Motorcycle (CM) – Ceramizer for four-stroke motorcycle engines

69,00 PLN (56,10 PLN bez VAT)

A preparation whose purpose is to regenerate and protect parts of the motorcycle engine from further wear.

Product description

Ceramizer® CM is a preparation for regeneration and protection against wear of the friction surface of the motorcycle engine.For regeneration, disassembly of the mechanism is not required, since it is carried out in conditions of ordinary operation. After application, the oil additive creates a special protective layer that builds up particularly intensively in worn areas where significant friction forces are exerted.Thanks to this layer, all micro-damage and defects are leveled and eliminated. The production of the protective layer lasts until a distance of about 1500 km is covered. The ceramic coating retains its protective and regenerative properties until a distance of 70,000 km is covered. REMARK:Engine preparation Ceramizer® CM is designed for motorcycles equipped with a wet clutch, with a common lubrication system of the engine and gearbox (the vast majority, about 95% of motorcycles).For models with separate engine and transmission lubrication systems and a wet clutch, the Ceramizer® CS oil additive for the engine should be used. However, Ceramizer® CM (the product in question) should be applied to the gearbox.For models with separate engine and transmission lubrication systems and a dry clutch, ceramizer® CS oil additive for the engine should be used. On the other hand, the Ceramizer® CB transmission oil additive should be applied to the gearbox.

Why is it worth using Ceramizer® CM engine regeneration preparation?

  • The frictional parts of the engine are regenerated and become up to 10 times stronger.
  • The level of fuel consumption is significantly reduced. The observed savings range from 3 to 15%.
  • By equalizing the compression pressure in the cylinders, engine dynamics are increased.
  • The phenomenon of oil uptake by the engine is significantly reduced.
Lower fuel consumption
Reduction of oil consumption
Dynamic engine operation
Engine regeneration

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