Steering wheel (CK) – Ceramizer for hydraulic power steering

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The preparation is used to regenerate and protect hydraulic power steering systems.

Product description

Ceramizer® CK is a preparation for regeneration and protection against wear of the friction surface of the hydraulic power steering system.Regeneration is carried out without dismantling the steering system, under conditions of normal operation. The only necessary action is to apply the preparation to the oil in the hydraulic support system. A protective ceramic-metal coating is created in areas of friction of metal against metal, with particular emphasis on worn places.An additional layer covers and eliminates all deformations, micro-damage and scratches. The effect of the product can therefore be compared to welding a very thin, additional layer of material in used areas. The layer is produced until a distance of about 1500 km is covered.

Why is it worth using Ceramizer® CK power steering regeneration preparation?

  • The product rebuilds the hydraulic power steering system and protects it from corrosion.
  • Operation of the steering wheel becomes smooth and easier, thanks to the reduction of resistance when making turns.
  • The assistance system maintains its proper condition for a long time. This, in turn, avoids faults and costly repairs.
Steering regeneration
Easy steering wheel operation
Avoid faults and costly repairs

Usage method

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