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Is there an alternative to Ecodriving?

Is there an alternative to Ecodriving? What else can be done to reduce fuel consumption?

On the driving license course, young adepts learn not only how to operate a vehicle, but also how to optimize fuel consumption. The principles of ecodriving are not only well known to drivers, but also widely used and respected. However, they cannot always be applied. So how do you optimize fuel consumption without necessarily using an economical driving style? Is there an alternative?

Ecodriving – the main three principles

1. Think and observe

With this part, drivers have the biggest problem. It consists in careful and constant use of the head while driving. Observe traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, potential roadworks and adapt the ride to the situation. If, approaching the intersection, you see a red light, take your foot off the gas and drive slowly. The worst thing you can do is brake violently. Watch the road and surroundings. In this way, you will avoid nervous situations on the road. Try to brake the engine as often as possible. It is also worth checking from time to time, e.g. in google maps whether there are any difficulties on your route. You will avoid traffic jams and unnecessary fuel burning. If you are already standing in a traffic jam or waiting before a railway crossing, turn off the engine.

2. Turn off

The most fuel-guzzling feature is air conditioning, which we sometimes abuse. It is primarily intended to improve driving comfort. Sometimes it is enough to ventilate the car, and turning on the air conditioning will be superfluous. So judge how much you need it turned on at 22 degrees outside.

3. Optimize

One of the main principles of ecodriving is about optimal engine operation. The idea is to reach the target speed as soon as possible by pressing the accelerator pedal to about 3/4 of its range and changing to a higher gear at engine speeds of 2500 rpm. This constant speed must be maintained. For example, when driving 50 km / h, let’s keep the 5th gear.


Alternative to ecodriving

Pressure – check the tire pressure. If it is too low, fuel consumption will increase. In addition, there will be a higher cost of replacing worn tires with new ones, because the tires will wear out faster. According to the French car brand Citroen, the pressure, which drops by up to 0.5 bar relative to the correct one, increases fuel consumption by 2.4%

Tyres and rims – they also matter. Changing tires from winter to summer too late increases fuel consumption. Winter tires have higher rolling resistance, which works well when driving on ice and snow. However, this does not work in the rain. When choosing summer tires, avoid wide and large diameter tires. Use the sizes that the manufacturer recommends. Rims should also not be heavy, deformed and unbalanced.

Trunk – this part in the car is like a woman’s handbag. There is everything in it, but not what is needed. And this also contributes to increased combustion. Leave unnecessary things at home. Radiator fluid or oil is not necessary for you while driving shopping. Remember to carry a warning triangle, a warning vest, a spare wheel, a lever, a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher. If you have a roof mounted trunk but use it once a year, also remove it. Greater air resistance means greater combustion. Fewer things in the trunk mean more safety and less fuel consumption.

Oil, candles and filters – regular oil changes, checking the condition of candles and filters (oil, air) also contribute to reducing fuel burning.


Fuel refiner – since we already save fuel, because we usually spend a lot of money on it, it is also worth taking care of the entire fuel supply system. For example,
Ceramizer CP
will help extend the life of the fuel system. You can use it for both gasoline and diesel. All you have to do is apply the product directly to the tank before you refuel. Gasoline additives will not replace good quality gasoline, but they will help reduce fuel consumption. The addition to gasoline has a purifying effect on the fuel supply system. In addition, it removes carbon deposits from the combustion chamber and prevents the appearance of deposits. It promotes more accurate and complete combustion of fuel. Ensures proper and even operation of the engine. It reduces the emission of toxic components of exhaust gases harmful to the natural environment. Fuel additive Ceramizer costs only 17 PLN. Apply it every 10,000 km. This is a small price for a clean and efficient fuel system.

There is no perfect alternative to ecodriving yet. We can only support the portfolio with our actions, optimizing fuel consumption. Perform a fuel consumption calculation from time to time. You will do it quickly and without problems. By using the above tips, we will avoid unnecessary expenses and more frequent visits to the gas station. By using Ceramizer CP – an additive to liquid fuels, we will be sure that our fuel system will work efficiently and we will not lose diesel or gasoline unnecessarily.

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