Ceramizer Pro – set 2 (5 CS, 5 CB)

653,00 PLN (530,89 PLN bez VAT)

Ceramizer® Pro is a specialized product designed for sale in workshops and service points. Its purpose is the regeneration of the four-stroke engine and the regeneration of the gearbox.

Product description

Ceramizer® Pro is designed for service sales in workshops and service points.The Ceramizer® Pro kit 2 package contains 5 single doses of engine preparation and 5 single doses of gearbox preparation. Sets from the Pro line are a beneficial solution for owners of workshops and service points. They offer the possibility of double profit – from the sale of oil additive and transmission oil additive and from the service of their application.Service technicians can perform the following services:

  1. Checking the compression pressure, which will allow you to assess the effectiveness of the product.
  2. Application of engine oil additive.
  3. Oil change, filters, inspection and other periodic services on the occasion of which the products are used.

The workshop or service where Ceramizer® products can be purchased goes to the list of authorized points where you can use the preparation and assess the effectiveness of its action. The additive to the engine oil in the Ceramizer® PRO version includes:

  1. Ceramizer® CS for four-stroke engines – 5 doses.
  2. CB ceramizer® for gearboxes – 5 doses.
  3. User manual.
  4. Stickers with a field for supplementing the deadline for oil change, timing and application of oil additive and preparation for gearbox.
  5. Gifts in the form of pens and Stickers Ceramizer® .

Why use Ceramizer® PRO set 2 with oil additives?

  • Favorable price, along with the possibility of charging a margin for the product and for the service provided.
  • Adding a new service in the form of oil change with engine regeneration.
  • Introduction to the product offer of a brand known on the automotive market.
  • Opportunity to establish cooperation with Ceramizer ® in the field of product research and testing.
Favorable price
Additional service
A well-known product in the offer
Cooperation with a recognized brand

Usage method

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