Engine (CS-A) Ceramizer for engines of agricultural vehicles and machinery

86,00 PLN (69,92 PLN bez VAT)

Preparation for regeneration of engines in tractors and other agricultural machinery. In addition to agricultural tractors, it can be used for combine harvesters, loaders or self-propelled sprayers.

Product description

Ceramizer® CS-A is a preparation for regeneration and protection against wear of the friction surface of the engine. It can be used for agricultural tractors, combine harvesters, loaders and other agricultural vehicles and machinery.Engine regeneration is carried out without disassembly. It is enough to apply the preparation to the engine oil. The ceramic-metal coating is produced particularly intensively in the most worn areas. An additional protective coating eliminates all micro-damage, defects and scratches on frictional surfaces. Its production lasts for about 25 operating hours.

Why is it worth using Ceramizer® CS-A engine regeneration preparation?

  • Frictional parts of the engine shall be regenerated and strengthened without dismantling
  • The level of fuel consumption is significantly reduced. The observed savings range from 3 to 15%.
  • The engine runs quieter and more stable, and its start-up is easier.
  • The phenomenon of oil uptake by the engine is significantly reduced.
Lower fuel consumption
Reduction of oil consumption
Quiet engine operation
Engine regeneration

Usage method

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