturer) exceptionally quickly began to disappear the clatter of luzow validators, which at the moment was heard for much longer time!! Another surprise came to me during visits to the gas station. So far, after refueling about 12 liters of fuel, I drove about 100-120 km driving in the city, and after using ceramizerow the reserve light began to light up only after driving 150km, but the engine was often not saved!! Smoke also decreased, and the engine began to work more evenly and quietly and began to pull better at lower revs, just became more flexible! If I hadn’t sprubowal I wouldn’t have believed it! With a clear conscience I can recommend Ceramizery to anyone and to any engine!

Engine overhaul?

Hello! I am glad that I have the opportunity to express my opinion about your product. At the beginning I must say that I did not conduct any measurements these are my observations and I try to closely observe the operation of the engine. I certainly do not regret that I used this preparation although opinions about such specifics are different. I applied it according to the instructions and the engine began to work quieter and with more culture. In addition, the oil consumption has decreased, I think by about 50% and I ride on gas. Engine dynamics have improved significantly and fuel consumption has decreased by about 10%. I persuaded my brother-in-law to use ceramizer and he was already arranged with the mechanic for the repair of the engine because there were significant pressure differences on the cylinders. The mechanic measured the pressure before and after applying the ceramizer and was shocked by the improvement, although it was not perfect but the improvement was significant he had it on the charts. My brother-in-law rides to this day without renovation.
Best regards


Ceramizer I have already used in several cars, the first fire went VW Passat 1.9 tdi there was a slight increase in dynamics and on the autostad pulls out more than before the use of ceramizer . Next was the Autosan bus in this case not much has changed, in the winter I observed that the starter spins lighter, the bus is still unexploited only barely exceeded 100,000 km. The third was the Beetle of a colleague I know the least about him, a colleague also found an easier start of the engine in the winter . I would like to point out that the engines in my cars were not worn out and I used ceramizer for prophylactic purposes, I hope that this will increase the life of the engines. And one more remark we have on our market very different quality fuels even refueling constantly at one station so I did not pay much attention to dynamics and combustion. I feel it very much after the car when after refueling suddenly increases the power by the so-called. half a gear and other times the other way around decreases. I think that ceramizer will compensate to some extent for the effects of poor quality of our fuels.


35 days after applying the ceramizer to internal combustion engines, I checked the pressure of the propellers in the cylinders, which before using the ceramizer was 9 atmospheres on each, at the moment after 35 days of driving and driving 4 thousand kilometers the pressure on each cylinder is almost 11 atmospheres, the engine burns better, besides, the previously bent engine got a vibration, which transferred to the steering drazek and were quite heavy, now they are almost non-refovable.
Wąsowski Arkadiusz


Good morning I am pleasantly surprised by your interest. At the same time, I am glad that after quite a long use of your preparation you want to get information about its effectiveness. Before using your preparation, I heard about various novelties of this type, but opinions as to their effectiveness were divided. In fact, they advertised them as so sensational, that my feeling was that the purchase and keeping them at home guaranteed their effectiveness even without adding them to the engine. In fact, when buying, I suggested the described new method of metal ceramization, and the tests of the applications shown. The costs are small compared to the cost of overhauling the engine so it’s worth a try – which is what I did. Speed and quality exceeded my wildest expectations, I am very satisfied with the use of your preparations I do not want to persuade anyone to buy, but the one who does it will not be załował. I would like to mention that in addition to the preparation for the engine, I used a fuel additive. Recently I read about the preparation for the steering assistance system (there was no such before) I want to buy it and use it prophylactically. You also have a preparation for boxes and bridges, but I do not know if I can apply it to a bridge with a hypoid gear. Thank you very much for your interest recommends all your preparations.
Sincerely Sebastian Czernicki
(nickname from ALLEGRO SEB44)


I bought a ceramizer for the sinlika from you and I will say that after application the engine work has improved. in what respect? Well;
1. the engine is muted
2. became more dynamic( start and go faster)
3. gas consumption because I drive on such fuel has fallen by 15%, which is a plus and a big one living in such a country as Poland. In general, it is a means worth using in cars that are several years old and a few kilometers behind them.
Thank you very much for the opportunity to speak and I wish you success in selling this product.




Unfortunately, after using ceramizer I did not do any pomiamirów or from this side I will not help only I can describe my and son’s observations because ceramizer we used in two different cars. At the very beginning, the engine began to work more evenly and at the same time its elastic dynamics also increased a little harder. In general, I am satisfied with this, I will replace the procedure with the inclusion of big boxes. To buy sklonil me test on TV TVN with a polonaise track without oil and it’s 400 km if I remember correctly. Greetings and wish you further success in this area.


Hi my opinion on the preparation: from the oil change nielalem nothing, the engine is quiet in winter there was no problem with starting, as for fuel consumption I did not pay attention to the wife himself and I so that there was no point in comparing, compression was not checked, but feel the improvement, I am satisfied with the purchase


I did not do pressure measurements,but the differences can be felt in the dynamics and culture of the engine. I hear and feel the difference because I have been driving this car for 7 years.
Best regards!


I used 2 op. ceramizer for engine and 1 op. to the gearbox. I observed quieter and more gentle engine operation and quieter operation of the box. as for the consumption of fuel I can not say because the preparation was used in the winter period, which in short sections and in large frosts will not give a reliable opinion. as a person with technical-car education I find that this preparation has proven itself in 100%.
Janusz Bartczak


Hello and thank you for the invitation to take part in the competition. The fact is that I bought from you ceramizer for my old car, with an unknown mileage. I followed the instructions (with accuracy to the amount of the preparation as a function of the course but the purchase of two or three more “doses” is a slight debauchery …) The pressure measurement before and after unfortunately was not done but the fact is that starting on gas has become a bit simpler, the keyboard has quieted down (V6 engine 2.0 l). The engine is in such a state that before adding the specific, after lowering the free revs to the level necessary for “operation” of the engine, the oil indicator lit up permanently (on a warm motorcycle, after adding revolutions, of course, it immediately went out) and after adding ceramizer and driving a set number of km – the symptom disappeared. When it comes to recommending the drug to friends, it is possible. Brother-in-law “finishes “Escorta 99′, mileage reportedly 98 thousand. but you can hear it too much for this age and mileage . It will add ceramizer at the next oil change (approx. 2.5 thousand km).
And that’s basically all, greetings, Waldemar Stepniak.




hello, I bought ceramizer for the engine and applied according to the instructions. The effects I noticed are a reduction in the noise level associated with the operation of the engine – I used in the winter and noticed that the engine has a “better start” and with a cold engine works better in the first minutes of work, which seems to me quite important especially in the initial phase of engine operation immediately after switching on. I used the preparation in the months of November-December 2005.
Regards.Marcin Ambroziak!


After about half a year of use, I noticed a decrease in fuel with quite aggressive driving, not large because about 0.5 l.another thing that I was able to observe is that at idle the engine “more cultured” began to work. when it comes to ceramizer to the bridge, I sold the car immediately after buying ceramizer, also for any results would have to consult the buyer.
Grzegorz Wierzbicki


I use your product, i.e. Ceramizer for the engine, for over 4-5 years, every new (used) car I buy (I already had 9 of them), I apply one or two doses of Ceramizer to the engine, I am very satisfied with this preparation, it meets its assumption in 100%. The first noticeable effect is quieter engine operation, Better ignition especially in the winter season at very low temperatures, fewer defects with turbines. Recently, I applied Ceramizer to the gearbox in The Scene. With a long stroke of the lever, the chest walked under the fingers. I recommended the preparation to a good mechanic, who with great effect and satisfaction for customers, uses it not only in cars but also in tractors and combines.

Andrew Bogusz
Opinion sent on 2013-06-05


My lawn mower is over 12 years old. She breathed her last. It was smoke, the valves were ringing. In general, a nightmare. At the urging of a neighbor, I poured half a dose of Ceramizer into the oil. On the third start of the mower, I could not wonder how wonderful my mower got a new life. It ignites immediately, does not smoke, work very quiet and even. REVELATION. Greetings
Jan from Wroclaw
Opinion sent on 2013-07-11


I am an 8-year-old satisfied user of Ceramizer in the 1.9 TDI engine and thanks to your product:
1. I enjoy the wonderful work of this power unit. 2. Ceramizer allowed the operation (6 years) of the gearbox, which had a damaged 3-gear synchronizer. The gearbox simply after applying ceramizer continued to grind a little when switching to 3rd gear, but the switching proceeded correctly. I would like to mention that the opinion of the box service from six years ago was unequivocal, when the service technician heard the grinding of the mechanism, he stated that the box is to be replaced or repaired. After applying Ceramizer, the box works to date. Although it was taken out because oil leaked from it and it became loud. BUT IT IS STILL OPERATIONAL DESPITE SEVERAL YEARS OF DRIVING WITHOUT TRANSMISSION OIL INSIDE IT.

Ceramizer is already applied to all 4 cars in the family. I recommend it to friends and talk about it with sellers in automotive stores asking why they do not promote it.
Artur Domagala
Opinion sent on 2014-01-17

Opinion on the use of Ceramizer products in construction machinery

For two years he has been using Ceramizers for engines of construction machines. At first I was skeptical about this product, because I do not believe in miracles. But when my old fiesta was getting weaker, I decided to try this product and surprisingly it helped. The car began to drive much better and have more power. Nothing happened to the engine. I have been renting construction equipment for 15 years. Rented machines I work in very difficult conditions, in dust, in mud and often without interruption. They are maximally loaded by customers, e.g. thickeners, jumpers, rollers, etc. In the past, we had frequent repairs of engines of rented machines. Now, by using Ceramizers, we can extend the life and performance of the equipment. Ceramizer has been tried by us and we use it constantly, because we are satisfied.

Company “Profi”
Boguslaw Suchanek

Ceramizer in car air conditioning compressor

I want to share the effect of using Ceramizer in a car air conditioning compressor.
I applied about 1/3 of the package. Before application, I checked the pressures, at low pressure on the suction side it was between 2.8 and 4 bar, at a high pressure of 8 to 10 bar.
After the compressor has been operating for a season of about 30-40 hours of operation, the pressures are 2.5 and 12.5 bar, respectively. So it worked.
Best regards
Robert Ćwik