Engine (CS) – Ceramizer for four-stroke petrol, diesel, LPG engines

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A preparation that regenerates and protects four-stroke engines of any type.

Product description

Ceramizer® CS is a preparation for regeneration and protection against wear of the friction surface of the engine. It can be used in all types of four-stroke engines.Regeneration of the engine is carried out during the usual operation of the vehicle, dismantling the mechanism is not necessary. The only necessary action is to add the preparation to the infusion of engine oil. The ceramic oil additive produces a special ceramic-metal coating that builds up in places of friction of metal parts. Particularly intense action can be observed in the most worn areas.The protection layer, created by the preparation for engine oil, eliminates all deformations and micro-damage to the engine. The use of Ceramizer® allows you to achieve an effect similar to micro-welding an additional layer of material in places that are characterized by the highest wear. The formation of a protective layer continues until about 1500 km is overcome.

Why is it worth using Ceramizer® CS engine regeneration preparation?

  • Parts of the engine, subject to frictional forces, are regenerated and become up to 5 times stronger.
  • The level of fuel consumption is significantly reduced. The observed savings range from 3 to 15%.
  • The engine runs quieter and more stable, and the vehicle moves more dynamically.
  • The phenomenon of oil uptake by the engine is significantly reduced.
Lower fuel consumption
Reduction of oil consumption
Quiet engine operation
Engine regeneration

Usage method

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How does the Ceramizer oil additive work?

Ceramization is an innovative technology that allows you to regenerate engines, gearboxes, bridges and other mechanisms in which there is friction of metal against metal. The ceramic layer is formed by combining and diffusing Ceramizer® molecules with metal molecules moving in the oil. The effect of the ceramization process is the creation of a ceramic-metal layer filling the cavities in the metal structure and restoring the nominal state of the mechanism.