Engine (CS-C) – Ceramizer for truck engines

130,00 PLN (105,69 PLN bez VAT)

A preparation that regenerates and protects truck engines.

Product description

Ceramizer® CS-C is an additive to engine oil that regenerates and protects the friction surfaces of the engine in a truck from wear.Regeneration is carried out in the conditions of normal operation of the car, without time-consuming disassembly of the engine. After applying the engine regeneration preparation to the oil filler, the process of creating a protective ceramic-metal layer begins. The layer builds up especially in the most worn areas.The new layer eliminates all deformations and micro-damages. This effect can be compared to welding an additional, very thin coating in worn places. The protective layer is produced from the application of the preparation, until the passage of approx. 1500 km. The layer retains its properties until it covers a distance of 70,000 km.

Why use Ceramizer® CS-C engine oil additive?

  • The areas of the engine that are subjected to frictional forces are regenerated. Regeneration of the engine is carried out without disassembly, in conditions of ordinary operation.
  • The resistance and strength of rubbing parts is increased, up to 8 times.
  • Thanks to the restoration of the nominal power of the engine, the vehicle moves much more dynamically.
  • The level of fuel consumption is reduced. Savings of between 3 and 15 % can be observed.
Lower fuel consumption
Increase engine durability
Increase engine dynamics
Engine regeneration

Usage method

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Multifunctional preparation for engine regeneration

In addition to regenerating the engine and strengthening its parts, Ceramizer CS-C reduces the phenomenon of the so-called Ceramizer® CS-C. oil intake. An important advantage of the preparation is the elimination of the problem of dry starts. The entire engine is protected from the moment of starting, even at extremely low temperatures. Starting the engine itself is easier, regardless of weather conditions. Protecting the engine and increasing its strength reduce the risk of serious failures. Thanks to the action of the engine oil additive, the power unit emits less noise and vibration.